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Aac To Mp3 Converter

You will find your converted files in the "Music Folder" (i.e /SdCard/Music/)
A simple tool for Converting your aac files to mp3 file format.

You can convert a single aac file, one at a time or employ the batch converter to convert a selected number of files at once.

All conversions are done in the background with a notification that displays conversion progress.

You can now set audio bit-rate, audio sampling rate and audio channel, under settings.

Audio Bitrate :-320 kbps256 kbps192 kbps160 kbps128 kbps96 kbps64 kbps32 kbps16 kbps12 kbps8 kbps6 kbps

Audio Sampling Rate : 32000 Hz41000 Hz48000 Hz88200 Hz96100 Hz192000 Hz

Audio Channels : MonoStereo


# Ensure your Android device has a mounted SD Card with free space.# Ensure your Android device has google play services installed.

***This app uses FFMPEG library.

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (29)

Nat. J. Mar 21, 2019     

The app does as intended, converting aac files to mp3. Yes it does take time for the conversion to work but it works regardless. There are a few things, however, that i believe should be changed about the app. I feel that the app isn't making the most out of the excess space available (blank areas) which could be used for the ads. I would suggest adding a "swipe down" refresh page function so that people wouldn't have to switch to the "batch conversion" tab then back to the "my conversions" tab.

Kie. O. Sep 21, 2020     

I use "The AppGuru" sound file apps for all my conversion needs. Highly recommended.

Shi. M. Nov 5, 2018     

Useless app...Conversions never stop and converted file doesn't play.

DRE. M. Apr 14, 2019     

Very good app. Nice working ⚒ @tha app size is only 8 mb. Nice very good app Good app

San. S. Jan 13, 2021     

Best converter for aac file to mp3

deo. d. W. Feb 9, 2019     

Works as advertised. Thank you helpful app.

Shr. N. Sep 14, 2019     

It does what its supossed to do. Great app 10/10

H. S. May 20, 2019     

useless waste of time do not download

Aji. A. Sep 11, 2020     

Beautiful, it function very well

Jun. L. Jul 31, 2019     

rubbish app...it does nothing. remove this from google play

Kri. K. May 20, 2019     

it quite literally does nothing.

Has. E. H. Dec 7, 2020     

This App exactly DO NOTHING

A. G. u. Jan 15, 2019     

very bad app

Nat. K. Dec 4, 2016     

She crashed each time never got to use any other functionality uninstalling

Cha. D. Nov 26, 2017     

Wise up DIPSHIT! Make something that works.

Gir. H. Jan 8, 2018     

Waste of time and memory.. simply eat away valuable time and data

Rah. P. Feb 10, 2017     

One of the most worst appp Really got angry

Unk. U. Jun 11, 2018     

Slow as hell. While others are done within a blink of an eye.

A. G. u. Dec 2, 2017     

AWESOME app, it converted my aap file into mp3, thank you app😃

Rod. C. Oct 31, 2017     

Using my ASUS cellphone , easy to use, thanks so much

Ash. S. Feb 19, 2017     

Nice App !! It Helped me ...But...But It's a few slow... You need to increase it's converting Speed💨

Kel. B. Feb 25, 2017     

Did not work . i had to uninstall it

Nei. A. Mar 11, 2018     

It failed to upload large.aac files...(In my case, it failed to upload 48min .aac file)

R. N. Nov 8, 2017     

It worked for me, happy about it converted from acc to mp3

Gha. s. Feb 8, 2018     

Only convert maximum for 7 minutes

MEL. F. Mar 30, 2017     

It's the best app for converting I love this app

Shi. P. Jun 25, 2018     

Fakeeeeee.....waste of time.....

Phi. I. May 19, 2017     

When you convert a aac file to mp3 it is still aac. Where is the point?

Pie. B. Jan 18, 2018     

I like this app allot