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All Format Video Player (HD)

Plays all Audio and Video Formats no need to download extra plugin /script or font.
No need to have multiple players for different formats,

The player is specifically designed for personalized experience for watching videos and listening to music of all the formats. The realistic control buttons and interface.

Features:VIDEO PLAYERPlays all the video formats smoothly, supports hd, full hd and 4k videos. Supported formats: .3g2 .3gp .3gp2 .3gpp .amv .asf .avi .divx .drc .dv .f4v .flv .gvi .gxf .ismv .iso .m1v .m2v .m2v .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp2 .mp2v .mp4 .mp4v .mpe .mpeg .mpeg1 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg .mpv2 .mts .mtv .mxf .mxg .nut .nuv .ogm .ogv .ogx .ps .rec .rm .rmvb .tod .ts .tts .vob .vro .webm .wm .wmv .wtv .xescAUDIO PLAYERPlays all the audio formats, enjoy the best music experience.Supported formats:.3ga .a52 .aac .ac3 .adt .adts .aif .aifc .aiff .amr .aob .ape .awb .caf .dts .flac .it .m4a .m4b .mid .mka .mlp .mod .mpa .mp1 .mp2 .mp3 .mpc .mpga .oga .ogg .oma .opus .ra .ram .rmi .s3m .spx .tta .voc .vqf .w64 .wav .wma .wv .xa .xm

COOL INTERFACERealistic control buttons and color combinations

ADVANCED CONTROLSAdjust play speed, adjust audio delay, audio tracks, subtitle delay.

10 Band EQUALIZERFor personalized audio and video experience.

BROWSE FILESBrowse files and folders in storage, hide from library.

GESTURE CONTROLSSwipe controls for volume, brightness and seeking.

1 TAP CONTROLSFor Mute/Unmute, Day/Night Mode, and Screen Orientation.

SUBTITLESEnjoy videos with subtitles, adjust speed, delay etc.Supported Formats:.idx .sub .srt .ssa .ass .smi .utf .utf8 .utf-8 .rt .aqt .txt .usf .jss .cdg .psb .mpsub .mp12 .pjs .dks .stl .vtt PLAYLISTImport / Export playlists, enjoy personalized music experience.Supported formats..m3u .asx .b4s .pls .xspf

Support us with your positive comments and feedback.

__________________Please note: This Version is for High-end phones.If you experience any lag or slow processing,please download our MKV Media Player, it also plays all video and audio formats.

Category : Video Players & Editors

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Reviews (28)

Jth. B. Jun 3, 2017     

Its almost there. 3 issues to fix and its top flight. 1. More robust network browser. Scans network but only checks root level of network drives. 2. A&B or loop function. This is the missing link feature-wise, imo. 3. Overall stability. Some crashes, also, sort of selective which videos it will play. I dont expect 100% of videos to play, but im hoping it will eventually get closer than it is.

Sky. W. Mar 25, 2017     

Pretty bad. Its good to play video formats your phone can't play. Otherwise you will lose your spot in a movie when you switch applications, the progress bar freezes eliminating your ability to see which point you are at in the movie, o ce it freezes you can't fast forward or rewi d without reverting to the frozen point perhaps a whole 20 min ago. Pretty bad.

gdn. m. Mar 19, 2017     

It was very happy to using this app.. For me a small problem i'm facing can u add Hollywood movies online subtitles feature to download subtitles automatically like mxplayer and add some themes like premium look remaining it was a fantastic player.. Guys just go for it.. It is better than mx player

Bia. Oct 30, 2017     

I used this on my S7 and S8 and it worked great. It became my default video player on each. Unfortunately it doesn't work well with my Note 8. The app freezes each time I try to launch it. I'm still giving 5 stars as no app works perfectly with every phone and this one did with the majority of mine and did it very well

Cra. J. Nov 12, 2017     

Love this player, have had no issues with it, when streaming from a remote server, using X-Plore. Usingvthe two in conjunction with each other makes for a seamless streamin experience. For a free app, this is just perfect for my needs and I recommend this to anybody, who wants a movie player on the go. 5 stars, because, as I said....no issues and great streaming properties - at the time of writing! So, a word to the devs, please don't break this app with unnecessary updates. As the saying goes; if it ain't broke, don't fix it :)

jna. m. Dec 15, 2017     

it's a super app. I like verry much colour is nice and easy to operate. only thing above 30 mb we cannot send vedios or files that's it. vedio clarity is superb super attractive screen etc.....ok thank u sir.

Chr. L. Jul 2, 2017     

could not get it to work. ES player worked, 3 stars because of the design and features but it may be too resource intense for my RockChip 3368 Octo Core 64bit 1.3 ghz; 2 Gb Ram Android 5.1

ભીમ. અ. Dec 27, 2017     

Very happy feelings and fully satisfied with the application. It does what it said. Love this app. Even DVD video vob files are playing very smoothly. Happy.. happy..

RUS. B. Apr 14, 2017     

Not working good.. Media Library not showing any files. After searching all storage. It shows scanning files but still not showing files.

And. S. Jun 13, 2017     

App is bulky and ads are intrusive let alone the fact that this "all formats video player" doesn't play all fornats. It is most certainly not the "1 player for all video and music" that is needed. It doesn't work as advertised. You get what you pay for and this is free if you know what I mean.

Amo. M. Jun 11, 2017     

Was just looking for an app that could play flv format when I found this piece of beauty. There are comments here about it being "full of ads". That's rubbish. It's one ad space at the bottom. Please guys, let's appreciate that this is FREE and they need to make money somehow. Thanks, team

Bla. S. Apr 28, 2017     

Not even VLC was playing my videos but this application played them all, excellent application and it does not give me problems either.

And. L. Apr 20, 2017     

So far no good. Doesn't want to play anything I've recorded on my phone. If i payed for this want my $ back

Ste. W. Jul 17, 2017     

4.8 stars from me! Good interface, great quality, play speed as rotation of video capable. Zoom - limited to center of frame, but ok, light adjustment... all the features that SHOULD be there are in this simple interface. Only real con, every pause places a banner ad in the center of your view and you can't hit the "X" w/o activating the ad. ** BUT the ad does disappear while you're watching,** so, as long as you don't need to pause and inspect the movie, you're great! It did play every video file I had... even those that VLC and native apps wouldn't or would say are corrupted... on those files, it simply would throw an error/ alert saying the file is not seekable or some word like that... it's not able to move/ seek forward or back in time... but it still plays!

Jer. M. May 11, 2017     

I'm not too familiar with this app but I started to like it when it can play videos with sound whilst the video player of my phone can't.. I Like this app..

Oli. A. May 29, 2017     

This is not only a good player, is the best player ever seen and their ad strategies is not disturbing at ll. Only what I will ask at the next update (again from this time I made this comment), is to put a working "Rewiner and Next" button to it.

Lar. P. Oct 12, 2017     

It's a very good app considering what I need it for even though I'm not an high-powered user. I like it very much and haven't had any issues with it all.

Dar. Z. Oct 29, 2017     

Very useful app, will play videos recorded with my drone. Other apps would not. Very happy user here.

Kei. M. Apr 14, 2017     

Came in handy. My standard player didn't support all file type like this one. Made my trip way better

mis. Dec 1, 2017     

I always read comments and check if what they are saying is true. But when I DL this app to my suprise. This is the best player I have encountered. My kudos to all the reviewers you are all correct. I LOVE THIS APP.

Sar. C. May 16, 2017     

It is really able to run all audio as well as video formats, but just needed some more attractive in app design

Mar. I. Apr 20, 2017     

Just another VLC copy with different UI(User Interface) wouldnt recommend downloading/buyiny it since it have advertisements and VLC dont.

Mas. A. B. May 29, 2017     

In fact it's a vigorous video player that overcomes on all the media types, the weakness point is which it sometimes hangs to count the timeline.

Jim. Sep 17, 2017     

What a nice apps. It can play a video copy from dvd, that cant play to other apps.but there something need to fix this app.

Ton. V. Feb 2, 2018     

Love the pinch out for aspect ratio. I love how it stay there in each change. Grey side bars instead of black is distracting.

Dav. F. Jun 13, 2017     

I needed to play an obscure .caf audio file, this did it. The only issue is that when in audio and video modes, the back button does not go home, it exits the application. There needs to be a home link in the context menu or in the hamburger menu.

Tra. D. Mar 29, 2017     

So far it beats the video player that came on my s5. The weird purple korean one that evryone complains about

BBJ. J. Mar 26, 2017     

LOVED IT Appreciated application for various​ audio video formats. I can just say "SAARE PLAYERS KA BAAP HAI "