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Mini Metro

Mini Metro, build your metro system with this puzzle game

The goal is quite simple, its gameplay as well, but its realization is not so easy. The context is that you are in charge of building a subway system in one of eleven cities.
Each map is very schematic with a large blue line figuring the river of the city. The metro stations are represented by an empty geometric figure : squares, triangles, etc.
Your different passengers are represented by a full figure. The passengers will want to go to a metro station with the same geometric figure. Nothing complicated, for now.

Mini Metro characteristics

- 11 maps of different cities like Berlin, Paris or even Melbourne
- simple, but neat graphics
- different degrees of difficulty (normal and extreme)
- random growth of your city
- compete against other players for the daily challenge
- a special display for color-blind people and a night display
- creative sonor effects
- 4,99 € on App Store

Easy to learn how to play at this very particular game

As said before, the goal is very simple : building a metro system to bring the passengers to their destination. To do it, the maps of the cities are very schematic, you can recognize the real cities thanks to the rivers. The metro stations are represented by a geometric figure with a black line and the passengers wanting to reach this station are represented by the same shape, but full. Thanks to the touch screen you can link the different stations to each other.
As the game continues, new metro stations will randomly appear. It is up to you to decide if you want to modify your existing lines or if you want to build a new one. In the upper-right corner you can follow the time : days and hours. Be aware that at the end of each week you can improve your metro system with different elements (a new train car, more capacity, etc.)

Every game is different

Several game modes are available : normal and extreme, in which you cannot modify your existing lines. Each day you can compete against other players in the world on the daily challenge, using the same map. The growth of your city is totally random the metro stations will not appear twice in the same spot. This variation is perfect to never play the same way !
Think before you play and build the best metro system.

Category : Strategy