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Explore a world of learning games for kids Pre-K through 5th grade, developed by the curriculum experts at Education.com.

Math, Reading, and Typing Games Program

Kids Play Educational Games to Master Skills

Play While You Learn

Brainzy is an award-winning fun and exciting interactive learning games program for practicing skills in math, reading, writing and more – with new learning areas added all the time.

Kids can start their learning journey along skill paths, with hundreds of educational games, songs, and stories to choose from. Our games and content are created by curriculum experts and artists, with a variety of approaches to practicing each skill. Brainzy games cover the following:

Literacy skills

Reading comprehension

ABCs and letter sounds

Sight words

Writing fluency


Comparing stories

Number Recognition


Addition & Subtraction

Multiplication & Division


Measurement & Data

And much much more

Our kid-friendly interface makes screen time valuable. Your child can play and learn on their own, building confidence, independence, and a love for learning.

Our app is 100% safe and COPPA-compliant. Your child will never see any advertising.

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Reviews (28)

Sad. B. Apr 26, 2020     

Great app and education material ...however major issues with app sound crackling and app freezing and crashing. These technical issues make it unbearable to use. I tried both on Laptop and on Samsung S11. But same issues on both. Needs major revamps in software bugs. Please read last 10 to 20 reviews mentioning the exact same thing so it appears to be a solid issue happening on almost all devices and I'm surprised you are not even trying to fix it. Is your Q and A department on vacation? Lac

Jac. B. Apr 8, 2020     

It's great learning but after playing for a while 20min or so the app does not work quite well, the assignments page list view dissappears and the only way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the app. I'm using the app on a Samsung tablet.

Ren. H. Nov 25, 2019     

My 3 and 5- year old love this app! And will love it for years to come. This is one of the best educational tools for teaching preschool through 5th grade out there!!! This is an awesome app for homeschooling children! Thank you for your hard work in helping children learn in fun and exciting ways!

Fik. F. Apr 12, 2020     

The app just wont respond after using for awhile or when you reopen it another time. Pressing assignments or any of the categories will go to its page but with no content. If everytime need to reinstall for it to work, major waste of time.

sab. l. Mar 25, 2020     

VERY buggy, the app freezes on both my phone and the tablets I have. So it makes distance learning or on the go learning impossible for my kids. The premium is great if we are on my laptop but other than that I would not recommend.

Mai. M. Apr 6, 2020     

The app freezes a lot causing me to uninstall and reinstall several times in order for my daughter to complete her assignments. Please fix this issue, because when the app runs properly my daughter truly enjoys learning with it!

Mel. K. Jul 14, 2020     

My kids really like the games. I like that they are learning. We have two children and a premium membership. I would give it 5 stars if I could switch between the kids' profiles without having to constantly sign out before signing in.

Jus. f. J. Sep 10, 2019     

Love this curriculum! I have been using it as an add on curriculum for homeschooling these past 3 years. Only thing I would love to see is either an additional app for teachers/parents or have ability in this app to assign tasks instead of having to do it via website. One step at a time I know😉 Whoopsss I just tried to login on my daughter's tablet and it keeps saying - unable to download assets required??

coo. m. Sep 13, 2019     

Just found this app while I was on the actual website. I decide to give it a try. It doesn't have all the items that the actual website has. It does make their work mobile. Exspecially if I need to go run an errand. My children can learn on the go.

And. M. Feb 5, 2020     

Team seem to have quickly resolved a recent log in issue. It's an excellent app for learning with my daughter. This app is worth the price of premium membership all by itself, considering that we will get years of benefit from it.

Nev. P. Sep 16, 2020     

Sept 16, 2020 app on tablet having freezing problems as well little to no sound. My children having a hard time know what to do in this app game. Making it a waste of my money and time. As of now. Please fix issues! gregpatenaude

Kri. W. Mar 16, 2019     

can not use student or kid mode or this app I have tried on 6 different devices. I paid for the account but it must not really offer more than what you can do without the membership. going to cancel subscriptio.

lin. a. Jun 3, 2020     

To do home schooling from two different countries apart. This is a pure life changer. Kids have been without schooling for 5 months due to lockdowns etc and this has truely been a complete winner. I can now teach my 8 children family 5000kms away each night thankyou so much

Oli. V. Sep 10, 2019     

I seen a lot of bad reviews , well for me it works . maybe should all try to install it in a wifi environment. the look of the games is similar as what you get online. looking forward how the kids go use it.

Sav. R. Jul 1, 2020     

Sound keeps going in and out on app and website. Child cannot hear directions. Last assignment kept saying answers were wrong when they weren't.

Jen. Jan 5, 2019     

I thought it was like the website where you can do worksheets for free but this app is not free at all. immediately after downloading you have to choose a membership.

Jen. C. Aug 9, 2019     

I wish I could use the app. it will not download assets to use. I have a paid membership I started on PC and kids want it on the go. too bad app is useless, and I cannot find where to get help.

Maj. R. Jul 6, 2020     

A great app but we often lose sound and certain functions when we use it on the tablet rather than pc.

Ton. M. Mar 30, 2020     

Incredibly glitchy! Freezing and cutting in and pit with sound. I paid for premium use. Not pleased.

Emm. C. Mar 8, 2020     

Very buggy and freezes all the time. Paid for a premium service to get the app but very dissatisfied.

S. R. Apr 11, 2019     

Just bought it and i regret it i can't even download it to no devices. What is the deal with the play store if the phone app don't work at all only in computers >/

Chr. P. Aug 16, 2019     

You need to fix this app. I can login on chrome but not on the app. Total bull. I paid for a year and cant use as sold.

Cha. G. Nov 7, 2018     

Unable to get into app and I just downloaded goes directly to a black screen attempted this app on Android phone and desktop and tablet neither is working very upset and displeased

Dan. H. Jun 1, 2020     

Great app... When it lets you sign in. It logged us out and when we input all our info and hit "sign in" it does nothing.

Swe. k. Sep 29, 2020     

Good but please let this app work on samsung galaxy tab a8 it be more easier to use on their than on the phone use to work before please bring it back on tablets

Jan. T. Dec 14, 2019     

I am unable to log in on the app with my son's student code, so we haven't been able to complete his assignments. Please, fix this!

mar. m. May 1, 2019     

Very educational! It also has the best educational games, My son Love,love,love it!

Jes. n. Mar 31, 2020     

I bought premium just for this app to freeze my phone every time I try to start a game.