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Anonymous Face Mask 2

Meet the second version of your favorite application! You are waiting for new masks, new effects and more. Face Mask 2 - the best free application for masking your photos! With the Face Mask app you can look like a famous character or superstar.

Face Mask 2 is very easy to use:
1. Make a new photo or select one from your gallery that you want to mask.
2. Choose the fun Face Mask 2 stickers you want to add to your photo.
3. Share your photos with friends and family on social networks.
4. Mask your friends' photos!

Category : Photography

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Reviews (24)

Dan. D. Apr 29, 2022     

Ads,ads,ads...when you do anything you gotta watch ads.Simple task of applying the mask and maybe adding a filter shouldn't take over 10mins but it does. You can't quickly do anything with this app because you gotta watch full ads between every button you push.. Frustrating experience.

Ken. C. Nov 28, 2021     

100% scam. Select no adds and it still forces add on you every step of the way. Load app 45 second add with no option to cancel. Take picture another 45 second add. Chose Anonymous face yea you get it another 45 second add. He'll I would hate to know what would have been the outcome had I chosen adds. Forget this trash just buy a mask job done. The real Anonymous group would have something to say about this, maybe they will when they get to check it out.

Aar. Y. Aug 9, 2021     

Its absolutely junk anything you do starts an ad even if its just going between apps and half of it doesnt work i will be reporting it don't download this is just adware junk that serves no purpose but too show you ad after ad after ad

Mah. N. Dec 2, 2021     

Waste of time! I understand that adds are important but adds for every click????

ExP. L. Jul 24, 2021     

ALways ads and fix it up because when i put it on ny face and put the magic wabd tgis on i couldnt leave so add and x thanks bye

Mac. T. f. c. Nov 9, 2021     

The application doesn't work at all

Azi. S. Jan 13, 2022     

This is junk not GOREGUES i gonna give this a 1 star you know why its just such a waste of time

lil. s. Apr 2, 2021     

when your playing on laptop u cant do nothing when the add ends its just not my type

حسا. ا. Dec 12, 2019     

Well, this app DOESN'T detect your face. You place everything

Ala. A. 2. Feb 7, 2022     

i take one start i dowl this i dowl 100 soc long day i not like this agian this s dowl so long agian i see my dowl 1 day i see 23 agian agian u can not dowl this a long 23 soc no no Πaxo3n i dowl no more this game s boring 23 soc

sme. s. Oct 5, 2021     

Fun and easy

Raj. R. Mar 13, 2021     

This app is very very good and super Install now

Fel. M. R. Apr 5, 2020     

You can make pictures on this game and uploading videos

Moh. K. Oct 26, 2019     

Very nice application bro

A.z. G. Mar 31, 2020     

Very very nice application big bro

Sam. T. Jul 6, 2020     

Its really amazing

Shi. R. May 14, 2020     

worst app in the world

Ama. G. Sep 21, 2021     

This is a good app

Mei. U. Apr 26, 2020     

This game is awesome

Mar. M. Dec 24, 2019     

You can see the difference from the hood and mask

Jat. J. Apr 21, 2020     

It is very good

Yas. W. Jan 20, 2021     

The app is for mad humans

Car. S. Oct 1, 2021     

Not What You would expect :-[

MOK. s. Apr 20, 2021     

Don't waste your time