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Backup Text for Kik [root]

Backup Text for Kik allows you to export your Kik Messenger messages to Plain Text and CSV file formats and yes, those files can be read in your phone or computer! Your exported files can be saved on your phone's SD card. It is fast and easy to backup your Kik messages!
♥♥ Backup Text for Kik requires root to load the Kik chat database!!

★ Features:
* Filter by chat

* Filter by date

* Filter by message type

* Sorting messages

* Export to Normal plain text (*.txt)

* Export to CSV, comma-separated values (*.csv)

* Selectable date and time format

* Support Unicode UTF-8 encoding with/without BOM

* Support Windows, Unix, Mac plain text new line format

♥ Backup Text for Kik and SMS to Text share same file format, those exported Kik messages can be restored to your phone as SMS using SMS to Text

♥ We improve Backup Text for Kik continually according to users feedback, release new features and bug fix.If you need help, please don't comment on Google Play only as I can't reach you directly from Google Play.

♥ If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please contact us at:[email protected]://www.facebook.com/BackupTextForKik

☆☆☆☆☆If you like this app, just RATE high and spread Backup Text for Kik to support us. Thanks!

Kik is a trademark of Kik Interactive, Inc.

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Reviews (30)

Chr. N. Aug 10, 2017     

You CAN get this app to work, but you have to copy and rename your Kik database. This app works for an older version of Kik. To get this to work on the newest Kik, use a rooted file manager, goto /data/data/kik.android/databases and copy your Kik database. It will have a name with a bunch of letters and numbers, then "kikdatabase.db" at the end. Go back one folder level so you can paste that file and rename it (DO NOT just rename the orig file, Kik will stop working). Paste the copy of the file and rename it to "kikdatabase.db" removing all the random numbers and letters. Cut and paste that file back in /data/data/kik.android/databases and open this app. Click on the line that "reads" your Kik database and it will work. You'll have to redo this process to backup any new messages you get later, but it works 100% if you follow these instructions.

A. G. u. Feb 22, 2019     

Doesn't work on Android 07

Jac. B. Feb 1, 2018     

Please fix the app!

Sah. J. Apr 23, 2018     

Ir want a fuqing root

Eug. C. Oct 10, 2016     

I've used the app in the past and it's worked beautifully. However with a kik update adding extra information to a filename, the app no longer functions as intended. This can be fixed manually by making a copy of your ###.kikdatabase.db and rename it without the ###. into the same folder.

rya. s. Nov 28, 2014     

Is there any way you could make a free version or do it without the app ? Can I backup messages and restore them on a difderent, new account ? kik doesn't store it online and messages can be lost easy. Where are they saved on android ? The price is good but if I wanted just one app I would have to buy 15 dollar card

Sie. E. Oct 29, 2014     

I wish to god u guys would add an automatic backup or something, it is the only thing missing.. Also the actual backup itself could be a little bit more easier to read but otherwise it's great

ChE. 2. Jan 9, 2016     

This doesn't let me do it in the Samsung Galaxy s5 at all I don't know what to do n it said that it unavailable for the Kik username

DBG. B. Jan 5, 2016     

It can't find the root and just sits there doing nothing.

Moh. Y. Sep 3, 2014     

I love this app! It backs up all my messages in my inbox perfectly. Nothing complicated to it at all. Just make sure you have your phone rooted and that you have a file browser like Root browser

Jud. Nov 30, 2015     

The latest Kik update on 11/24 broke this app. Now it can't find Kik database! Reverted to an older version of Kik and it works again...please fix to get your 5 stars back...thanks

Apr. N. Dec 10, 2014     

Cant get the messages back.I did everything.it says it worked but I cannot find it.

Lez. D. Nov 11, 2014     

Worked great on my phone. Got an epic Kik conversation exported which I can now keep forever. Thanks!

Nic. S. Dec 10, 2015     

The App worked for a good while. Then I noticed that the amount of messages have been the same when I go to backup. So I reinstalled the App and now can't get the database.

Chr. S. G. Nov 26, 2015     

It opens up and says "requesting root to access Kik database" and the circle spins infinitely and i never get passed that spinning circle

Bii. Dec 17, 2015     

Only 3 apps for kik back up that don't work

Bub. B. Dec 30, 2015     

It used to work flawlessly, did exactly what I wanted(granted the format/syntax was kinda dumb) and recently stopped working, I'm guessing it was due to a Kik update.

Qua. W. Aug 11, 2015     

I Don't Know Where To What To Do This App Aint Work For Nothing

Mon. L. Dec 6, 2015     

No longer works after latest Kik update.... reverted to an older version, and all is well

C. S. Feb 11, 2016     

Despite having root AND giving this app root access, all I get it 'Kik database unavailable or no root access'

Dav. B. Oct 14, 2014     

Great tool if your phone is rooted (mine is)

A. M. Dec 8, 2015     

Used to work perfectly. Now it can't find my Kik databases

Din. N. Aug 20, 2014     

I think I need backup to HTML option. App working 100% good

JaK. H. Jul 21, 2016     

I have root it wont work

Tha. Apr 13, 2015     

Would be great if it could save logs automatically.

min. Jun 3, 2015     

I am a bit to late with using it but i like the app its perfect

Kai. M. Feb 1, 2015     

But can anybody someone please explain to me what it means to have it rooted in your phone

Lis. R. Sep 15, 2014     

Doesn't find chats, so won't export them.

Tai. G. Apr 4, 2016     

Out of date, doesn't work

Ben. B. May 24, 2016     

It can't find any of my messages