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Drag Racing 4x4

Drag Racing 4x4 is the hit spin-off from Drag Racing, it features bigger and badder 4x4 trucks and SUVs, from the legendary Ford F-150 to the huge Monster Truck. You’ll get awesome burnouts and countless upgrades all on your Android device! Unlike other car racing games, this is real truck drag racing on the street and on the track. Challenge your friends and rivals online.
LOTS OF TRUCKSWe know you love trucks and SUV's and 4x4 tires, so we've included the hottest brands in Drag Racing 4x4. That's right; Dodge, Ford, GMC, Infiniti, Land Rover, Nissan, Range Rover, VW and more! Sport SUVs? Check. Pickup Trucks? Check. Monster Trucks? You bet! The best part? There's always more of them coming.

FAIR PLAYIn Drag Racing 4x4 there's no "fuel" that you have to wait for. No "delivery time" for trucks or upgrades. Every vehicle is competitive and there's no "premium" upgrades. It's all about your skill and dedication. In Drag Racing 4x4 you can get Gold nuts to fix your truck when it breaks down, insurance to prevent future breakdowns and shields to save your tournament progress. Players can make the best 4x4 by testing the autotune feature to boost their performance.

REAL RACERS Some people like to keep their truck in the garage, we like to race and be seen racing. Drag Racing 4x4 give you the best free online racing games can offer: there's always an online rival waiting for you. Pick your preferred language (English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian), Race any distance from 1/4 to full mile, win tournaments, work your way up the rankings, or test your nerves in wager races.

EPIC UPGRADESWe have a lot of respect for stock trucks, but we also respect your desire to floor it and BURN SOME RUBBER! In Drag Racing: 4×4 there's literally thousands of upgrades that will satisfy your need for speed. Ever thought about smoking a Monster Truck in your F250 Super Duty? Happens every day on the streets of Drag Racing: 4×4.

PERSONAL TOUCHMost games let you paint your truck. Some even let you apply a design made by someone else. How many games let you add Neon glow, chose from dozens of cool decals, arrange them the way you like and choose your own color for every bit? That's right
- this one!

GET UNDER THE HOODAre you a gearhead or a truck nerd? We have the most realistic physics engine in the genre, meaning that everything works the way it does in real life. Try to find the right balance between power and grip while staying in your class. Go deeper and adjust gear ratios to shave off precious milliseconds. Oh, and don’t forget to add in some nitrous oxide to give your ride an extra kick!

AWESOME COMMUNITYIt's all about the players, connect with other DR4x4 fanatics who enjoy this cool game:

Drag Racing Website: http://dragracing.creative-mobile.com/games/drag-racing-4x4/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DragRacing4x4Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragracing4x4Instagram: https://instagram.com/dragracing4x4/

- If the game doesn't start up, runs slowly or crashes, get in touch and we'll do our best to help.
- If you have any questions, make sure you check out our FAQ at http://dragracing.creative-mobile.com/faq/#faq-4x4If you need additional support please contact us through our Support system: https://support.creative-mobile.com/ or to our e-mail at [email protected]

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Reviews (29)

Pau. Z. J. Nov 8, 2021     

Man, was a cool game ! Challenging to find YouTube videos with the best tunes to run faster, or experiment making your own. PS- Help ! This game stopped working online last year for all 7 of my devices both Apple & Android ( says server error ) or, no internet connection ☹️ So, back to their original game, which has some trucks and works fine, just runs a little differently.. Please fix ! Thanks 🙏🙏🙏

I. L. F. C. G. N. R. A. E. Feb 20, 2019     

There's a problem I cannot change my player name when I try to do this it reverts back to the original name I noticed that the message pointed the button says change name but every time I try it never works I tried every name there is in the world but never works and every time I race there's no sound I tried every level help!!!!!!!! update the engine sound back so I wanna hear it!!!! It used to have the engine sound but they accidentally removed it off!!!!

Pat. N. Dec 30, 2020     

Point to note, this is the worst version of the app. I can't hear a damn thing other than the gearshifts and no my phone works well. If this shows up as an option for drag racing, be a person of self integrity and move on.

jon. t. Jul 8, 2020     

Ok. Ive installed and played your original drag racing game on every smartphone I've ever had. Always appreciated the delicate tuning and competitive feel of the game. Since installing your 4x4 version I've been troubled with problems i really didn't expect from the creators of the game I've always played and loved. Firstly, i have not been able to race online on 4x4. Hugely disappointing Regardless i continued playing even knowing i had no way of tuning the gearbox, without bolts

Ger. R. Mar 25, 2020     

Great game but now wont load any races. It keep saying disqalified then stoped loading after 🤷 update now it dosent load a race and iv un and reinstalled this game countless time trying to make it work. Uninstalling till a update for racing, sound and changing players name is fixed

Pau. K. Jul 9, 2020     

Graphics are ok but the sound is terrible, no engine sounds at all. Alot of people are experiencing this and nobody will tell you why there is no sound.

Lou. J. Jan 14, 2021     

it takes too long to load and no sound and i get disconected from server. I cant beleive that u took out engine sound. I wanted to hear the sound of the taz huntsman turbo. I loved that car sound and now it is not the same😢

Ban. Jan 11, 2021     

Face it guys, they won't update this game anymore, last time they update it was in 2015, they just left this game in the dust and move on. It's sad because this used to be one of my favorite game and now the engine noises are completely gone, making the experience less enjoyable than usual

I. H. G. B. A. S. B. T. Feb 1, 2021     

Make a remaster (aka sequel like a part 2) with improved graphics, new trucks like the 2019-2021 Chevy Silverado, 2017 Ford Raptor, RAM 1500s, would be cool to see the Velociraptor 6x6, bring back the sounds!!😢😞Add more customization, real licenses to all trucks, I love the Super Duty sound

Aya. M. Sep 14, 2020     

It's now boring, what happened to the engine sound? And what about tires drag sound... I used to play and enjoy this with these sounds and now boring like never before. You gotta fix this thing guys.

A. G. u. Jan 9, 2019     

love the game easy controls simple and the graphics are ok could be made better but the rest pretty good game defently like the customizing part lol

Jid. Dec 25, 2019     

This is a very good game i love it very much and i cant stop playing.But I want the engine sounds of a car and also the Brake then it would be the best game ever of drag racing.

Cri. R. Jan 23, 2019     

hi I'm a android user and when I play this game the Audio for the engine does not work because I think it was copyrighted or something but the Audio for the engine does not work so please fix it

Jim. J. Jun 13, 2019     

this is a very good game devs I love trucks just one small thing if it's not too much work can you add night racing we already have the lights it was a idea I came up with but everything else is perfect

Obi. K. Nov 22, 2019     

There is no sound when I am in a drag race the only sound is the shifter when I shift. Other than that it is a good game.

MEC. O. W. Jan 7, 2021     

Almost good but i cant get free coins by the ad. Pls update this, Update the sounds, so i can rate it 5 stars.

Dar. S. Jul 2, 2019     

the best game ever good grafics and doesnt stop at all and depends on your phone if the game works or not and dont be selfish and not install it this company does a lot of efford making this game just suport them and stop being disrespectfull thanx company drag racing it a mazing and everything works

Llo. M. Apr 29, 2020     

I bought the 4.99 cash havent recived it to my game plus keeps saying server error and cannot play online big issue uninstalling til i see an update

dor. d. Nov 2, 2019     

Its a great and addictive game... its sad that the developers have abandoned its development.

Neh. T. Jan 28, 2019     

It is good only the control is poor.Next time you change the ppsition of controlling the car.

ser. m. Mar 17, 2019     

cool game but dont like that i cant hear the engine sound. so i cant even play the blind races. maybe didnt download right idk but that was a big bummer..

Yan. G. Jan 31, 2021     

This game takes too too long to load and and when I finish a race I cant go back and I did not got my reward this game is trash now😠

A. G. u. Feb 23, 2019     

awsome!!!man dirst of all good graphics.And i am just in love with this mind blowing drag battle racing game.

A. G. u. Jan 8, 2019     

The game is great I recommend every body to download it great game guys you did well and you should make more of these games ever body love you guy that includes me to :-)

BAR. T. G. Sep 13, 2018     

This is not a good game because there is no good graphics always remain in one area while telling us different city

A. G. u. Nov 20, 2018     

Very good i think it needs more muscle to the trucks and more detail to the outside of the trucks

Fri. T. Mar 30, 2020     

Game is great as well as the graphics but please you can,t write your name please work on that

Aar. g. Dec 31, 2019     

Just needs ranger ,s10 , and updated and older trucks other than that it's a great game

Lit. O. Dec 15, 2018     

Almost everything is cool! ??should be able to make more money offline