10 Best Networking Apps

Anyone who is involved in a business knows well how important it is to have a good networking system. Business networking is something that helps in reaching out to more clients, helps in knowledge exchange and in attaining exponential growth in business. Through a networking sphere, businessmen and professionals share information related to different industries. Today, it has become crucial for the entrepreneurs to start networking prior to initiating a business plan. Thanks to the numerous networking apps that aid businessmen to get connected to the industry with ease. Some of the networking apps help to provide information related to the events in your business niche, face-to-face meetings, introduction to the fellow entrepreneurs and more. Moreover, these apps are designed to open new opportunities of partnership, client leads etc. You can access the benefits of such apps from the comfort of your home, as these are supported by most of the iOS and Android devices. You can download any of the 10 best apps from the Google Play Store or App Store.


It is a personalised app that helps in finding business partners, clients and employees. It offers a way of communication with like-minded people. You can use the app to develop a network of business-related contacts.
- The app comes with customisation option to enable people create profile and share bio, work experience, education and the industry. One can state the interests and professional goals.
- The app offers swipe anonymously through bios and pictures. It gives the option to search for inspiring people by choosing ‘Pass’ or ‘Meet’. The app provides 10-15 suggestions based on professional experience, locations and interests.
- Gives the scope to connect with people of similar interests. It allows chatting with the new connections right away without sending any request to connect. It helps avoiding the barrier of typical introduction and set a call.

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GroupMe is the most popular business networking app across the world. It offers a great sphere to find business contacts, partners, companies and market trends. Specific company profile can be created in the app, to build professional relationships.
- It comes with an option to add anyone to a group with the contact number or email address. Even if they do not have the app, they can chat over SMS.
- The app gives an option to have control over notifications. You can mute the notifications from specific chats, end group chats or leave the group.
- It provides option to share everything you want. You can share meme images, search and send videos and GIFs, watch content shared through the links etc.
- The app features an extensive range of exclusive emoji so that you can express yourself even without saying any word.

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It is one of the most useful apps for the entrepreneurs looking for networking. Through this app, you can find meetups locally and get connected to people having interest in your area of knowledge. It allows creating own meetups and reaching out people who would take interest to connect.
- The app has an option to discover local online groups and events. You can get connected to an event depending on your interests such as an event from yoga or a book club.
- It provides a scope to find groups hosting events searching by relevant keyword or category. Option to save an event is available as well.
- Hosting own online event is possible with the app, by creating a group.
- There is an option to personalise and schedule events from anywhere.
- It allows sharing photos, sending messages and using discussions within the events.

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LinkedIn is an application designed to simplify exchanging contact information. Everyone involved in a business of core networking, can derive benefits from the app. It allows searching through the network of 645M+ members. The app is also useful for the businesses while searching for the right candidates.
- The app features real-time notifications when you get replies or response from the candidates.
- It allows composing and sending mails to the candidates, even when you are commuting.
- Gives option to search from the LinkedIn talent pool using smart filters and inserting keywords.
- Provides option to attach and send important documents, even from your hand-held device.
- Gives option to get recommendations for your open positions based on your choice and messages to the candidates.
- Comes with an option to review candidate profiles and save the suitable profiles.
- Offers easy collaboration with your team by tagging them and starting conversation with them.

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It is an application developed to facilitate businesses with productive networking. The app opens door to the entrepreneurs who start businesses in an informal setting. Events can be initiated through the app. You can review the event agenda, discover who are going to attend the event and get real-time updates about event sessions.
- The app features private one-to-one messages so that you can get connected with the right people.
- Gives option to get real-time updates with the information of sessions, speakers and special offers often, on your mobile.
- Provides chance to find session locations, the bio of the speakers and about the people who are attending the event, to make right decisions.
- The app allows to be a part of the action through live polls and survey.

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Common Connect

Common Connect is an app focuses on connecting people depending on their interests, proximity and career. The app is a useful one to reach any individual in the industry or profession. You can set your preferences to find like-minded people through location, job title or niche.
- The app allows to get connected to the professionals of specific field, who would like to connect with you.
- The app gives the chance to businesses to host an event or conference by creating a custom code to be used by the attendees for finding each other.
- It gives an option to add followers from social media and get connected with them on highly-professional level.
- It offers conference mode to discover people who are attending the conference.

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Brella is another smart networking app that allows holding events and conferences online. The app provides information in detail about the people you get to know through conference. As an organiser of an event, you can view the profiles of each participant.
- The app offers going through the profiles of participants, even before starting the conference. This feature will help you plan who you will converse with.
- Gives a platform to create your own event and find people to invite to the conference, based on their interests.
- The app enables you to invite more people and increase the number of visitors to the conference or event.
- The app offers storing business cards in a single place in electronic form. You can also add your business card so that all users can access it.

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Whova- Event and Conference App

The app allows creating comprehensive profiles of attendees and facilitates you with the option to view those profiles before arriving at the event.
- The app gives the scope to create casual meetups or arrange social activities.
- It offers a platform to manage business cards digitally and makes the business cards accessible with Smart Profile technology.
- It allows gaining deep insight of the professional background, interest, passion and work experience of the people in your contact.
- Scanning feature for the business cards supports multiple languages like English, Korean and Chinese.
Arrange your events and create a valuable networking by downloading the app.

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Facebook Events

For any business, it has become vital to create a Facebook page and Facebook group to achieve a large number of followers. The Facebook app includes a calendar-based resource named Facebook Events to create an event for informing followers about an upcoming event.
One of the most important features include Facebook Event ads along with creation of an event. It will help you reach more people and sell tickets of events,
- Event Engagement custom audiences helps displaying the advertisements to the target people.
- Facebook Ads Manager feature helps you create an ad with a stylish and professional look that represents your brand properly.
- It gives the chance to get engaged with potential attendees.
To turn your followers into attendees or the future consumers, download Facebook and use the resource now.

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Invitly- Business Networking

It is an app allowing professionals to achieve their goals through a community through which you can get in touch with the right people. In this app, you can swipe through bios and pictures of individuals relevant to your professional goals.
The app gives the opportunity to open your network. You can swipe through 25 profiles every day.
- It helps you meet people related to your profession depending on your profile, work history, education, industry and interests.
- The app offers you setting up professional goals by discovering valuable members.
- Through this app, you can expand the network and horizons.
- You can gain an exclusive access to events, workshops and online tutorial sessions led by industry experts.
- The app enables you to join various events of the community and get the most out of the network.
You can build a strong network and achieve the goals with ease, by downloading the app.

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All these apps have good rating on Google Play Store and App Store. Download them and enjoy a great network in business or profession.