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ADW Notifier 2

¿Would you like ADW Launcher 2 to show over your icons how many pending notifications do you have from the apps you want? Just install this plug-in and create your rules in an easy and intuitive way.

Category : Personalization

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Reviews (30)

Lyt. N. Nov 5, 2018     

Please please please fix this app. I really do like ADW Launcher and having this additional app for notification badges is helpful. However, sometimes it's slow to update the count badges or even gives incorrect counts. Another problem is that sometimes despite clearing the notifications in apps, or a notification from a diff app comes in, it triggers those cleared notifications to come back. Please also enable count badges for the normal messages. Thank you so much.

Aub. Feb 16, 2019     

DO NOT UPDATE! Now force closes at launch due to the dev disabling functions or something. This was a fantastic addition to a marvelous launcher. Lets face it badges are not really needed today with Androids built in capabilities but it is a feature that simply feels like an extra layer of polish on the top, one that brought a super shine to the user experiance. For dinosaurs like me lets hope the dev works his/her magic in the near future and puts ADW2 back on top!

Kie. B. Mar 11, 2019     

This was working just fine for me for the longest time, but within the last 2 months it hasn't worked at all. there hasn't been any fixes and nothing on my end has had any effect. Very disappointing, and i think I'll be switching to a different launcher.

Chr. P. Feb 3, 2019     

This used to work great until the most recent update. The developer disabled the app citing some bs about android not allowing it or something. I can get badge counts on other launchers though so why not this one? please fix! I miss my adw but I need this functionality!

Ban. N. Sep 6, 2019     

This app keeps crashing upon launch or opened from ADW launcher settings. Samsung Galaxy S9 on Android 8.0. Also crashes on Android 9.0. Think a zero star rating should be allowed for instances like this!

Deb. P. Apr 8, 2022     

Excellent app, simple and very helpful to keep me informed. Now broken due to Android OS update 🤬 but I have my fingers crossed that it will return!

E. S. Apr 28, 2019     

I just get a notification that says "ADW Notifier 2 keeps stopping" So I can't use any of the notification features in the launcher even though I paid for premium..i paid almost $4.00 to remove those litrle triangles from below the icons. I'm stupid edit: WOW one star reviews since January and it's STILL broken. Do you guys even care as developers to give some kind of update?

Lin. t. Jun 9, 2021     

Crashes: doesn't open in Awd2 launcher. Not even after allowing permission of managing notification over other apps. Google policy change or shortcomings in upgrading this app? We are waiting.

And. M. Feb 23, 2019     

Last update has stopped all notifications working. app itself will not even open. downloaded prior version apk and it work fine.

Ans. J. Sep 20, 2018     

Since Samsung Health updated recently, it's been showing a "?" badge all the time. Would be cool if that got fixed. A system update today by Samsung fixed this... That is until I had to clear ADW Notifier cache.

Mat. B. Jun 3, 2019     

terrible I have to have it for proper functioning of the launcher notifications but it constantly is crashing causing my battery to run down extreamly fast.

A. G. u. Feb 6, 2019     

was working but since you disabled the missed calls and SMS the notifier is crashing regularly,reported this many times to you... still no fix

Ama. W. Oct 11, 2020     

It doesn't even open after installation, it keeps closing and asking to report which I did but with no response so I have to uninstall the launcher itself cause I'm not getting any notification!!!

Dan. G. Jun 13, 2019     

constantly crashing. cant even open the app to set up notifications..total waste.

Ham. P. Sep 17, 2021     

For me it is the best launcher in the play store with so many options like gesture support and fastest. Unfortunately notifier2 is not responding

Rya. H. May 19, 2019     

app used to work then kept crashing. uninstalled it months ago and came back and problem still hasnt been fixed.

Edd. A. Aug 6, 2019     

I just purchased ADW 2 Pro last night, and now I am sorry that I did. And this won't even open at all, it looks like a real piece of junk. I don't even want to give it a 1 star, I can't if it won't open, and it doesn't at all.

Ton. S. Jun 8, 2020     

Working much better. Don't understand the Google policy issue with the phone app, but I can live without it.

Pau. B. Nov 10, 2018     

Works great on my Huawei Mate 10 pro! I'm not sure what all the other bad reviews are about, but this works flawlessly. Keep up the good work!

Sas. H. Dec 28, 2021     

I downloaded this & automatically it started kicking me out saying the app was having issues! Why have these apps if we cant even use them

Jus. D. May 8, 2022     

There's no point to the app if you disable missed calls and sms badges.

eri. s. Mar 10, 2020     

This app does not work and it makes me want to delete the launcher bc I need my notifications. Sent an email and no one has responded

Ben. E. Feb 1, 2021     

This app work fine on some devices i use and also go off on the other hand... You guys should fix this sudden "app stop" whatever.

Goo. B. Mar 20, 2020     

Non functional, constant crashing brought my device to it's knees. Can we update this to work on current phones?

Sco. G. Feb 9, 2019     

the app closes immediately and keeps crashing. basically unusable.

Nov. Oct 21, 2021     

I have the same situation as others, the app doesn't work on latest OS, please update and fix, thanks.

Fel. C. Feb 21, 2020     

Android reports "app keeps crashing" on Android 9. Guess I'll have to live without notification dots...

Ed. L. Jan 22, 2020     

Apparently only one person ever got this to work. Crashes everytime I open it. Uninstalled.

Jef. R. Feb 9, 2019     

Used to be great. Latest update made it totally useless. Constantly crashes.

Jia. Oct 12, 2020     

i hate the fact that you need to waste storage to download a damn spot on your apps that one star gone the second star because is not accurate thing ever