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Abandoned Country Villa 6

This is the sixth part in the Abandoned Country Villa Escape series. As you have come out of the villa in the previous part, you are faced with another challenge in this part. It is not over yet. Overcome the obstacles and go wherever it takes you. Collect objects and solve puzzles to complete this part.

Category : Puzzle

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Reviews (7)

Jac. K. Dec 21, 2017     

i hate it when games could not be saved and has to re start it over every time. i delete it. sorry

Doc. G. Feb 14, 2017     

Really Disappointed w/ this 1!! Some Clues were 2 Vague &/or didn't make sense! —————————————————— Had 2 use walkthrough for "52,43,34,30" solution!! Still don't know how they came up w/ this!! Gave 2 Stars…

Hea. H. Jun 29, 2016     

Very difficult top find hot spots and items, some puzzles were difficult and/or didn't make sense to me. Got frustrated & exited w/out finishing.

fre. n. Jun 11, 2016     

Does not seem worth it

pun. p. Jun 3, 2016     

Started out OK but when I got to the puzzle where I have to outline the colored squares in a certain order, no matter what I did, it would not let me do ANYTHING! !!!! It just stayed blank, I had to quit, very frustrating! !!!

Bil. M. Jun 11, 2016     

I guess playstore has well and truely scraped the barrel bottom!

A. G. u. Oct 9, 2017     

It is very good