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ChannelsTV Mobile for Androids

Channels Television,one of Africa's leading TV Stations,launches an app for android device owners.Channels Television launches Channels Mobile for Androids.Channels Mobile for Androids help you stay connected to the news where ever you are. Channels Mobile for Androids brings the news even closer to your fingertips. View headlines across sections, watch our live feeds and even contribute on our various social media platforms.Never miss an important news headline with the Channels Mobile for Androids.

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (27)

NWO. H. Sep 2, 2020     

I just stopped checking my morning news on this app. I have to save my precious eyes since Channels can't implement dark mode. I'd also suggest apart from dark mode, that you add some live audio news or a kind of podcast so that people with visual difficulties can benefit too.

Man. T. May 13, 2021     

The app would have been good as the live tv starts the moment you click on it. However a few seconds after it pauses and never plays again till you close and open it. Only for it to stop again.

Abr. P. Jun 15, 2021     

The app runs smoothly when u click on the live TV but after a few seconds, it stops and continues only when your exit and restart. Even after that, the same process keeps repeating.

Abd. O. May 7, 2020     

Have been trying to get headlines on the ChannelsTV moble app now since morning, but it's not showing anything. I tried uninstallimg and installing again, but still the same. This is the first time am experiencing this problem because it has not been like this before.

ade. a. Oct 21, 2020     

The app works fine at list when ever in use, it's opens fast but i think these app need more improvement because it doesn't have push notifications and that is essential for a greater news update. I don't get news notifications at all, i don't think other users get notifications too. Please work on that...

Dhl. M. Sep 10, 2021     

Poor live TV, it keeps seizing. Never smooth. This problem has been since years and needs to be fixed. At first, I thought it was poor Internet service, or my average Techno smartphone. And now that I've upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy (2021) smartphone, the problem still persists. It's frustrating!

And. J. Apr 24, 2020     

For some reason I just love channels news, but to me it is fast ,entertaning,reliable,trusting and fantastice, it bring's my family and i together when it come's to news, and when it come's to news at ten(10)i am so there ,good Job channels am proud of you.

Mic. O. Mar 11, 2019     

iWitness not working in these critical times. Was this deliberate or a bug? Are we sure you developers are clean or have they been compromised so that they disable a feature that would have revealed a lot to Nigerians? I believe this feature would have exposed a lot more than the half news you guys give us these days. Please fix asap cos I've got loads of pix/videos to upload from my end here in Rivers state

Leo. S. Jan 26, 2022     

It's one of my best TV stations, however I am disappointed that it keeps hanging and breaking always. It's really frustrating

Moh. M. S. Apr 2, 2019     

I would have given 50 Stars if its were enough. The app is really made to perfection. There is no way one can criticize it. Good work. I encourage every user to download, it is really enjoyable.

Gha. S. Jun 9, 2020     

Very unreliable. From time to time when launch the display will be white even with good internet connection.

Mic. A. Feb 21, 2019     

I love the live Tv just tested it now with News at ten watch both on TV and my Phone awesome. 👍❤ Just some seconds slower than the Main TV. Still Amazing ❤

Des. J. Feb 10, 2020     

Kudos, you guys are doing great job. But please always update headlines, i have been trying to view/read current news on health but showing 2019 health news.

CHI. D. Aug 24, 2021     

Okay, though sometimes very difficult to play the videos the developer needs to improve in that area.

Dor. J. Mar 15, 2019     

Awesome App. Helps me stay in touch with the outside world in this horrid northern desert. channels will always remain my best. keep doing the good job.

Emm. S. Feb 20, 2022     

Channels, you guys can do better than this. The live TV is always seizing. Very annoying.

Fra. I. Jun 25, 2021     

Very weak and unprofessional news media. Is full of false news , lacks journalistic investigatory characteristics. This media Wil broadcast a given correspondence to the populace and will return in the next day to tell you the news was not opposite. Keeps hidding real events airing out adulterated information. What a life ? Let me write just but a few.

Ahm. D. Apr 18, 2020     

The app lets crashing whenever I try to use the "iWitness" feature to upload a small video on my Android-9 Samsung Galaxy A7. Lousy app!

WUW. I. O. Apr 22, 2021     

Since last week Friday being 16th April 2021,,my channel TV screaming has not been working as before,,once I put it on,, after a few seconds of showing,,it will seize to talk ,,just hooking??? Pls check and rectify immediately thanks.

tos. a. Dec 20, 2019     

The app keeps going off whenever i want to access the iwitness feature and i have unstalled and installed again but it is still same occurence...channels pls look into this seriously

Geo. C. Oct 9, 2018     

Generally a good app. Meanwhile, there's should be feedback options and comment options on the site's news stories

Ola. A. Mar 13, 2019     

iwitness useless. channel TV don't let this app fall your stars. remove it. the propose functions/menus are lies. only good for live news. the rest is complete failure. methink your app developer is a kid experimenter.

Osh. O. Jan 10, 2021     

Absolutely amazing. Loving every second. Channels the absolute best. Would like to work for you guys.

kam. p. Apr 27, 2020     

Good for news but no provision for comments after reading it makes it appears boring, the developer should work on that including eye withness video reports, thank you.

THE. A. Mar 27, 2022     

Good news app always timely and precise.

Sob. O. Apr 28, 2020     

Great app but most time your live tv doesnt work without hanging...i thought it was my network but other live tv work perfectly

Jay. D. Sep 12, 2019     

Require a new update with new operating systems. Lags are noticable in some place. Other wise works as needed.