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Beyond Teaching- Social, Education & Teacher app

Beyond Teaching is a free app to help teachers learn and grow anytime, anywhere at zero cost.

There are 68 million teachers in world, or at least that’s how many the world needs. We’re here to help each & every teacher around the world. To read better, learn better & grow faster.

We believe that teachers matter, and their development is the only hope in solving the problems of world education. If doctors have access to networking opportunities and research on what's latest in medicine, why isn't it the same for a teacher?

Beyond Teaching is one destination for all teachers, tutors & educators from schools/colleges/universities & academic institutions. As this app offers multiple reading articles on all related topics about teaching strategies, learning & classroom teaching. Also, teachers get latest news about teacher recruitments & teaching jobs.

The Beyond Teaching App is a platform where every teacher from anywhere this world can access high quality content to learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost using their smart phone. With this app you can connect with multicultural, multinational & global community of teachers. You can read or share their articles about innovative teaching with your fellow team workers.

What does Beyond Teaching app offers:

We share Education News
Connect to other Teachers Globally
Write your own blogs
Profiling for better job opportunities
Bookmark or share your favorite articles

So, folks what are you waiting for? Login and Update your profile. Get notified about recent stories.

We’d love to hear what you think about Beyond Teaching. Connect to us at http://www.beyondteaching.com/

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Reviews (29)

A. G. u. Oct 28, 2018     

The app is broken, doesn't let you sign up with fb or google even though it says it does, and then when you try to make a manual account they attempt to collect info they have no business collecting.

Vai. C. Nov 5, 2018     

This application is very helpful. I also get the notifications for all the new articles. I really like this app. It's really helpful for teachers.

Rah. A. Dec 3, 2018     

Very Innovative

K. H. Aug 14, 2018     

This app asked for all of my personal info but would never apply it to my account. I wrote 3 blogs but none of them would save. The app stopped working each time I tried to publish

mah. m. Jul 14, 2018     

Awesome app. Easy to use. Get all education related latest news at one place.

San. C. Aug 27, 2018     

Why did you deleted Previous data I had work here

Vee. P. Jul 16, 2018     

Good app. Useful for students and teachers

Sha. K. Jul 15, 2018     

Nice App,Most helpful for teachers

Dig. P. Jul 14, 2018     

Awesome app for teachers. Must try

Raj. M. Jul 17, 2018     

So far it's a best app for study support

sum. r. Jul 16, 2018     

Nice App. I love this as i used this...Good job. keep going...👍

Sou. S. Jul 16, 2018     

Nice app for news

RAJ. K. Jul 14, 2018     

Design are nice in the app

Arz. H. Jul 6, 2018     

Visually, technically I have not seen any app like this which delivers so much information for students. Great going.

ARU. K. Jul 6, 2018     

I like this app for easy use, news related to higher education are unique and useful for researchers.

A. G. u. Jul 6, 2018     

Great app for teachers, must have for educators. I loved specially the social network feature for teachers

khu. g. Jul 6, 2018     

It's a grt app for teachers as well as for students. Easy to use too.

Pre. Y. Jul 7, 2018     

A good knowledge app. Very useful and update us with the current news.

ABH. K. Jul 4, 2018     

Like this app for its functionality and uniqueness. Definitely recommend it to every student and teacher.

APO. Jul 13, 2018     

Nice app nice educational news keep it up guys!

Rim. F. Jul 6, 2018     

It is a perfect blend of teaching and technology. If you are looking for next generation teaching......then go for it.....i just loved it

Run. S. Jul 6, 2018     

Great app for teacher's as well as for students.

A. G. u. Jul 14, 2018     

App is giving a lot of information about teachers. I like it.

Ric. M. May 17, 2018     

If you could add gk news updates, it would be more useful for the users.

Sun. G. Mar 23, 2018     

Nice & user friendly app, Liked the quality.

Nee. T. Mar 20, 2018     

Useful and easy to use. Highly recommended for educators.

Vis. K. Mar 21, 2018     

Nice. Articles are interesting.

Vin. K. M. Mar 21, 2018     

I like this app because you can read useful parenting tips from here. Good initiative.

Ani. K. T. Mar 21, 2018     

Loved the categorization of news and animations