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Blackboard Instructor

Blackboard Instructor helps those in teaching roles manage their courses, easily communicate with learners and quickly complete administrative tasks.

With Blackboard Instructor, you can:
• Quickly preview content and assessments
• Send course announcements
• Create discussion board threads and reply to comments

We love feedback! If you have any questions or comments use the in-app feedback tool to help improve Blackboard Instructor.

Note: Blackboard Instructor functions as a collaborative tool between our app software and your institution's Blackboard Learn server. Access must be enabled by your institution. Features and functionality may at times be limited if your institution has not updated the appropriate software or experiences server outages.

Downloading or using this app indicates consent to the terms and privacy information at http://www.blackboard.com/footer/terms-of-use.aspx.

Category : Education

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Reviews (28)

Mis. L. Mar 26, 2022     

It's very convenient to have BB on the go allowing me to remind, connect and add to course content in real time. User friendliness can be updated with showing tips about things visible on current screens. For instance I would have never known that the 3 dots in upper right corner indicated an attachment while using Android device.

Eri. G. May 3, 2022     

This app is useless to me. All I want to do is view my gradebook, I cannot. I have quizzes for my students - they are only accessible via the web.

Con. A. Apr 30, 2022     

The app was better before the recent update to ultra view. Now I no longer receive notifications to my device eventhough all my settings are set appropriately.

Jen. Y. Apr 3, 2022     

Too many links take you to the web version which is NOT mobile friendly. I cant scroll the gradebook in the web version if on my phone. Why do I need mobile if half my work needs to accessed via the web version.

Bra. G. Apr 27, 2022     

January 2022: Terrible loading & sign in issues. There is always 'a problem on their side'.. 4.27.2022 update: It's even worse now..

Ale. M. Sep 22, 2019     

Great improvement over BbGrader app. I use it lot. However, I would like to be able to reply to the Course Messages easier. Too many clicks. I'd also like to be able to copy and paste to the text editor. I can't Ctrl V from my mobile device. Overall, I like it but still needs a few things.

Jos. R. May 30, 2019     

As an interface for instructors to access our classes, this is terrible. Even something as basic as checking messages doesn't work, as I end up starting at a blank white screen rather than my class inbox. Why not develop this to make accessing the tools instructors actually need and use, like messages, attendance, and so on? Having to open a browser from the app to access these tools is ridiculous.

Kel. V. May 16, 2022     

I can't access the course content and discussions now. Please fix this.

Ste. E. Aug 31, 2021     

Barely functional. UI is scrambled, menus overlap. Documents don't open. Wiki page will not display the full width of the page, with no horizontal scrolling option. Announcements do not post. You're better off just using Blackboard from your browser, this is essentially a worthless app.

Nas. F. Jan 23, 2022     

The application is user-friendly. However the interface does not look like that of an academic app.

Ed. D. Jan 20, 2022     

T&is app keeps assignments organized and makes them easy to grade with a stylus. You can post graded assignments whenever you want, as opposed to grades being automatically posted immediately after each assignment has been graded.

Joe. E. Apr 30, 2020     

Useful, but not yet perfect. Its useful for checking which students have or have not submitted an assignment. If your class uses discussion boards, the app is good for reading and replying to those (though the nested replies are difficult to follow in the app, which treats nested threads like menus). I really wish I could grade tests and other assessments in the app, but hopefully that will come eventually.

Tay. H. Aug 8, 2019     

This app is completely useless. I keep coming back to it hoping that there has been an improvement in usability, but it is still just a shell of what it could be. No option to view grades or grade items...it is almost as though you were looking at the app in student view. All of the material is there, but you can only view it. It's a waste of time and a waste of space on my phone.

Mar. K. Jun 15, 2020     

The app us working well again (on one update I had issues with heading but that seems fixed). I love announcements functionality and the assignment grading functionality. This would be a 5 star app if you could grade discussions in the app. Very annoying I have to grade them separately.

hae. a. Nov 22, 2021     

It's a solid app, could use a lot more functionality but adding the ability to upload documents and view PDFs/ppts and so on. It's solid for a very basic access app, but it could be so much more useful with some minor adjustments.

A. F. S. May 13, 2020     

Very easy to use and accessible. The Discussion boards are a little cumbersome to use - would be nice if fewer threads (at the moment you can reply to a reply to a reply ad infinitum) were possible since discussions go off on tangents and it becomes difficult to navigate back to the original post or keep to the topic.

Sha. D. Oct 2, 2019     

Updated - after the Oct 2nd release the ability to create an announcement and email students still doesn't work.. Making the app pretty much 100 percent useless. If there could be zero stars as a rating I would give it. 😡😡😡 It was somewhat useful to post announcements and email to students. Now that feature doesn't work at all. 😡😡😡

A. G. u. Jan 7, 2019     

Terrible app. I thought all the negative comments were hyperbole. I was mistaken. Can't modify the courses shown on the main screen, can't grade, can't add announcements, can't utilize discussion board, my goodness... What CAN it do for an instructor? Am I just using it incorrectly?

Nic. I. Nov 13, 2018     

The app helps to see things on the go, but you can not grade with the app alone. Instead it directs you to their website, but I can sign on the website without the app. The website is not very mobile friendly, so I end up using my computer mostly.

Ant. R. Feb 20, 2020     

The app works well, it's just very limited. It only allows you to grade assignments submitted by students. Grade overrides have to be done on the desktop, and so does everything else for that matter. You can't even make an assignment that you created available.

Rey. R. Aug 22, 2019     

This app is utterly useless. You cannot grade items, view gradebook, or even post items aside from announcements. sure you can workaround and try to do this through your phone's browser, but that negates having the app. if you want to admire what you have already posted this is great. otherwise move on

Kev. Y. Jan 31, 2019     

I cannot change grades in the Blackboard instructor app. This is a complete disappointment. I have to go into my laptop and log in to the website to alter grades. Inexcusable, considering grades are a pretty big deal! Get this fixed!

Jen. M. May 9, 2019     

I detest this app and blackboard on mobile phones. I cannot look at grades or my gradebook because my assignments weren't turned in through blackboard. I manually enter grades because I do not teach online classes. It's frustrating and annoying. Fix it, please.

ant. s. Jul 31, 2021     

I think it will be a great aid for some students who are more adept at using their phones than a PC. As such, instructors need to be conversant with the app as it is one more online tool to utililize.

Sia. M. S. Aug 30, 2020     

On my Samsung Note 10, the app crashes whenever I try to view or mark assignments, unable to view the assignments at all. However, on my older phone Samsung S8 it works normally without crashing. Please help to fix this bug.

Kyl. O. Feb 15, 2021     

Discussion board is not very useful. Most threads don't appear for reasons I don't understand. Blackboard works terribly in a mobile browser (Chrome), so this is a big disappointment.

Bar. S. Sep 9, 2019     

The functionality of this app is hamstrung. As a college professor and user of Blackboard online for 10 years, I can't do 5% of what I can do online. I generally find myself using Chrome on the phone instead, which is also a nightmare.

Pat. T. Jul 28, 2020     

Please add assignment checking in the app, I would like to watch the assignment in app but I could not. Besides, please add function to revise the number of instructor in the app as well. Application always freeze and unresponsive.