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AAC Audio Converter

AAC audio converter converts your audio to to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, WV and OGG audio formats. You can set the format, sample rate and channels for the converting audio.
There are some additional settings of audio conversion to help you achieve professional results.

AudioFormats: AAC FLAC MP3 (Lame) OGG (Vorbis) WAV (PCM) WV (WavPack)

Audio Sampling Rate : 32000 Hz 41000 Hz 48000 Hz 88200 Hz 96100 Hz192000 Hz

Audio Channels : MonoStereo

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (26)

man. Oct 7, 2017     

Waste of time

Teb. T. Nov 3, 2015     

I've been looking for the apps to convert my aac audio to mp3. I've been fooled by ratings, I've installed 4 stars apps and none of them works. In desperation I install this app which I ignored before for this apps only has 3,2 stars rating. But amazingly, it works flawlesly without any anoying adds. Thanks so much

God. N. Oct 18, 2016     

Check m4a Audio Converter and mp3/WAV/WMA/AMR Audio Converter by Neon Soft for full details by me on how to use the converters of this type,look for my name.I so love all of Neon Soft Apps, I searched forever to find apps that made total sense & all their apps do,get m4a Audio Converter to convert m4a to Wav etc,get Wav Audio Converter to convert Wav to mp3 etc,get Ogg Audio Converter to convert Ogg to Wav etc,the apps don't work the other way around (Vice Versa).Thank You Very Very Much Neon Soft.

Gre. Dec 22, 2015     

This is the only one who delivers out of all the apps out there. I did so many tries, and this is the only one that works.

Rob. B. Apr 5, 2017     

Total crap can't even select a file with it under Android 7

Alt. J. Jun 28, 2016     

I dont know what others experienced, but i open the app, select source path, select format, and click convert. No ads, and no errors. Im on 4.4 Android ... Maybe its just that.

Neg. G. Feb 20, 2016     

Doesn't serve it's intended purpose. Gives errors when trying to convert.

Tol. O. Aug 20, 2016     

I'm in Nigeria and this app works best for me, so easy and excellent.... Thumbs up

Ama. B. Apr 29, 2016     

Couldn't convert aac files

Gop. K. Jul 5, 2016     

Very worst app don't download it

Ant. D. Dec 23, 2015     

Can't convert mp3 to AAC

Van. Y. Mar 1, 2016     

Can any one teach me how to do? Why is always said input file is empty?

The. K. May 28, 2016     

Don't install does nothing

Chr. H. Dec 22, 2015     

I've tried all combinations with an Aac file and it just throws up an error each time I try to convert from acc to Mp3..... Or WAV..... Useless..... And delete.

Ant. V. Feb 8, 2016     

Just crap. Do not install..!

Jus. v. Jun 23, 2017     

Why this app is still in play store it should be removed.

adh. p. Aug 7, 2016     

Important with all

Jac. R. Aug 12, 2017     

Don't install this

CHX. P. Jan 5, 2016     

Its isnt working

Gar. S. Jul 20, 2016     

I entered all the correct settings/details without a doubt - but alas it will not convert my aac files to anything. It might be working for SOME aac files, but looking at the reviews here it has poor compatibility. Not good considering that is the sole purpose of this app.

A. G. u. Jun 22, 2018     

Couldn't work it the app is ad mad am just putting 3 stars down as someone might get it working? I tried from flac to mp3 & aac and nope kept saying select source? Just a ad app says also a new app for me thanks very much I have loads of apps and a PC I'll do my converting right over there thanks lol what a joke

All. r. r. Jun 25, 2016     

Such a dumb app i hv ever seen in my mobile life....I lost my 75 rs. Plz dnt download this app

A. G. u. Jan 14, 2016     

Error when trying to convert aac files to mp3. Tried all permutations for output to try and find a work around to no avail.

Sal. M. Jul 9, 2016     

Doesn't work. Tried all combos when asked to. But doesn't work and says Error with every combo. Awful app.

Xer. Oct 18, 2017     

I wanted to convert m4a1 file to. Aac. Didn't work.. Kept saying. Aac file not selected

A. G. u. Dec 20, 2015     

Totally useless for my Android. Functionless.