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ChatPals: Kik & Chat Friends

ChatPals is the first dating and community app for Snapchat and Kik users. It gives you the opportunity to make new friends and relations with Snapchat and Kik right on your phone.
Join more than 400.000 users ready to chat with you on chat apps such as Snapchat and Kik !

Find new usernames, friends or relations by gender, country or age. Send a friend request to the profiles you like and discover their Snapchat usernames if they accept you.

With ChatPals, you can also see who loves your profile, make new relations or find your perfect match to talk with on Snapchat or Kik.

Now with DISCUSS, you can communicate and share what you have in mind with the other users of the apps in just a few taps !

Have fun and join us now for free!

Disclaimer : This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Snapchat, Inc or with Kik.

Category : Social

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Reviews (29)

Cal. S. May 28, 2020     

The app is a little confusing but I wish you could set your preferences better like being able to choose which app your looking for instead of both and not having to use the apps currency to find people instead of like other apps where you just look at the username and add them

JAK. D. May 5, 2020     

the App looks nice but It didn't even let me access to the chat,I don't have Facebook but it forces me to create new one but when I finished with it ,it takes too long to open, what if someone else doesn't have fb account and got same problem as I did ?, My point is let the users utilize other ways to log in like : google account or something else ,it will make the app better.

Jam. V. Apr 16, 2020     

Seems shady seeing as the only way to log in is with Facebook. Us a people should never have to be required to use something with our personal information to sign in to other apps. Please fix this.

Dyi. t. l. L. t. d. Mar 7, 2020     

The creators are just trying to make money by limiting the amount of times you can get peoples username. Dont waste your time and especially not your hard earned money for this app. Especially since theres other apps far better than this one

Dom. H. Mar 11, 2020     

Noy the best app when it comes to finding snap friends and unlike similar apps the fact u have to pay to see the snap names is pretty wack honestly. . .

Rya. B. Mar 31, 2020     

Limited on how many ppl u can add starts wanting payment. I think it was 3-4 ppl then wanted $

Ron. L. May 3, 2020     

It is a very fun and interesting app and also has the most beautiful young ladies to chat with.

Tra. G. Mar 17, 2020     

Its pretty good but sometimes it glitches out and just takes your points to see peoples usernames.

Mit. L. Apr 25, 2020     

User friendly. Many attractive options

Mar. E. Apr 27, 2020     

I wish there was more ways to get coins.

Agu. T. May 10, 2020     

it's an interesting app to find new snapchat friends

Sou. 6. Mar 11, 2020     

Its a fun way to find new friends

Kev. T. W. W. Mar 18, 2020     

Very easy to use

Jus. L. Apr 19, 2020     

It's ok need more points to keep going on

Ash. A. Apr 16, 2020     

It's okay so far, but I'm still not sure about it

Lea. H. Mar 9, 2020     

cool i just want the usernames

ola. s. Jul 3, 2020     

It was so easy

Jos. M. May 17, 2020     

Awesome I love it

eri. g. Apr 3, 2020     

It seems cool so far.Will see

Fre. B. Apr 16, 2020     

Get it the best app

dav. B. May 21, 2020     

It's a good app

Tay. L. R. May 13, 2020     

I loveee this app

Gre. J. Mar 9, 2020     

It's an ok app

Der. W. May 6, 2020     

Love the app

Bob. S. I. Apr 19, 2020     

It was good

Tul. M. Mar 24, 2020     

Its cool

Ste. N. U. Apr 12, 2020     

its okay

Mic. C. Mar 7, 2020     

It was ok

Mau. H. Mar 18, 2017     

Not a bad app if you just want to make new friends. Meeting and greeting I would suggest a price change on the coins.