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Students, instantly access your Canvas courses--for free. Just like Canvas on the web, but you don’t have to lug around a laptop to keep up on your homework.
With Canvas for Android, you can:
• See your grades
• Submit assignments
• Customize your courses
• Check off your to-do list
• Post to discussions
• Send and receive messages
• Learn more about pandas
• View content and modules
• Watch videos
• Take quizzes
• See notifications
• Listen to podcasts

If your school is using Canvas by Instructure, grab the app and take your education wherever you go.

Teachers, check out our new SpeedGrader app--grading, assignment settings, and much more!

Category : Education

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Reviews (26)

Bra. H. May 9, 2022     

Overall the app is fine but it has 2 major downfalls. The first being that yuja is unusable. It's unreliable, freezes, and is impossible to scrub through the video without it going by multiple minutes at a time. Second, we really need the ability to edit and delete discussion posts. I shouldn't have to log in on my computer or even just on my mobile web browser to do so when the whole point of a mobile app is to be where you can do it all.

AJ. B. Apr 27, 2022     

After April 11th update. I still can't see future courses in my Canvas student app. Also, document scanning option is not showing up in along other upload options. The calendar notes takes 24 hours to upload. In other words, after saving a note and you close the app and reopen it again, the note will disappear...24 hours later it will show up again. Thank you guys for your hard work, we really appreciate you making it easy to access the platform on the go.

Man. May 2, 2022     

The amount of times I get frozen for a long period of time always comes at the worst moment. When I simple look at the image I sumbitted, somehow, my entire OS becomes frozen or at the very best case scenario, it lags really bad. This is not a problem with the phone, it has mediocre specs but it shouldn't be freezing my phone for just a 2d app.

Sta. D. May 8, 2022     

Push Notifications seem not to be working on LG V40. I've turned on notification on all the course activities and on my device. I've also uninstall, reinstall, and tried other suggestions (turn off power saver) suggested at Canvas forums. So far the notification is still not working! Notifications are very crucial! We used BlackBoard last semester and it was flawless. Please fix it. I'll update this review when it's fixed. 5/8/2022 The app is now working great!

Sah. A. Apr 23, 2022     

I never had any issues with this app until it last updated on April 11th. Since then, it logged me out and I cannot log back in. I go through the 2 step verification and once I get through, it shows an error code. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and I am still having the same issues. I used this app daily for my school, with the convenience of working on and submitting assignments away from my laptop. I am very disappointed and hope these issues will be resolved quickly!

Leo. B. May 12, 2022     

Recent updates to the app have resulted in it becoming almost unusable. I'm frequently required to log in again, with 2 factor authentication not working properly often, and more annoying, every notification from a course is duplicated about 20 times, filling up my phone's notification tray for every assignment update, grade posted, etc. These bugs have got to be so bad that I've all but stopped using this app.

had. s. May 19, 2022     

Clicking on a notification, such as "Exam 2 has been graded for PSYCH 240" or "this assignment has been added for CHEM 210" sends you into the app but not to that page. It just sends you into where you last were in the app or the home screen of the app if it was closed. Pretty annoying problem ~ Edit: Havent faced problems recently, and this problem was fixed I think.

Wil. M. Apr 19, 2022     

The To-Do screen starts at the earliest thing due, including past due items, instead of the current day. Notifications are not sorted into channels, which makes it difficult to deal with them. The drop-down lists in Grades, Modules, and To-Do don't work.

Jef. G. Apr 25, 2022     

App is good! Can see my grades, See everything what I'm missing, it's the best! What i really don't like is on the widgates where i need to see the grade, it just saids "No items to display" like what? I went inside and all my grades were already there but i couldn't see it in the widgate, I don't know if it's a bug or i need to do something, but fix this! Or i might be doing something wrong, otherwise the app is good!

Add. V. Mar 20, 2022     

As a student, I think it's a really good way to send in work, especially while remote learning. But, it is laggy and unless I'm submitting an image, it fails to load. Say I'm sending my teacher an image but can't because it doesn't load, and that's a huge problem. It doesn't load on my phone or school iPad, and I'm hoping it gets fixed soon. Regardless, it's a very well structured app and great for communication and easily submitting schoolwork.

Hay. T. Mar 31, 2022     

The app has a bad habit of kicking me off for no reason. When I try to upload photos of my work, it will exchange 1 photo for the new photo, meaning I can't turn in all photos of my work. My grades aren't synced with my laptop version. Generally not likening this app. Sincerely a frustrated 11th grader. Edit: still constantly getting kick for no reason (including in the sign in screen. I'll try the QR code, it'll load for a bit, then kick me, and that process keeps repeating.

Cal. May 6, 2022     

Can't believe I'm writing this about an LMS, but wow this is a pretty solid system. Works great, looks great! Keep it up! I also appreciate the detailed update notes letting us know exactly what changed. Very refreshing compared to the modern day marketing-speak of "We're working to bring you the best experience" of pretty much every other app.

Yes. D. May 26, 2022     

I use this app on my phone to check my grades while my brother is using my computer. I have a few issues, however. First of all, the app logs me out suddenly. I close the app for a while, and when I open it back up to see what's going on, it brings me back to the page where I have to sign up. Secondly, when I do sign up using the correct email address and password, it constantly marks it as invalid. I just can't sign up. Please fix this issue!!

Jac. B. Apr 28, 2022     

External features like redirecting to Zoom, Qwickly attendance, ect. Do not work. Some assignments are unlisted and unavailable for what-if when they are available on the website. tl:dr this app fails because it is missing features from web version

Ken. T. S. Apr 29, 2022     

Very good app!! My overall experience with Canvas has been good. I have not had any bad experiences accessing my courses or class assignments. It's been reliable and secure.

Jen. P. May 16, 2022     

Fairly intuitive and easy to navigate. I really enjoy the helpful panda too. I only wish we could save posts as drafts so they can be edited before posting, since we cannot edit once something is posted.

Max. C. May 25, 2022     

Android version after selecting my school the app will no longer load, had been like this for months I hoped it out eventually sort itself out but hasn't. My phone is by no means slow, every other app is efficient.

Liz. L. May 21, 2022     

CANVAS is customizable but NOT user-friendly. It's a linear system and quite annoying and time wasting to use. You have to keep going back to one specific page to go to the page you want. Most of the time you can't find what you are looking because it's not where you'd expect it to be. Also, it gives you no warning when you're about to start a test! If you accidentally press "next" there's no way back or out. There should be a permanent link to BRAINFUSE!

Bil. E. May 16, 2022     

Why can I not open links in external browsers? Links can only be opened in canvas. This is extremely obnoxious and makes it unusable at times. I have to switch to a computer when I would rather use my cell phone. Please change this!!

Nad. K. Apr 22, 2022     

So helpful, intuitive, easy to navigate. I use it both as a parent and as a student - easy to switch between accounts. Great tool to keep organized and stay on top of one's classes' tasks and educational goals. I love it

Mat. N. Apr 27, 2022     

Seems like features and wish lists for students are the bottom of instructure's action lists. I never feel good using this app, it's like going to the dentist. You only do it because you have to.

Par. S. May 12, 2022     

No repeat notifications now, much happier now OG review: I keep getting multiple notifications for the same assignment (6 per). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and tweaked with the setting to not have so many notifications to no avail.

Rya. Apr 19, 2022     

Sends me two or three of the same notification all at once and floods my notifications. Logs you out if you open it in a bad cell service area. Uses a buggy built-in PDF viewer instead of my own choice of PDF viewer and often opens the wrong file anyways. I'm sure I'll see more problems stacking up in the future just like I have previously with this app.

Pro. May 9, 2022     

The app itself won't let me log in, this is only prominent on the app version and only for Android phones but once you sign in, 3 seconds later it'll log you out and you can't get back in. So I can't turn in assignments.

Kol. M. Apr 27, 2022     

The app works mostly well, but one extremely annoying thing is that whenever it sends push notifications, it sends the same notification repeated 4 times. Please fix this.

Bri. C. Jan 22, 2022     

This app has always been helpful to check what assignments I had coming up without having to log into a computer. The calendar function has unfortunately stopped working though, so it is much less useful now. Every time I try to look at the calendar for the last few months, it tells me "There was an error loading your calendar" and has an option to retry. No matter how many times I retry, it never works.