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Advanced Tools

A complete set of tools to manage your device, Advanced Tools is: file manager, task manager, apk manager, system manager and now much more with new device-related tools (sensors, gps, flashlight).Even more options and features available for root users.
* NOTES ****

Logcat tool now requires root in order to run, READ_LOG permission has been removed.

CAMERA permission was added to make flashlight tool suitable for more devices.This app involves a lot of work and updates are given frequently, please avoid bad rating/comment because of the permissions, if you feel not comfortable with them contact us for any question.


Open the main menu by swiping from the left edge to the right.

Open the info/guide panel by swiping from the right edge to the left.

File Manager
- for any of the item in the list tap the icon to select, tap the file name to open, tap the three dots on the right to open the context menu.


* Operate on (up to) four different tabs
* File operations between tabs (no need to navigate back!)
* Access/modify RO folders, system, data, etc.
* Copy, cut, paste, delete, rename files or folders
* Add new folders
* Add new text files
* Integrated mini text editor
* Search files or folders
* Get file or folder details
* Set file or folder permissions
* Zip/unzip files or whole folders
* Browse zip file's contents
* Unzip selected contents from a zip file
* Send files via bluetooth
* Share supported files
* Storage info with pie charts
* Set starting folders (shortcuts)
* FTP: download/upload files or whole folders
* FTP: browse FTP contents, add new foldersSYSTEM MANAGER
* Plenty of info about system, memory, graphic, hw, battery
* Change LCD density
* Change the heap size
* Change "max events per second" value
* Change the WiFi scan interval
* more properties from build.prop file
* Change "min free kbytes" value
* Change "vfs cache pressure" value
* Change swappiness value
* Change dirty ratio and dirty background ratio
* more kernel's VM and sysctl parameters
* Configure Android's internal task killer
* Access special settings and info
* View filesystem
* View dmesg (Kernel Debug Messages)
* View live logcat
* Record, filter, stop, resume logcat
* Detect CarrierIQTASK MANAGER
* Kill selected applications
* Filter system processes (security options)
* Info about running servicesAPK MANAGER
* Detailed info about each installed application
* Uninstall apps
* Freeze system apps
* Uninstall system apps
* Backup and restore apps
* Clear app cache/data
* Startup apps (grant/deny auto-start)
* Manage app components! (Pro only)
* View content of manifest file (Pro only)ATOOLS TERMINAL (Pro only)
* Pseudo terminal emulator
* Execute linux commands
* Quick buttons for mount and set permissionsSENSOR ANALYZER
* Scan and analyze all the sensors installed
* Compass tool
* Compass calibration tool
* Magnetic field detectorGPS STATUS AND FIX
* Get all the info passed by GPS device
* Fast fix tool to get signal fixed in less time
* Scan satellites and get dedicated info
* Get your current location's addressCPU MONITOR
* CPU Time in State monitor
* Real-time CPU meter
* Set CPU scaling frequencies and governorOTHERS
* Quick launch from notification bar
* Use the camera flashlight as a torch

Enjoy Advanced Tools!

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Reviews (25)

ANI. 0. Jan 31, 2019     

great app, love it....someone commented about all their compass apps being 10-15° off, news flash, the earth's magnetic poles are currently moving at appx, 40 miles per year, we are currently in a magnetic pole shift. it takes a few hundred years to complete. 600 miles since the early 19th century, DEVELOPERS!!!!! get on it, lots of cool apps for this once in a lifetime opportunity......sorry. this app rocks though.

Ton. Mar 7, 2021     

3-7-21 It wasn't apparent that settings can modify ad appearance. Full page ads can be changed to a less obtrusive ribbon ads. 3-6-21 Still 1 star. Can't test app. Constant, nagging, full-screen ads. Unusable. Support said that ads come up when you change tools. I was trying all of the tools. If the ads were not full-screen, it would be acceptable for a free app. 3-4-21 Constant, nagging, full-screen ads. Cannot try it out because the many many ads stop me from using it.

Sha. C. E. Jan 1, 2022     

Looks like the app has many good features and is useful to keep on the phone. I was having seperate issues with the phone that caused me to run into some difficulties- but that was not caused by the app. This should be up higher than play store 28! I'm sure it is actually ha.

A. G. u. Oct 6, 2018     

It's great how the files are structured. Easy to understand and use. (Similar apps. hide everything behind fancy sounding names that don't make sense.) Excellent support. If I may suggest, the cleaning function would make it really perfect.

Ste. W. S. Jan 14, 2020     

Excellent application, truly a godsend. Allowed me to dive into the places that seem as if we are not supposed to access our own data. How the phone should come equipped standard in file explorer/manager being it is Unix based and all. Find the stuff you thought was gone for apps and deleted items that will not show without knowing that it is there to begin with...

Ale. S. Feb 25, 2021     

Love how this application provides access to functions on the phone that would otherwise be inaccessible or unavailable. I have been able to streamline my phone making it perform a great deal better in almost every aspect. Thank you Advanced Tools development team for making this application so easy to use and efficient.

Jim. T. Jul 8, 2020     

The cache clear is 100% manual. I don't need an app to do that. I couldn't even get back to the app's home screen, because I had to back out of over a hundred screens! Plus this does not have move to SD.

Dan. F. Oct 22, 2019     

Very nice app,.... incredible design with detailed settings. I REALLY like this app because of all the settings and how user friendly the Interface is. Absolutely fantastic job by the developers.... thank you all for your hard work and dedication to provide such a luxury.

Bry. M. Jul 21, 2019     

App offers alot of Metrics However, the Satellite option to view which Satellites are connected no longer Works - which was the Main option that made this app attractive for Me. Is this option Fixable ?? UPDATE - Satellite option works again at tbis time . Changing To 5 stars Thank You.

R. G. O. 2. Oct 25, 2018     

Just misses the 5\5 score. I have several compass apps that say the same reading. This is the only one that is about -10 to -15 degrees off the mark of magnetic North. This of course is after calibration

Kim. S. Dec 9, 2019     

Wow where do I begin amazing out things I thought I knew I've learned more about my phone I love every feature in this app it's very helpful my screen was messed up and doubled up and down and adjusting the dam and the blue light actually put everything back in perspective quite incredible thank you guys for creating this App. God bless you!! Getting a new phone but still able to check out what is what I this. Thank u thank u THANK YOU!! Kim S. From California USA

The. A. G. Dec 26, 2019     

Incredible, must get the Pro version for even more Awesomeness!!! (as soon as I can afford it.. lol) As a Computer Geek it's everything and then some for getting virtually every bit of info about your Pocket Computer/Phone that's available.

Mic. B. Jan 28, 2020     

I like the user interface, but (on my 2019 version Samsung Android 9 tablet), it needs, and does NOT have, the "close other apps" permission in order for it to serve the main purpose that I downloaded it for.

Gar. H. Oct 28, 2019     

Easy to use and understand . Straightforward UI ..... Too many adds but if I werent such a cheapass I could send a few bucks then life would be great!

pea. m. Oct 14, 2019     

Turned things off and went to leave the app .the phone froze.. shut down restarted .. went in to app again to stop auto start .. tryed to leave app, phone froze. Restarted my phone everything started went to uninstall left to see what " root" is phone froze I see now ALL app are bogus it's the governments phone we rent I remove things it just reinstalls its self thanks for nothing now I'm going to reset the phone to get rid of whatever you may have left in after I uninstalled your lies

Lin. K. Feb 18, 2020     

Great features for a tools app. Really is and would be the only app you would need in that aspect but my phone doesnt support the permissions it requires so not for me.

B33. B. Mar 5, 2020     

I love the unique features of this app! It's so helpful and interesting! granted some locked pay for options would be nice to use if free but I'd make my first play store purchase unlocking these for sure!

Des. h. Mar 16, 2019     

advanced tools huh? i can't delete files in my sd card. it refuses to be formatted or deleted. Advanced Tools should have an option to force delete or force format sd card so it could force delete the files i am desperate to delete. So little to do for an app that claims to be advanced. not even close.

Mic. C. Jun 30, 2021     

I wanted to stop by to say thank you for what you have accomplished. There are those who try, and those that do. Advanced Tools is the Hallmark for digital folders should be. Michael Chussid

Ash. K. Apr 28, 2019     

It is really good app. All the tool are useful and working fine. but I think a dashboard is required in this app with all categories.

Jer. M. Dec 16, 2020     

I have been using this app for a long while off and on and it is one of my favorites it has been a teacher and a pain in the **s but I keep coming back .. guess it's time to up grade to pro?? Problem is I'm not a tech so I wouldn't have the know how to use it thanks guys laters 🐻

Lee. S. Sep 23, 2020     

I uninstalled this for some reason so I can't give it five stars yet I I don't want to negatively impact a company either. I simply rate uninstalled apps I can't recall why a 4. Since have uninstalled something then there is a reason for it but if I don't remember it then I will be completely fair and even kind with a 4. Ratings matter, so does not keeping it. It obviously is not five stars or I would still have it on my phone. I think too many people rate things in haste I try not to do that.

chi. p. Jun 19, 2019     

i cant delete any of the apps im not using tried to delete the frozen apps and it didnt work this app isnt as advanced as it claims to be gives u all this info and u cant even do anything with it to modify the setting and things set by the android

Ver. C. P. J. Mar 29, 2020     

Is the conceptual way to look at the modules in the sense you think or the way they are actually created. Enjoy real time satélite accuracy and realize yourself in your own device how the settings are created to the modulate progressionalism selah.

Hol. W. May 17, 2019     

Love this app! It works works wonderfully! My GPS got hacked and this app here helped me get all the info I needed to fix my phone. Great job developers. Thank you.