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Chat Friend for Kik

Bored, and want to chat, and find more Kik friends? Use our chat rooms to find other people, and exchange usernames. You can choose who you want to talk to, and who you give your Kik username to. Chat Friend, is not endorsed or associated with Kik Interactive, Inc.
Chat Friend for Kik lets you connect, and message new friends from around the world that share similar interests, or are just fun to talk to. Find new friends that are into movies, music, games, or just into chatting. You decide!

This is the perfect app to build your Kik friend list. All you need is an internet connection, and you will be able to start meeting more friends today. This app is free to use, and only uses your data, no SMS fees.

Category : Social

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Reviews (26)

ton. h. Apr 5, 2019     

I get banned from this app like daily its so annoying. If you want people to pay for premium you cant ban them left and right. There are people on this though which is why its good, but youll be repeatedly banned for no reason and have to make a new profile. So dont upgrade youll lose your money. Interface is messy but you get used to it.

Sco. M. Mar 6, 2019     

first it told me to rate in order to post a pic so i gave a star and rated then still was not able to post a profile pic. now you require upgrade. you @$4@7, a chat app is useless if you cant show yourself. another pay app disguised as a free app wasting peoples time.

vin. t. Jul 9, 2020     

I find it very hard to find people on the Kik app it might just be operator error a mistake on my part I thought it was going to be very simple typing people's names

Jus. F. Oct 30, 2019     

This is a janky app, I downloaded to see what the mixed reviews were saying and it not any good. I tired to change the pfp and it told me to upgrade to a different app odd as hell I uninstalled it

Tol. S. Jan 24, 2021     

So fantastic application i gain ad experience what's going on the world...woww i love it ad we always tobe in chatgum😍 it's safe subscription and don't consume much data you're the best i don't regret I don't it muaaaahhh!!!

Bru. G. Jul 15, 2020     

Best app so far, am no longer bored or lonely! I have been discussing and catching fun with more friends.

Kha. H. May 24, 2020     

It is a wonderful app you will not be bored at all ,for the participants are very active, a lot of chatting and fun.

Abi. A. Jan 25, 2022     

I know this app will be full of fun with all people I met there but no one has replied my message in the chat and also there are small amount of people in the chat which is not supposed to be

Suh. K. May 6, 2021     

It's interesting, while wandering around outside,, it's better to keep quarantine in house🏠 by using this app

Nic. A. Jun 16, 2019     

It's really a very good app...easy to login in and out...some good people a online....every one should just get it... very awesome

Ros. B. Aug 1, 2019     

this is really good to socialise and meet new friends using this app i have met so many good friends for kik and i think i would reccomend this app to any singles as i have found myself meeting good friends

Gam. L. Jun 12, 2019     

its like the other app but still you can also make friends here i got lots of caring friends here online friends but they really cared for me

Vic. A. Feb 12, 2022     

This app is good but anytime i send my country name Nigeria to my friends it will appear as (*****ia) pls fix time.

Bru. M. Jun 13, 2020     

To me,it's all good! Wreally good place to make new friend's and be happi,i thank u for develop suth graid tool for us!

Goo. G. Feb 29, 2020     

So i am giving it only four star cuz everytime it say syncing if u have full connection and i can't upgrade my profile

C. F. Feb 5, 2020     

Its not very intuitive. Not sure wth it going on.

A. G. u. Feb 5, 2019     

so far its been great but i only have about 15 minutesbtotal on the app but im confident it will live up to my expectstions

Chr. W. May 1, 2020     

Absolutely rubbish site and far too difficult to navigate

yom. h. Apr 13, 2020     

Decent app but there is no way to change your profile picture or to edit your bio which I don't like

A. G. u. Oct 8, 2018     

I think its a good app to chat with your friends or meet new people online. 😄

Tip. J. Mar 7, 2020     

This an really gud but still need some updates about how to send pix

Joh. w. Jun 20, 2019     

I Love this app... good work done. But I can't upload a picture I don't know why

A. G. u. Oct 23, 2018     

I think it great but I was able to talk to people in united states

Ice. I. p. Jul 4, 2020     

This app is very nice. I met a lot of friends and it doesn't freeze.

TAR. K. May 27, 2019     

little trouble in navigation but overall so far so good

Kit. W. Dec 17, 2018     

Kinda confusing layout, but overall serves its purpose