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CompTIA Training

CompTIA administers its certification exams through Pearson VUE and Prometric testing centers. In addition to certification, CompTIA also provides corporate membership.In April 2007, CompTIA's "A+", "Network+", and "Security+" certifications became accredited by the American National Standards Institute.This app provides many training questions for people who want to take a test and get CompTIA certificate
in CompTIA Training app, There are 10 categories, We hope you enjoy them.1. CompTIA A+2. CompTIA CDIA+3. CompTIA CTT+4. CompTIA Linux+5. CompTIA Network+6. CompTIA PDI+7. CompTIA Project+8. CompTIA Security+9. CompTIA Server+10. Strata IT fundamentals

CompTIA Training application also has many flashcards for you. Practice them everyday to improve your vocabulary.

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Reviews (29)

Pro. W. May 2, 2020     

I've had this app for a long time, just now getting into it again, this time for the purpose it was made for, to learn everything I can. Its 5 star because everytime i think, maybe I should study for the cert, it's there, unlike when I paid $680 at skillsoft, on this app I'm not, limited to 1 year agreements, I dont pay a fortune upfront, then have to balance work, and school to try to rush to learn, I overlooked it because it was free, yet it has all the resources in it to keep me motivated.

Tha. P. May 6, 2022     

Nice app, though many of the explanations are not helpful. I took the exam yesterday and it didn't have any questions that were in this practice test. None at all. Nothing even close. I'm really frustrated about the amount of hours I spent studying these practice tests only to see none like them on the test. This was not helpful.

Mar. B. May 27, 2020     

Ads are frequent and the close buttons for them are often deceptively placed. App also seems to intentionally place the finish button under the ads so that attempts to click it result in clicking the ad. The test questions are okay. Other functions are near useless given the invasiveness of the ads.

Ric. R. Mar 23, 2022     

Easy to use. There is icon in the top right corner for getting an explanation of the correct answer. For memorizing the questions and answers, it works well. Large pool of questions.

Xav. May 4, 2019     

considering what's out on the market presently, I think this is a wonderful app. It's definitely got some hiccups when it comes to the breakdown of learning, but you can fill those blanks in yourself. Since you're already using an app to study for a cert exam, whats a little more elbow grease? Take notes!

Ste. M. Apr 3, 2021     

This app is dangerously unreliable. I had one daily test with the same true/false question twice in a row and their "correct" answer was not the same. Also, the wording of some questions indicate to me that the developer is not a native English speaker. In and of itself not a problem but with the wording of CompTIA questions, it can be the difference between a pass or fail. Tread with caution.

1st. U. Oct 12, 2019     

Great training app for the A+ & the Network+. Taking the Net+ in less than a month & this is a Great resource. You can mark the ?s as Mastered, Bookmark them, or do nothing & the algorithm seems to work well. Great job guys 👍 Update (10-11-19) Why am i getting harrassed with leaving a review when i already left one? Im trying to study & its very annoying. App needs internet so no getting around it.. Please fix this

Jar. S. Jan 19, 2022     

Navigation is a bit clunky. Many of the questions are too vague or make assumptions, which results in wrong answers being input. If you're going to ask questions about the use of commands, you ought to include details regarding the OS and/or application being used to enter said commands.

Sun. H. Jul 11, 2021     

I like the app but I wish it had some features to help you figure out how to add the flash cards and lessons because I have no idea how those work. But I do like taking the quizzes to help.

Isa. A. J. Feb 20, 2022     

It's a good quiz and study guide app. Has good features and quality questions. I learn alot from this and will help when I take the exam.

Jan. L. Feb 11, 2022     

I was glad I found this app it helps me study in places where I'm not allowed to use the internet. It's a pleasant experience. Helps with test taking anxiety.

And. Aug 22, 2020     

Solid quiz. It's not overly challenging and a little bit dated, but still representative of in-use technology.

Tim. B. Oct 24, 2018     

Pretty good I like it keeps a list of the questions you miss. But some of the answers are marked incorrectly but the explanation is correct

Hei. Y. Oct 5, 2018     

Too many wrong answers to be of any use in exam prep. The explanations are correct but the choice u make may not reflect what is in the answer description.

Xac. Z. Feb 4, 2019     

What got the most amped about this about is that you can make your own flash cards in addition to doing this apps practice tests. wish there was an ad free version though.

Can. W. Mar 9, 2021     

Not bad. Questions are legitimate and not "tricky". I feel like it's a mixture of A+ and Net+ questions. Helped me find areas to focus on.

Tra. B. Jul 15, 2020     

Useless app for me. All I wanted was flash cards. None load for any certification. Started creating my own. Next morning they were all gone.

Bra. H. Jul 15, 2020     

Great app pulling a wide array of CompTia subject material together. Would be 5 stars if there was a paid ad-free option, even a monthly subscription would suffice.

Sam. K. Sep 1, 2019     

This app is not only free but has multiple different tools to help you study for your exam such as flashcards quizzes and miniature test that you can take any day all day.

Die. G. G. Oct 17, 2020     

Good fresh questions. But after 20 years in IT I might argue with some of the practical questions' answers (thats not apps fault). Like it.

Pat. G. Feb 9, 2020     

These are good resources and I'll watch ads over paying for overpriced study material any day. However, I need to know which Security+ version this app supports, as I am studying for the 501 test by comptia. Please specify!

Adr. S. Nov 16, 2019     

This app is easy to use. I like that you know immediately if you answer incorrectly. Plus the correct answer is highlighted. I just started using this app but so far so good.

Gab. C. Nov 18, 2018     

Overall good. Needs a setting to change the amount of content you can study.

Tod. H. May 16, 2019     

Found several questions that were wrong. Including 1 it listed in most often got right that had a different answer then when I went through the questions.... So who knows what is right or wrong to prepare for exam?

J. G. Sep 20, 2019     

Answers and test keys don't match up. That is harmful to people trying to learn, and I can only guess that the "pro" version doesn't have this issue.

Jor. C. Nov 4, 2018     

Little buggy when rotating the screen, ads are distracting. Good for flash card learning.

Ric. F. Jan 30, 2020     

To many inconsistent and inaccurate information between the so called "correct answer" and the "answers discription".

Den. J. Nov 19, 2021     

It's gives some good ,basic questions and answers. It would be better if it included some pbq as seen on the actual tests

Nic. A. Mar 4, 2019     

This app is excellent to practice with for many CompTia tests. The feedback on wrong answers is swift and to the point.