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30 Day Bible Study is committed to provide a more simple and efficient way to study the Bible. As long as you follow the study plan we carefully selected for you - 5 minutes a day for 30 days, you’ll see great progress for yourself!

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Reviews (25)

DD. a. B. May 27, 2020     

I don't know what happened but I paid for a subscription, and now I can't log in anymore to get to content I already had saved. Also I don't see any tak way to contact them I just sent an email through there feedback button. I was enjoying the app until this happened. I want the rest of subscription refunded if can't fix I paid for the year so I should be able to access the content. They fix that I'll change my rating back.

A. G. u. Dec 14, 2018     

This is a Great App! I really enjoy it except for the reminder. I turned it off and finished the study, but it continues to remind me to read it at least 20 times a day! It Stalks me! If you download this app, Never turn on the reminders because you will regret it! I'm hoping deleting & reinstalling will fix it.

A. G. u. Jan 30, 2019     

Pure, unaltered whole word of God. I enjoy starting my day with meditation. Then I go straight to the daily word. I have begun my journey through the Bible and the tracker helps me keep up with my progress. I am able to mark specific passages to review again. Easy to use, Love it. This word is changing my outlook on life and helping me to renew my spirit. Thank you for this effective tool.

A. G. u. Jun 1, 2019     

I've only just installed this App but I believe it's going to be a great addition to my life. I love that it offers reminders, meditations, audio, study plans, highlights and so much more all in one place. I quickly decided it was worth paying for the yearly subscription. I'm so excited, thank you to the developers, God Bless you

A. G. u. Nov 4, 2018     

This app is great for someone like me who's busy with work & wiped out afterwards. Picking up the bible SHOULD NOT but, does feel like a chore. It's convenient to get into the word by simply picking my phone up & just listening while I meditate on the scripture. I love it!

Joh. P. F. May 13, 2020     

I enjoy using this application especially when reading books in the bible in order. I just want to comment simple error that I noticed everytime I shift from one book to another and click "Mark as Read". For example, when I finished 2 Samuel 24 and click "Mark as Read", then it says "1 King 24 Completed" instead of "2 Samuel 24 Completed". I always encounter this since shifting from genesis to exodus. But overall, I love this app. Thank you.

A. G. u. Mar 22, 2020     

This is a good app for study your Bible however I would like if I'm able to login to receive my synced progress... It is not very good for users if they're not able to login to recover their study progress (which is what I am facing now). Do for now it's a 3 until they fix the "login failed" issue.

A. G. u. Dec 19, 2019     

I like the app. Just wish I could change the voice to something else. Update 12/19/2019: Moved app to new phone and the synthesized voice went from OK to terrible. Wish there was a way to pick something different. Down graded to three stars.

A. G. u. Nov 20, 2019     

It's a really good app and helps me stay focused, I'm not downrating it just for downrating sakes, but since I reinstalled after resetting my phone, I don't know if it's an update but is it possible that the verse meditations could be switched back to verse of the day in settings or something? I used to read their verse of the days etc. I would just like to know though. 😊

A. G. u. Mar 26, 2020     

Love the Bible app, it helps me stay consistent in reading daily as it is mobile. I am however facing difficulties in downloading other versions eg. YOUTH version or even better if there was a NIV available that would be great and easier to comprehend.

A. G. u. Jan 7, 2020     

I really enjoy this unique bible study app. This app has alot of features that are extremely easy to use. They also have meditations with on god our heavenly father. The only thing I am not to happy with is the fact that you are limited to the teachings. I am trying to understand why you charge a monthly fee instead of doing Gods purpose for free.. I feel it is wrong to charge people to learn and become one with christ....

A. G. u. Apr 13, 2019     

I like the 5 day themed studies, and there seems to be a significant number of themes to choose from. Every day's study is anchored in a verse which is good. I wish the daily "verse meditation" had the address of the verse though since some of them are meaningless without context. Like today's meditation was "You give them something to eat". What is that supposed to mean?

A. G. u. Feb 1, 2019     

it'll really help you grow spiritually and if you have strong faith in God, He talks to you through word. people who are waiting for listening God's voice it'll help to know his will in some way... and app also have so many different areas where you can join plans and understand word easily... thanks.. God bless you all. (anyhow reading Bible is important, pure, powerful, but this app isn't bad... u can use at any time) ❤

A. G. u. Jan 15, 2019     

Love this app and the reminders! One suggestion would be to be able to read it in different bible versions and language to help some of us better understand the words that are use on the version currently running on.

A. G. u. Jun 7, 2019     

This is a great app bt it is a shame that now you have to pay for it. I had it on my other phone which was damage and to install it my new phone it will cost like around $30. There arw other Bible apps with stude guides that are free. Before installing this one I would suggest down loading one of them. There study guides are just as good if not better.

A. G. u. Jan 12, 2019     

i think the app is easy to use and I love that you progress through chapters. im not as overwhelmed with where to start or how much to read. im determined to read His word and i think this app is helping.

Cry. E. May 29, 2022     

I DIDN'T GET WHAT I PAID FOR I paid for a subscription and I can't log in or get a plan. There are currently no updates, but I can't do anything. This is false advertising because you asking people to pay for something that they are not getting. I'm very disappointed.

A. G. u. Oct 10, 2018     

So far I really like it. I like that it has morning and evening devotionals for every day of the year. I also like the plans. The quizzes are kinda neat except for the fact that you have to pay to really get into playing.

Mar. M. Jul 24, 2020     

My reading of God's Word is encouraging and strengthen the spirit and soul. His Word makes my days go by easier because I know God is with me daily taking me through and by His strength and grace, I can make it throughout my day. If it wasn't for Jesus' Word, I would not be able to make it. So all praises, honor, and glory goes to Him! My Lord and Savior!!!

Dor. D. Dec 2, 2020     

I like the app however it has some great plans when you try to join a plan all it does is turn never connect I have tried to join all of them at some point but nothing happens it is very disappointing.

A. G. u. Feb 6, 2019     

love the app and use it quite often. the only reason i give it 4 stars is because of the ads that pop up especially when i open it. i just want the read God's word......not view an ad first.

Lin. A. B. May 17, 2020     

I have been using this app for several months now. I really liked it at first, except for all the ads. Now, after completing a lot of books in the Bible, it decided not to tell me how many chapters I have completed! This is so frustrating. Actually it says I have read 0, even though I have spent over 3,300 minutes! It used to tell me what % of the Bible I had read, now nothing! What do I do to get this fearure back??? Dont know how to rate.

A. G. u. Oct 24, 2018     

Just got the app. My complaint is for those who have harsh reports. It's ok to say you are having trouble with this app, but to slander is against Gods anointed is slandering God. However if there's a problem with the app, a peaceful describe, or make a suggestion (if) you know of a solution. Yes, we really don't like the ads. But that's why it's free. My suggestion is this. If the developer could get backing from Godly companies that would have Godly products, than the ads wouldn't be so offensive or as many. Thanks for your hard work to bring us the Word of God. God Bless !!!

A. G. u. Nov 29, 2019     

The audio devotionals stopped working. This was my favourite thing about this app. I uninstalled it because that feature no longer works. Please fix this and the app would be AMAZING!

A. G. u. Jan 16, 2020     

I like having the app read aloud to me, I fall asleep at night listening to the word of God and it lulls me to sleep. Also makes reading the Bible easier and conveinent no matter where I am. Should of done this years ago!