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Airflow Balancing Meter

The first smartphone anemometer specifically designed for the HVAC industry. Automatically measures airflow velocity and calculates airflow volume. Utilizes the ABM-100 airflow meter (available at local HVAC distributors) that plugs into the the headphone jack of most smartphones.

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Reviews (29)

Rad. J. Jul 31, 2017     

Pretty good. I had a rookie trying to work with it, and was not very user friendly for newbies.

Flo. C. Feb 21, 2018     

App doesn't work with the blue WeatherFlow meter anymore.

And. A. Feb 14, 2018     

Program just white screens the phone sam galaxy note s so glad I tried app before getting product

Tie. D. Jun 21, 2017     

Acts like it's going to start then screen goes white. Doesn't work on my Galaxy s4

Mik. C. Apr 7, 2017     

For those of you that have one that turns off or says fail etc. Its probably your jack on your phone. Mine did that and I hated the damn thing until I finally got a new phone then I loved it.

Tod. M. Apr 6, 2017     

It's ok but not as accurate as it should be, you have to enter grill sizes and other variables to get your cfm readings and I believe you shouldn't have to do that especially for what you pay for this little thing.

Jas. S. Aug 14, 2015     

I have a Galaxy Note 4, this device works fine for me. We just installed a new furnace and it has a two stage motor. I wasn't convinced it was working right, but this meter proved it. I took readings with just the 'fan' running, then took another reading after the A/C kicked in - this airflow meter proved the 2nd stage of the motor does push more air.

Ada. S. Nov 20, 2015     

Until they can increase the hardware quality of the device, this is useless. I tried mind on three different devices and got different readings on all of them. I even made sure volume was at 100 %. You get what you pay for

Ant. B. Jul 23, 2015     

Will flutter air speed and volume waaay above actual speed. Stood in a room as a test with wheel sitting stationary, before placing in airflow, and it is all over the map, nowhere near zero!!! Not happy at all. I restarted my phone as said in another review - no change. I should have known by the dollar store plastic encased in rubber: this thing is junk

Osc. F. Aug 26, 2015     

Don't waste your time messing with this crap, it doesn't work! And don't waste your money on this meter, worthless! Tried installing and re-installing over five times and each time it failed. Would have given it negative 5 ⭐s but it didn't let me. Unistalled for good. Returning the meter as well.

Jac. H. Apr 12, 2015     

I had bad luck with this meter. I tried it in 4 different phones using android and apple devices and they all dropped to zero at some point while taking the averaging readings, which makes the readings totally worthless! I called the ABB factory and spoke with Kane, he recommended cleaning the phone jack, which I did on 2 of the phones, and if that didn't work it was defective and return it for a replacement. The seller said they tested mine against a new one and found nothing wrong, but sent me a new one anyway. The new one was worked no different than the previous one as verified by my galaxy s3 phone, and another android that I hadn't tried before, my sons galaxy s5. I also deleted the APP along with the cache and installed a new APP 3 times. The other issue I had was that while measuring air flow, the fpm numbers would jump from 180 fpm to 450 fpm then to 280 fpm. Since I have some experience in commercial air balancing ang using alnor flow meters and hoods, I decided to make an air capture hood from card board, with a 24 x 24 base and tapering to a 12 x 12 opening so that I could have an exact 1 cubic foot of air, and even with an exact area, the numbers were all over the pla

Dan. A. Sep 15, 2015     

App always crashes with nexus updated. I'm also unsure the thing ever measured accuracy

Dan. G. Nov 8, 2016     

Only used it once will not work, sat in its case the hole time I had it

Don. K. Aug 16, 2016     

Use to be good. Hate I wasted any money. Piece of crap. Don't know what they did tried on 5 devices. I do hvac. They took a good idea and good device and ruined it. 😬

Jim. R. Oct 10, 2016     

App is great, I've used it on my iPhone in the past. Recently purchased a galaxy s7 edge and now use this meter on this phone. The headphone jack is located at the bottom of Phone which means I have to have my phone upside down to take measurements. The display does not rotate like it would on my old iPhone. Please fix as this app is clearly a 5 star app!

Mik. H. Dec 3, 2016     

This is terrible. It runs a timer when measuring and the shuts off. I want continuous measuring and I don't want to choose duct work.

Chr. W. May 26, 2016     

I don't know if it would work because the app never opened it keeps on saying it failed

Joe. B. Feb 9, 2017     

Became totaly unusable after update. Will not load. Mega 6.3

Tim. W. Jul 2, 2016     

App keeps shutting down says it failed seems support for this unit is unavailable

A. G. u. Apr 22, 2016     

Have used this device in two different houses so far and it worked great. Keep up the good work with it.

Rob. C. Dec 14, 2015     

Really bad

Art. B. Aug 7, 2015     

Phone doesn't even read it as being connected. I have a Kyocera hydro. Plug it in and the app just keeps saying, no reading would you like to buy one. WTH!! Paid $70 for this thing and I'm really disappointed.

Joh. M. Apr 30, 2015     

I got a call from the developer. Setting all volumes to max and rebooting the phone before using AAB fixed the problem of readings dropping to zero. Apparently background apps can interfere. And does an android app ever really close? Nope. so that's why I now reboot before using AAB.

Edw. S. Mar 17, 2016     

Crashes everytime i open app with or without meter connected

Ale. V. Nov 1, 2016     

So far very accurate very handy to use great tool I recommend it

Joh. M. J. Feb 3, 2016     

I can't get the device to pair with my Galaxie s5

Ld. T. Jul 12, 2016     

Always says there's no meter connected

Fro. P. F. A. Dec 18, 2015     

Keeps stopping and won't let me do anything...I have a Samsung Galaxy S4...is it not compatible... Please inform me...

Ken. B. Apr 17, 2015     

Not enough info to work it