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29 Game Booster, Gfx tool, Nickname generation

This is game booster app with below functions :
- Game booster : boosting game with special function reduce lag when play game, clean ram, boosting ram
- Gfx tool : a graphic tool for battle ground game , unlock max FPS, max resolution, and reduce lag by setting graphics
- Nickname generator : You can create beautiful nick name with fancy text and icon

This is a game booster app : You can play game faster without lagging by boosting ram. Once ram boosted you can play game faster

This is a gfx tool : With gfx tool option you can setting graphics option for game. it can help your phone improve fps point. gfx tool is useful for pub player

This is nick name generator tool : with nick name generator you can have a cool name in game

Category : Tools

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Reviews (29)

Geo. Jul 15, 2020     

5star!!! This app's so lit. I'm using mi9tpro and I've felt like I'm using an iphone after using this gfx app in the game. The aim assist & recoil much easier & stable to control. Even the battery's not draining to much. Just a little minor bug or glitch i had like the dropbox can't be seen when near to it. I hope the developer fix it. Hopefully this app stay positively in playstore if not it'll risk our game account to be banned. P/s: Try change the resolution to the highest setting. Tq Dev 😉

Ved. K. Dec 14, 2019     

It helps to ensure good gaming in low end devices. When in low end devices the auto back is occured while gaming then use this app it will resolve the problem 70% to 80%. Thats why it is good app.and i rate it 5 stars. And please add gfx tool for garena free fire! Keep it up guys.

Kar. G. Sep 6, 2019     

The app was great when I first download it but when time comes the app just makes my game stuck in the loading screen on the match (mobile Legends) and now my credit score is very low because of this app. Pls fix this issue

Joh. Jul 23, 2020     

Its actually good.. but the GFX tool is only for PUBG, Atleast add other games like COD mobile or other heavy fps games to GFX tools.. i'll rate 5 stars. Its smooth when I play COD but i want to edit resolution, Graphics, Framerate for COD.. Battle Royale is still lagging on COD when theres enemy in front of you.

Dar. R. Apr 17, 2020     

Wow! It is much better than other apps I've installed. Includes nickname generation and PUBG booster which I can play it smoother ; I think there is a lack of an icon in the nickname generator & thats colorful names and want you to add it to the app. Thanks 😊

Hea. F. Sep 21, 2020     

The fps remains the same,not getting extreme frame rate as before,after the update. Dear,Devs please look into the matter as soon as possible.It's my humble request.Thanks!

Jah. J. Mar 21, 2020     

I think that next update is more than good from previous update this app has a feature that we on a heavy application it has a auto boost option who increase the memory of ram and the application run very smothly I enjoy this application

Mal. H. Mar 28, 2020     

I am playing on {Lenovo TAB2 A10-30} 2GB RAM Please tell me the best settings. My settings are :- Resolution: 960×540 Graphics: So smoother FPS: Select or skip Anti Alaising: Disable Styles: Classic Shadows: Disable Rendering Quality: Low Light effects: Disable GPU optimizatiin: Enable (My game are still laging)

Mr. S. Aug 6, 2020     

This seems to do it's job pretty well. I downgraded it because of a small annoying tRump ad I've already seen in it a few times. 😡

Joe. O. Jul 13, 2020     

I don't see any difference in using this booster to the phone default mode because everything runs the same with or without this app, so thanks for apk but I will pass on this one.

Mis. May 28, 2020     

Great app! Helped me so much, now I can play my favorite games (like Identity V) with 60 FPS without lagging!! It works better than the in game feature as well! Thanks for this app.

Raj. A. May 10, 2020     

Really really awesome app. I love playing pubg, but not having a high end phone..this app has made is worthy to play pubg mobile on my honor 7x.. recommended to all using a mid range phones...

ACI. G. May 23, 2020     

This is wonderful app i have ever used for unlocking graphic with out any lag issues or bugs in app.

ur. m. May 14, 2020     

I really love this app! I love the game Roblox and whenever I play it I lag a lot , when I downloaded this app it was so much faster and I could play it properly! This app is a life saver! I totally recommend this app if you have a lot of lag in your games. 👌✔️

Car. W. Aug 29, 2020     

This thing has a add that you can't even close at all it's know way out of the ad had to close the app with home button what's wrong you people

BAE. Sep 4, 2019     

Veru very very very smooth and high graphic with gfx tools and this game boster is the beat one and it boosted the mobile with 2 GB ram and it woks very sommoth for 2GB ram and it works very very smooth for pubg gamee😘😘

Zul. N. Mar 4, 2022     

I give it a 5 Star.. I play PES with my Huawei Tab and amazingly the game runs so smooth.. Love it

DJ. L. Jun 29, 2020     

Seems like it's doing pretty good?? I haven't tried any of the games that I have installed without this app? A but I will!! But the app is very easy to use, it looks like all the other apps that are similar to it!! And the good thing is it's in English!!

Yal. D. Feb 7, 2022     

This app is not working before my mobile legend bang bang was smooth after using this app my mobile legend become laagg please fix this app why? not working no gfx app working

Sha. A. Oct 27, 2019     

COD running on my mobile smoothly. excellent app. love it. and please add some gfx tools for COD too. keep it up guys.

aru. k. Jun 24, 2020     

Nice app it's working well and don't about the ping test that is showing high even restricting all apps...

RAG. G. Jun 27, 2020     

it is a very nice app 😊 and pubg had also not bannad it and actually it cleans my samsung m30s for best gaming experience exynos wich that much noot powered cpu but by using it the gaming experience is very good

She. R. May 7, 2020     

This app is the best GFX tools and Game boosters is very awesome and GFX tools is very very awesome I Like It! Download and enjoy your PUBG mobile playing. Thank you!

Sad. F. •. Jun 7, 2020     

Doesn't work on my oppo a3s while playing Call of duty battle royale Mode. Still heavy lag and frame drop.

Sat. T. May 13, 2020     

After 8 April my best game booster flashdog stopped to work then I tried many game booster to boost free fire bud no one worked then I tried this app and it really worked

Arp. K. J. Jul 7, 2020     

best booster ever i think in freefire in 2gb ram phones but in rank match the game lag sometimes very hard please fix it but it's a good game booster

Not. Jun 24, 2020     

💯 % real its work 👍 love it ♥️ its become fast 🏃 and the graphics was so smooth 😮 like wow i got 40 fps 👀. When i not using this app i got 34 fps 😔 but now i got 43 fps 😃🌈 when i try this app. So COOL 👍👍. AND download this app now 👍 it's safe 👏 trust me 🙏 and thank you for the developer of this app 👏👍.

Tox. T. Jan 30, 2021     

Terrible app.. cause a lot of crashes and errors.. i strongly recommend not to download it.

One. R. O. S. Nov 24, 2019     

Error after upgrade to premium ... while we click automatic bios when playing game.