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Take the convenience of 7-Eleven everywhere you go with this new app. It puts savings in your pocket so every trip is more affordable, and rewards you for coming back so every trip is more enjoyable.
INTRODUCING 7REWARDS(SM)Imagine getting your favorite drinks for free. Now you can with 7RewardsSM. Buy 6 cups, and any 7th is FREE! Any cup, any size, your way, every day.

Start earning 7Rewards today with three easy steps:·      Download the 7-Eleven app to join.·      Scan your app barcode at every checkout.·      Any 7th cup is FREE! 

SCAN & SAVEYour member barcode earns you free drinks and so much more. Scan it at checkout to redeem these exclusive offers on 7-Eleven and partner products.

FIND YOUR FAVORITE STORE 7-Eleven is always on your way. Find the store closest to your route or anywhere in the country, heart your favorites and find out which locations provide services like hot food, Redbox, gas and propane tanks.

You can also use our Slurpee Finder to get your hands on your favorite flavor at a store nearby.

GIVE FEEDBACK"We’re here to make your everyday better. And we want to know if you think we’re doing a good job or not. Submit feedback in the form of a question, complaint or compliment at any time in the app."

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Reviews (26)

Sab. Y. Apr 13, 2022     

As an occasional shopper at 7-Eleven stores, this app featuring the Rewards system really comes in handy. But the layout is awful to me. I feel like the main use for it should be to collect points and redeem your Rewards easier, but everything looks clustered. Navigating the app to look at your Rewards and offers is not as simple as clicking a button or tab at the bottom of the screen, which had me confused from the start. 5-stars for a better home layout and easier accessibility.

Sam. W. Mar 26, 2022     

Using the cashierless payment feature may charge you again and again. My self-checkout experience has usually had glitches with my payment / credit card which work perfectly fine with the cashiers. What caused the extra billing was that the machine goes red and makes a "whomp-whomp" sound to indicate payment did not go through so I try again and again until I gave up on the self-checkout terminal and proceeded to check out with the cashier. Problem is that I was charged 3 extra times!

mik. y. Mar 23, 2022     

Downloaded this to buy stuff for the rocket league promotion. Didn't end up getting the code after making all of the purchases. Some of my transactions didn't show up in history. Despite that, I still finished the promotion items. Got a notification l saying I should receive a code, but didn't. I then contacted customer support in 3 different ways (phone, email and Zendesk) - none of them could help. One of them didn't even understand the problem and didn't know what the promotion was. Useless

Kal. H. Mar 29, 2022     

App doesn't work. No updates to fix, 8k pts that I can't access. Fairly simple, I launch app, it says there was an error connecting. Won't work on Wifi or Cellular signal, no updates to be had. Don't waste your time trying to reach out, no response and going online to even login to your account is not possible. Update 3/29/22 Still don't work and still can't login. Customer service team also unhelpful. Big waste of time and your effort to use.

Cry. L. Apr 13, 2022     

The $.11 off a gallon in the app is a lie. I was able to use this feature once and the next four times I was told. 1. We don't offer that. (Even though it clearly states in the app it a participating 711 and shows the pump number selection) 2. It should credit you later 3. The system is down. There's also nobody to help you trouble shoot.

Dav. C. May 9, 2022     

App started out okay, but after the first time I used the digital wallet function, it became useless. Any time I try to load money, it says I've reached my maximum amount for the day...at $0. Or that there is an error due to unusual activity. Calling Support got me nothing but an emailed case # and the operator's suggestion that I uninstall/ reinstall the app, which did nothing as well. Suggest you leave it uninstalled.

Ya. N. May 24, 2022     

One of the store associates accidentally used 2000 points on an energy drink despite the fact I had bought it with my own card. I had bought 3 drinks for a discounted price but was also charged the points which would normally have amounted to 4 drinks except I didn't ever get it nor wanted that many. Reported this to the app twice with no response. I know this isn't my mistake because the two transactions are a minute apart and I have never bought more than 3 at a time

Ant. May 16, 2022     

I've updated my zip code, but I can't use any of my discounts because the new zip code isn't recognized. I can't use the old zip code because that's not recognized, either. Because discount redemption requires a correct zip code, and it won't recognize neither my new or old one, the app has essentially become useless for me :( I'm racking up points, but I can't use the discounts!

Tra. F. Mar 2, 2022     

This app cannot be used when there is no internet access. And the app developer does not allow screenshots of the barcode, So you cannot use the app or scan the barcode when you have no way to connect online. More and more stores are closing, making it difficult to find a 7-Eleven, then once you do, you have no way to use the app. You make it as difficult as possible to get to a store, then make the app unusable. It would be Great if you made it where the BARCODE could be scanned OFFLINE.

J. W. Apr 21, 2022     

I can't rate this app because no matter what I do I can't log-in! I've tried uninstalling. I've tried using wi-fi. I've even tried selecting the "forgot my password" option to reset and start from scratch. The kicker with that? It doesn't even allow me too. I get an error message saying, Credentials Can't Be Authenticated. I can log-in with no problem on the website and I've made sure that my phone number and email has been verified. Still no luck. It's infuriating.

Abi. Z. May 10, 2022     

Literally can't even create an account because a mobile number is required to do so, and the person who had my number before me has already linked it to an account. There's no option to unlink it or get a text to verify that I am the new owner of the number. The app just tells me to use a different number which is ridiculous. I don't have an infinite supply of mobile numbers just so I can use apps with badly designed account systems.

Mys. D. May 5, 2022     

Buy coffee a lot when I'm on the road. 7-eleven has consistently good coffee. Always fresh, everyone has been friendly and helpful. The food is fresh and delicious. A place to go for nutrition when traveling. The points build up quickly, and are a big help when cash nor card is available. I let my points build, nothing extra out of my pocket as I would be purchasing anyway. Then, when a co-worker needs something I can help without laying out money.

Lau. A. Mar 29, 2022     

App is slow. Deals and coupon codes often don't apply. Point rewards cost a lot of points. They've made hot food unavailable after midnight now when it's one of the few places open all night. Occasionally a good deal. Overall disappointing.

Lou. C. Apr 13, 2022     

This app makes me very annoyed. I finally have the required amount to use to get a reward item but when I go to the cashier and show my barcode, nothing happens. What's the point of getting this stupid points if I'm not able to use them. This wasn't the first time this has happened either. Whenever I go to use my points for an item, nothing happens and that's not fair.

Yos. H. Mar 19, 2022     

Absolute garbage and a waste of space. On a tight budget and the $5 pizza deal looked great, but it suddenly tells me it's unable to complete my transaction when I checkout even though it worked fine in the past. There is no in-store equivalent to this offer. Extremely incompetent app and developer.

Gre. W. Apr 9, 2022     

Doesn't work, it worked maybe once or twice. Now when scanned or try to use rewards, I keep seeing the same error, invalid number Update:. Finally had to get a new phone, and so worked great. After either the last Android update it the last update to be this app, back not the same error I was getting before. Employee at the store I frequent had to the same problem

Sle. m. Mar 3, 2022     

The mobile checkout is a neat concept but the stress and confusion it puts on store workers is extremely inconsiderate. It's a good idea but the stores are too small to really implement it as I gotta stand right in the way of the door to ever use a self checkout. Grab and go should also count for streak items considering its the same item just a day old.

Ang. S. Mar 10, 2022     

Convenient to have if you frequently go to 7-Elevens. App isn't complicated to use. If you don't have your phone handy for the store clerk to scan the barcode, just put your phone # in on the key pad before you pay & you'll still receive the points for your purchase.

Bre. C. Apr 8, 2022     

Can't sign in without it asking to verify phone, once that's done, it tells me my email is already in use, and tells me to log in with my email instead. When I do this, it then tells to do the exact opposite. So I find myself spending 20 min to get a Rocket League add on and finally the worker quit, gave everyone free food, drinks, and gas... And just left. I can see his frustration. It's only been 10 minutes for me and I'm tempted to smash something and hes been dealing with this.

Los. D. Apr 7, 2022     

It opens but doesn't allow me to register at all. Tried at least 5 times,rebooted, i fill out every requirement and it pukes "Sorry authentic credentials were not provided". These are my credentials, they're all correct but this app is stupid. Also my need to use this app is bc my keychain card isn't giving any rewards any longer. It will still scan but not returning any free drinks or anything else. Updating it doesn't help. Useless app, avoid.

Mel. B. Apr 27, 2022     

Love that you can use your phone when you pull up to the pump and pay for gas through your phone. No more going inside or using card at the pump. Much safer and makes it much easier. This isn't at every store though, but its nice when you fine one that you can use this feature.

Kyl. G. Apr 22, 2022     

FALSE ADVERTISING!!! Unlike every other store that has an app... The things you earn with rewards ARE NOT FREE. They charge taxes on all rewards. Sorry 7, that's just not the way to do this. Uninstalling and going to a different store. Spend your money at places that ACTUALLY reward you.

Bre. M. Apr 4, 2022     

All of my points expired the support team could not find them, despite sending screenshots, and now my point have expired again, though this time it looks like they sent a warning this time. I stopped caring after the last time they stole almost $100 in points.

Arn. W. Apr 23, 2022     

I set 2 stores as my favorites. When I search for ice for delivery it will not find ice. If will give everything with ice in the name but not actual ice. It doesn't list as available most of what I want despite even being physically in the store and can see it. Now let's review auto app updates. This needs work. I will get the alert to update now or over wifi. it either a "glitch" or doesn't work since I get an update alert a few days apart no matter which option I choose

Lur. L. Mar 11, 2022     

I had 7/11 rewards for about a year & was going to 7/11 about 2-3 times a week before I downloaded the app. I amassed over 6,000 points. I used the points one time. I went to my local store & only had large bills which they couldn't take so I asked if I could use my points to get two red bulls. I used half of my points(3,000)to get one red bull. I had spent 100s of dollars at this store and was only able to get one red bull in return. It's just not worth the time & money. Uninstalling. 2/5!!

Mik. G. Apr 10, 2022     

Worked OK for a while. For the last few months I cannot reload the wallet feature. No matter what I do I get an error: "You've exceeded the maximum load limit for the day. Please try again tomorrow." When my balance gets below the cost of 1 item, I'm stuck unless I can do mixed mode payments. Then the wallet is done as a feature.