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Abandoned Country Villa 9

This is the 9th part in the abandoned country villa escape series. Try to complete this part by solving the puzzles and collecting the necessary objects which will be helpful to you in advancing further in this series. Are you ready for this escape game challenge?

Category : Puzzle

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Reviews (7)

Jac. A. Sep 27, 2017     

30 second adverts no, too much uninstalled

pun. p. May 1, 2017     

The last hint , the number hint made absolutely no sense to me in the least! !!!

Doc. G. Feb 22, 2017     

Too many puzzles that didn't make sense!! Not impressed w/ this 1! Gave 2 Stars…

Fio. H. Nov 20, 2016     

Appalling. Constantly interrupted mid-task by ads. Clue so poorly visible had to try random assignment. Didn't bother carrying on.

Sha. C. Jan 27, 2017     

Loading ads ruined this one. Too many.

Ste. B. Dec 3, 2016     

Being colorblind made this one difficult due to most of the puzzles being based on color.

Cha. H. Sep 17, 2016     

OK so I put the rite colours in for that coloured circle puzzle but nothing happened!?! Why even make a game if it doesn't even work properly!?! Uninstalling...