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Drag Battle

Real racing experience waits for you in Drag Battle: Car Race Game 4 Real Racers. It is a high quality racing game that stands out among other race games with great graphics and gameplay. Not only one can drive in ‘inside view’ manner, but also enjoy creativity like building new parts from your own drafts, applying them on the cars and win the

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Reviews (25)

Vau. M. Feb 13, 2022     

This is actually a great drag game with detailed tuning and if you get the knick, the aesthetic customisation is good aswell, needless to say, I am enjoying my experience with the game. It would have been 5 ⭐s if it were not for the fact that I can not drag online as everytime I log on and click on the online icon, the game immediately starts to glitch and with time it crashes closing the game entirely,😭.

Phi. R. Dec 21, 2021     

Would make a brilliant game but as always you get no where if you don't spend loads of normal money. Stuck on level 2 as i get none of the parts in need to make the car faster i even paid for unlimited fuel and still can't win anything or the parts i need and the chests give you nothing too

Mor. S. S. May 8, 2022     

This game is my second favorite racing game (1st is Asphalt 8) the graphics are good and also i can make progress so this is a 10/10 game

Tot. L. Sep 19, 2018     

This game started out like it would be a good game, but it quickly came obvious that wasn't the case. It takes FAAAAAAR to long to get enough credits to create the parts you need, let alone actually purchasing the items. Then the competition is ridiculously hard, even after I made the parts, and bought the upgrade, I still got beat by the AI. Not to mention the fact the fuel takes forever to refill and the bonus cases are useless just like the roulette wheel that never really gives you anything useful to use other than a little money. But of course the upgrades are high so there's that. Basically this game could be a great drag racing game but much like a lot of other ones out there, the creators are just too greedy and want you to spend actual cash, unless you want to take WEEKS to get enough money and bonuses to be competitive.

Jam. R. May 3, 2019     

I have upgraded as far as it will allow. I have tried every combination. I need to beat a career level to unlock an engine part. plus no matter how much time I shave off of my time, the opponent keeps staying that much faster. I have won enough races to improve character skills, but cannot pass, I have the fastest cars, cannot get them any faster. why can't you just buy the parts you need

Aar. D. Oct 30, 2018     

Roll on race is difficult to get a great start. Even when you think you had perfect reactions, opponent always gets a much better jump. No clear logic on how to do a great burnout. Career is too difficult to progress, even with maxed out car, excellent burnout, perfect start and perfect shifts. Including any combination of level 3 boosts. At least car customisation is good.

Nic. S. Jul 4, 2019     

The game itself - Amazing! It has a decent selection for customizing your car and a cool way of upgrading your car. I would of put 5 stars because to me thats what it deserves but i tried the free gold thing and attempted it twice for 60 gold and it failed both twice. 30 and 30... so it lost a star. Please fix and ill make it 5 stars! Overall absolutly amazing! Great job!

Muh. E. Feb 4, 2019     

I'm just starting out and I absolutely love this game ! I'm not a fan of energy-based games but this one is worth it. Energy regens quickly, player perks are helpful, game looks great and definitely not P2W, upgrade parts are frequent as is the cash. My favourite part has to be the tuning options, very rewarding once you get it right and shave off 0.2 or 0.3 seconds from your times. Also, ads aren't intrusive at all. Absolutely love it, good job devs !

Jai. M. Nov 2, 2018     

Great game but somethings up with the gear tuning. When im changing the gears and then go to race the car seems to change. For example, ill set my gears and the car runs fine. I try a race and suddenly my car spins its tires through 3rd gear. Or another example car runs fine in tuning but in a race it becomes drastically slower like i mean seconds slower.

A. G. u. Feb 4, 2019     

Amazing!!! Fantastic game, I really like the different features in this game such as the third person mode for normal races, and the first person for the expert races. I think you developers are doing a great job in making this equisite game. Best of luck for the next updates😃 Quick tip for next update: Add more vehicles, I would like to see more, Add more parts/customisations, and Maybe add a 'Character Customization'

Jef. A. Feb 19, 2019     

i love the interactive photo mode and the tire burnout before the race. my fav aspect has to be the ability to continue playing. by that i mean i never reach a point where my car is too low to perform and the only option would be to spend real money. not in this game though overall 5 stars.

Whi. H. Sep 15, 2018     

Fun, addictive, and a nice layout. It's not the best it could be but it has enough complexity to make it a great game. It takes a while to level up if you dont put money in to it, but it has excellent graphics and a will rounded understanding of the functions of how a car should work. Overall awesome.

BUR. G. May 18, 2020     

Has lots of potential but it's very limited in graphics and realistic play, and the variety of cars and upgrades I do enjoy the muscle cars with wheel-stands and all it's just so much of a letdown that it's not a better experience to play, (and when you get to the 4th boss and finally beat him the game just ends with NO WAY to unlock the last 2 car tiers) that's really lame. The game needs updating badly forget multiplayer it's not big enough "yet" for decent opponents to know this game

Dav. F. Dec 19, 2019     

Fun game. Would love if it wasn't so grindy to build the car I want. Love the focus on individual part customization. This being a drag game it could benefit from individual suspension sizing and rear-front tire sizing! Being able to choose ride height for the rear/front sections separately! As well as being able to make the rear tires taller and wider!

A. F. w. a. h. Aug 27, 2020     

That's the second time I'm playing the game, the graphics are awesome, runs on high FPS 24/7, has a very very good upgrading system. But one thing bothers me, of course you need to earn money to live (with the lifetime packs), and making / maintaining games is very expensive indeed. But some custimization options are far more expensive than they needed to be, 7K for a wheel is kinda ok, 40k not really. 5k for a painting is ok, 100k is kinda shocking tbh.

Tho. C. Nov 3, 2018     

I love this game. It is hard to progress yes however I love the challenge. Nothing feels better then fixing your car besting that boss that won 20 times. I'm glad the game doesn't just give it to you as it would be over in a day and this is a welcomed challenge. Quick question do we not have access to E and F cars as they are not out yet or is it because I need to unlock them.

Ume. J. Aug 29, 2020     

No words to say. 👌👍💪❤️. The best drag racing game ever. I'm really enjoying it. Car Upgrades are super unique. So as modifications. Unique styling. Realistic engine tuning ratio charts,tire grip and nitrous boost balancers and many more. Best official cars for each region. I'm still in the 3rd Region. It's tougher than it says.💪. Mazda RX-7 and the Toyota Supra Rule the Road. Those cars will start the race with a Wheelie when it's Upgraded. It's super awesome. Thank you for devoloping this

Ric. T. Jul 4, 2019     

Fun game in story mode but online is extremely buggy. Gives me opponents car with different shift points and even if I win, I get points taken away. Once story mode is fixed, it will be a good game. Could use more cars too but I'm sure that will come in future updates.

Chr. W. May 8, 2019     

ive played many similar games and this one feels like its a few steps behind. the initial first few races arent terribly exciting and dont really draw you into the game. there isnt a really good reason to comtinue playing because its soooo sluggish. graphics are the major star here as the vehicles look tremendous. the tire warm up is unique even if its a little harder than expected. overall, the game has a few kinks to iron out and if they are, i may reinstall and change my rating.

Mal. Y. May 17, 2022     

All is well but you have to improve the time of full tank

Eri. H. Oct 31, 2019     

If you choose to watch an ad for a bonus the ad will take you to the play store and close the game so you loose what ever you were watching the ad for. You would think the delvelopers would fix that. I don't mind ads they pay for game but what's the point if you loose what you were watching for. You will need to race I don't know say 100 times before you'll the parts you need to upgrade witch is a bit ridiculus. Other then that pretty cool game

Bos. Jan 23, 2020     

It's a fun game, get a bit ridiculous with the online battles races, you will need to fix the matchmaking system... I have class A235 M3 E30 and keep getting matched up against higher class cars in beginner 1 mode... The burnouts before a race also make no sense to me... But yeah, fun game to kill time if you are new to it and want to just race against the computer and not other people in the world unless you spend cash on the game to get to that level.

Chr. Jun 14, 2020     

The online is horrible. The matchmaking is garbage but then it doesn't register your shifts correctly and it's all buggy. It says perfect than gives you a negative amount of power. You can't even launch because the needle won't move. And the ads are insane. Literally after every single race is an ad. You can pay to remove them but come on now. The game itself besides the online and ads is good and fun

Mas. B. Sep 30, 2020     

Downloaded it a few times and still really enjoy it , a few things tho I hope they can fix the engine sounds all the cars sound the same and being a car enthusiasts it kinda makes it abit boring , oh and I hope they please fix the interior of the supra its the same as the GTR . But Its great fun Amazing customization and unfortunately the fuel story is a downer , I would really love unlimited fuel because I cant get enough of the racing . All in all its a great game

Gee. m. Dec 8, 2018     

Keeps crashing on me soon as I've finished a race.. With the message environmentupdateexception array out of range something or other.. Little slow with the fuel n boxes, and unable to sell old vehicles other than that it's an awesome little game, customizations are awesome... soon as bugs are fixed will gladly amend my review