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Music Memos

Record your music ideas

The app Music Memos allows you to record any music piece. Even if it is optimized for a few instruments like piano and guitar, you can record the musical instrument you want and even singing.
The recorder is very easy to use, a unique button to start recording and an « auto » button that will launch the recording as soon as the song begins. Record your music pieces and let your creativity do the rest.

What does Music Memos offer ?

- to record your music pieces
- an automatic mode
- uncompressed recording, high quality
- audio track analysis
- name of the chords used added to the track
- add backing instrumental (bass or drums)
- several styles are available
- organize your soundtracks (rename, rate, add tags)
- synchronized with iCloud
- import your soundtracks on GarageBand or Logic Pro
- a guitar tuner
- available for iPhone and iPad

An accessible music recorder and editor

Music Memos is easy to use and accessible for everyone. The recording screen has two buttons, one for the auto mode and the other to immediately start recording. The auto mode will start to record as soon as it detects a music. Ideal to avoid useless length in your recording. The quality is here because the files are not compressed, the recording is done in 24-bit 44.1 kHz.
A little plus for our guitarist friends, a guitar tuner is added to Music Memos, you can prepare your instrument before recording. If the app was designed for recording, it still offers some nice editing tools.
You can add a backing instrumental with drums or bass, adapted to the tempo of your music. Choose the style (modern or vintage) and the volume compared to your song track. You can erase some parts of your track, useful to erase blank and other useless parts. For a more advanced editing, you will need a true editing software. The app analyzes your track and show the name of the chords that were used. You can change the names if you want.

Just what you need to organize and share your creations

Music Memos allows you to organize your recordings in a very easy way. You can, of course, rename it but not only. The app is useful to rate each track with a system of several stars. Order your creations by order of preference. To find the different parts of a song add a tag to each track (for example : chorus, verse 1, etc.) and comments as well.
The developers thought about everything, even sharing. Synchronized with iCloud, you can easily access to your sound tracks with any iOS device. Your file can be opened by GarageBand and Logic Pro.
Apple proposes a complete and efficient recording app. And now, play on !

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