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AO Surgery Reference

Gain easy acess to the award-winning AO Surgery Reference. AO Surgery Reference is an online repository for surgical knowledge. It describes the complete surgical management process from diagnosis to aftercare for all fractures of a given anatomical region, and also assembles relevant material that the AO has published before. It gives access to:

* Hundreds of surgical procedures and approaches
* Surgical decision making made easy with literature evaluated and prepared for quick reference
* Hundreds of pages of previously published AO material

The idea behind this service is the realization that reference in daily clinical life is often difficult. Frequently, there is little time during a hospital day to consult books or journals, or even to perform a literature search in order to gather evidence for a decision. The AO Surgery Reference allows surgeons to access much of the body of surgical knowledge for reference purposes during their clinical work.

You might also want to visit the full-featured web-based version of AO Surgery Refence at www.aosurgery.org.

Category : Medical

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Reviews (27)

Ini. P. Mar 1, 2020     

The app was great initially. I'm giving it a single star since it has not been functioning for about a month and nothing has been done about it. Kindly remove the app if you guys aren't planning on doing something about to fix the issue.

Car. A. S. M. V. M. Feb 25, 2022     

The app is failing again, is impossible enter in the trauma module and the pics and ilustration doest load, there is a error's message, a great incovenient for orthoapedic surgeons that had liked this tool

Moh. R. Jun 15, 2021     

This app is just so frustrating after the recent updates.Kudos to the developers to turn a great app into a utterly useless waste of data and time. I have been using the app from 2013 till 2020 and it has helped me immensely in my young orthopaedic career. The latest updates have made the app unusable.The app never opens and even if it does somehow it crashes midway.Dont know why AO isn't addressing this problem which been there for more than a year now.So much for the Swiss efficiency a/w AO!

Abd. A. May 23, 2021     

What a shame it used to be a great App now it doesn't work and it's so frustrating because the old App was excellent and it was working for very long time ....come on AO get this sorted please 🙏

And. I. Oct 31, 2021     

EDIT: The app is working again. Thank you for the promt reaction. This is a great resource for Orthopedic/Trauma Surgery.

Kin. T. &. G. Sep 18, 2021     

App is not working showing blank page or page written error app and site both not working even javascript is on what is the solution for that its totally disappointing make a solution for that ASAP.

Oam. O. Mar 31, 2021     

After last update, application is not working. A blank page is displayed. Is it possible to fix the problem?

Dr. A. S. May 12, 2020     

We need this app back...please give me a single reason why we cant use this app in mobile...its web interface is too poor...i am addicted to app...please restart app...please

Ami. S. Apr 5, 2022     

Unable to open app. Just says You Blocked!

man. k. Apr 1, 2022     

All of the sudden the app says you are blocked , don't know the reason for this

Raj. P. Mar 3, 2020     

Great app. A must for all orthopaedic surgeons. Use it everytime before you treat a fracture.

1. 1. Jun 5, 2020     

It's such a good aap. AO should restore it. The web interface is not friendly at all. If some on here from AO . Do review this demand.

Sal. H. Sep 10, 2021     

I'm using App not the web browser. Old version back please. It's not loading.

Dr. S. D. Mar 2, 2021     

app stopped working after update.... everything is just white background it was awesome earlier

Sag. J. Nov 8, 2021     

The previous app was excellent to handle It was so easy and fast to use The new app is so cumbersome to open , to use ....

Dr. A. m. Jan 11, 2021     

App is not working from last few days but website is working I uninstalled and reinstalled but not helping

sav. s. Sep 17, 2018     

Useful for all those who love to be a part of orthopedics trauma.

ran. r. Nov 16, 2018     

The app is very helpful but it is hanging in between.slower.

Riz. A. Jan 4, 2020     

App have error. It backs again and again widhin seconds

Dr. R. R. S. Nov 14, 2018     

Excellent resource for Orthopaedic surgeons with extraordinary design and content

tai. k. Aug 15, 2020     

Bring back the old AO app. Also why would anyone think bundling up human orthopaedics with veterinary in a single app is a good idea?

Róg. E. C. L. M. Mar 13, 2022     

It's an excellent reference trauma app!!

Fay. N. Feb 26, 2021     

New update is very very bad and don't deserve any star.... A big institute like AO can't make good App..you are joking

Dr. m. A. Feb 6, 2020     

App not working, i think app may be withdrawn

Roh. P. Jan 7, 2020     

The best ever app for orthopaedician, specially trauma cases

HAR. P. Feb 27, 2021     

The app is not opening beyond module at all Worst app ever Ao needs to improve it so that surgeons like us don't suffer

jac. k. Oct 29, 2020     

Kindly bring back the older version.