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Concrete Jungle

A construction game with a card game base

This construction game is not totally like the others. We are done with building the city house by house and we are done with the micromanagement as well.
Concrete Jungle is a good mix between construction, puzzle and card game. The game board represents a plain with a checkerboard. The goal is to put the different elements of your city in the squares. However, each element influences its environment and add or take back some points to the nearby lines. You have to reach at least 4 points to make it disappear and having a new empty one. The different buildings are proposed by the game with cards. It is up to you to choose which element is the most interesting and where to set it. You will have to juggle between the inhabitants needs and the goals of the scenario.

Interesting points of the game

- revisited principle
- neat isometric graphics
- long lifetime
- several gaming mode
- multiplayer mode
- tutorial to learn how to play
- no integrated purchasing
- 8 different characters with different cards
- several scenarios
- playable offline
- available on iPad and iPhone

Almost unlimited lifetime of playing

A strength of this game is to offer enough elements to keep it interesting and giving it a nice lifetime. The first element is to offer several playing mode, a campaign one with several scenarios and a multiplayer mode.
Follow different scenarios with new goals, but mostly with new characters who will have different ways to play and different cards.
Improve your score to unblock new cards. 230 cards in total are waiting for you in Concrete Jungle !

Take advantage of the different playing mode

In the campaign mode you have to counteract the Mayor’s urban plan of the city. It is ideal to learn how to play. The multiplayer mode will allow you to compete against your friends on one device, or to battle against the AI to improve your tactic. In this mode you have to place your buildings in the same city and make the highest score.
Concrete Jungle is a good alternative to SimCity and will keep you busy for hours !

Category : Strategy