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3D Skin Editor for Minecraft

Create the most beautiful skins and play with them in Minecraft!
Create a skin is much easier with this free application. For the ultimate in easy editing, you can scale and rotate any part as you want.

If you have incorrectly drawn the skin, it is always possible to cancel your actions.

Choose the part of the skin that you want to edit. In addition, the editor supports two layers of skins version 1.8 of Minecraft, which allows you to add the details of the relief of your skin.You can select any skin from the gallery and edit or simply change the eyes :)Do not forget that you can add any skin to your collection if you're tired or edit you need to leave, you just save the skin and continue later.When editing open the shutter on the right to see the full skin and see what changes have you done!

- 3D Editor
- All the parts can be edited individually
- Paint bucket for quick Bay
- Tool "Cancel"
- Ability to take the skins from the gallery
- Private collection of skins (skins Keep in applications to simply save or edit later)
- 3D view when editing

This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

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Reviews (30)

Jos. S. Feb 26, 2022     

Yeah, it's cool and I made my dream skin, but it needs a tool to copy colors that are on the skin so that way you don't lose them in case you forget to add them to to a pallette. Also, chill on the freaking ads, I'd love to support to devs by watching ads but I'm not taking my phone off airplane mode while using the app when there are THIS many ads. Had to come change it to a one star review because the app is nearly unusable with all these ads.

Gar. W. Apr 5, 2022     

A great app, I made multiple skins, like how you can start by yourself or find one and use it as a base, but there are SO MANY ADS and most of them are ads for ripoffs of Minecraft, all of them use stolen Minecraft footage from YouTube, or record from Minecraft. Anyways I like how there's settings, but I can't change the background for the editor, which I want to do because I find the background annoying. I like how you can make both layers of the skin, instead of just one. Maybe less ads. πŸ‘

Blu. 1. Mar 4, 2022     

Lack of tools, it's close to being perfect but they didn't add a tool to extract the color on the skin you're editing, and they gave you the right to type it the color code but it won't show the letters. Wasted potential right here

Sta. May 16, 2022     

I reallllyy like this app the the ads and really the only this but i do respet it as this being free but i would like a bit less of the ads other than that its a good app tho i don't think there is a way to make the brush smaller if thats the case then pls do Also eavin tho i rate the app it still say rate it and its really anyoing and if you need a colour from a the colour thing you need to watch a ad and you can only use it 2times before you need to watch another ad pls fix some of them plsss

Rai. V. Mar 17, 2022     

I love this app good for costom skins but the ads are qute annoying i wish for them fix it. I have a friend who just got a account so we link up and downloaded this app and before we can even start customizing at least 15 ads popped up. Other than the ANNOYING ADS 10/10.

Att. J. Feb 10, 2022     

Does everything you need it to, I just wish there was an option to pay once and remove ads. I often use the "check in 3d" option to see how I'm doing and an ad plays every time. Aside from that, it does everything you need it to do. Good app

Ath. B. Apr 21, 2022     

Good game but terrible. When my tablet is closed it slows my device also ads pop up everytime I click on paint or body parts button. So please fix that. And it wouldn't let me change the background!!!!!!!

XxA. C. l. w. Mar 19, 2022     

The adds are so annoying and I had to click the "x" button more than 10 the just for the add to go away, but it just kept playing, I get the weong color and I go to change it but then there's an add again.

Edw. S. J. Apr 24, 2022     

I know it was free, but everytime I clicked another button it was another ad. It will take a year to create a skin this way. Also you should be able to mirror/copy/paste so you don't have to make each leg or arm.

Med. N. May 12, 2022     

This app is awesome β™‘ I had a whole plan to make a skin, but none of them will succeed I mean, spring can not be found from this edit skin program. Excellent. My work with it is very excellent This program wanted more than five stars:)

Sam. W. May 21, 2022     

It's a great app but I would it if you make attachments to the skin and a little less ads, other than that it's basically perfect.

-. S. B. -. Apr 1, 2022     

Really cool app! Easy to use and the colour pallete option is amazing! A few problems though- there are ads after every view clicks and they get annoying, especially when I'm playing music and have to unpause it every time. Overall, the app is amazing, efficient and easy to use besides the ads! :D

Ste. N. Mar 22, 2022     

I love this skin editor very much. I don't mind the ads interrupting, even though you can just switch your internet off. Very good app.

isa. l. Mar 12, 2022     

So I forgot to put my review dowwn with words, but I feel like it makes me watch to many ads and that gets really frusterating cause im trying to work and maybe could you please find a way to lower them? I see other people have this small complaint! But ferthur more I love doing this! So please lower the ads if you could. Thats all!

Cus. C. I. Mar 1, 2022     

It's a good app to make skins but it would be kinda good if it didn't have a insane amount of ads when I'm checking what my full skin looks like it's a good app but I just don't like the amount ads when I'm making my skins.

각논압. Feb 14, 2021     

My personal favorite, you can choose from a pre-made skin and keep it or edit it, or you can start from scratch and make your own. Pretty easy to use, too, it doesnt take a lot of work and you can save colors to use later. Only bad thing is ads are every like three taps. There are actually too many. I got three squares filled before i had another ad.

Joe. S. Apr 7, 2020     

it's pretty good, but I do get a bug sometimes. it's hard to explain, but basically my color picker starts putting colors on my skin (usually not the color selected) and my actual coloring tool stops working. I usually have to close out the app to make it stop. it's otherwise fine, besides so many ads, which isnt really an issue at all. thanks for this

Jac. G. Apr 12, 2021     

This app is really good! The layout looks professional, you edit other skins and it has run flawlessly for me this far. The ads popping up when you hit a button sometimes is a little irritating, but it's generally only 3 to 5 seconds. The interface gets a little getting use to but that happens surprisingly quick! Thoroughly recommended all in all.

Aur. R. Apr 10, 2021     

This is so easy to use! I've tried others that were either not easy, or always had some sort of glitch. The only downside is that there are a lot of ads, but usually you can click off of them immediately or after a few seconds. Something I was not expecting was not only being able to see what skins others had created, but be able to edit them and save them too. By far, my favourite skin editor!

Ker. Jun 30, 2021     

It's pretty good. Probably one of the best minecraft skin maker apps I've used. But my issue is that there is a large amount of ads. I know you gotta have the ads to get money, right? But please lower the amount of ads you show at a time. Because I'll click 2 things, and then bam an ad appears. Also, I'd recommend adding a sort of "duplicate" button. Where you can copy the colors or patterns you have on one part of your skin and then paste/add it onto a different part. It'd be pretty helpful.

Chr. B. Sep 16, 2021     

This app is amazing! Got it a year ago and still using it. It's very easy to use and there is a huge variety of different skins that you can edit to make it perfect for you. There are ads but they come up not very often. The few ads you have to watch while using this app are totally worth it! And you can skip them instantly. Love this app and its perfect for anybody! Btw for anyone struggling to download the skins, hit the top button above the undo button, it should download it to your gallery

Luk. S. Dec 27, 2020     

Really good app, there is still a lot of room for improvement. You can maybe add an option which allows us to copy and paste one pattern or whole leg/arm design to another one. The thing I dislike the most is that the app has a lot of ads, more than it should. This is the best Minecraft skin maker app I jave come accross so far though. I give it a 4.

The. R. O. D. Jan 4, 2020     

Overall, this is a great app for creating skins! It shouldn't take long to explore and get used to the app! The ads are a bit annoying, yes. But it works offline, so just turn off your internet and besides maybe the ad chilling at the bottom! I've seen some negative reviews about this app that complain about the ads, so hope that tip helps!

Mic. B. Dec 25, 2020     

This skin editor is of high quality. Easy to use, simple yet effective pallete picker, and I especially appreciate the preview tab! My one complaint is the ads. I get that having a spot on the app store isn't free, but the ads appear excessively, and there's no option to disable them. Hell, I'm even willing to PAY, just let me turn them off!!!

lai. Jul 8, 2021     

Probably the best mobile skin editor in the whole play store. I didn't have any trouble while running this app, I really like the features of the custom color palette, it's a feature non of the others skin editors I've seen has. It's really useful for me because I don't need to open my main skin to grab some colors just to use them in other file. And of course I like that you can actually use the 3D layer pretty easily. The ads are not even that annoying when I know I got these features.

Dud. B. Feb 16, 2021     

I recently got Minecraft on my phone again and I was trying to find an app that I could find customize my character but with options that I could use an original character and edit it, and this is just perfect for that! Love it 10/10. The only thing is that the controls are hard to learn at first but other than that it's great!

Lia. L. Jul 21, 2021     

I made so many skins for me and my friends. It is so fun and easy to use. But 1 Problem, There are a few to many ads. Like I ckink on a button and an ad pops up, I don't mind the ads but just lower the amount a little bit please. Also I have a suggestion, you should put a copy button for colurs and patterns for Other skins. Other then ads the is an amazing app!

Eri. M. Jan 26, 2020     

It s good!! I have been using for almost a year and its still the most useful in the market. There s some crashes and glitches while using but still that doesn't bother me. Great jon from the creators. And hope they update this app!! Well I think you should make the program without ads while using offline. Even there s no network there are still some ads left that they showed up while editing my skin. If u could fix this and make editing infinite it will be awesome.

Sim. C. May 16, 2022     

Can't even offer white, and using hex codes doesn't Work to get white either (White is literally FFFFFF). the only good side is it offers an easy way to edit skins compared to most other apps. Just can't even access the colour white

Cas. F. May 9, 2022     

This is the best I love it but if u don't wanna change skin I have to still go to edit and then save it and it takes very long please put a button that says save beside the edit button