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Drudge Reader

Drudge Reader provides the simplest and best looking app for reading the Drudge Report on your Android device. It's even better than the official Drudge app!
Quickly skim through headlines, reading the articles that interest you, and ignoring the ones that don't. Share your favorite stories with friends, family, and colleagues through social media or email. It's all packaged in an app that won't make you scrape out your eyeballs.

- At-a-glance display of main headline and top stories.
- Related stories are grouped together.
- Articles are always presented in a mobile-friendly format.
- Share what you're reading with anyone.
- More features are on the way!
- Let us know what you want and we'll build it in!

Grab the latest headlines and keep track of what's happening throughout the United States and the world from one place. Make Drudge Reader your go-to app for reading the Drudge Report!

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (29)

Jas. H. Feb 13, 2017     

Very clean as other's have stated, also as others have stated small fee no ads

Kev. B. May 20, 2016     

Ads take over app. I'd give it a zero if I could

Tom. O. Aug 1, 2016     

Seems like a solid, bare bones app to consume Drudge content. I love the use of Readability to present the pages. I'd be willing to pay a small fee to get rid of those ads in the scrolling feed, though.

Pin. Jul 27, 2016     

This app is simple and light. Old school reading. Remember newspapers? I do. Thanks app designers for cleaning up my news feed! I wish you could do this to the rest of the internet!

Kno. Oct 13, 2016     

Amazing app. Quick running. User friendly. INFORMATIVE

Ric. M. Oct 20, 2015     

No big graphics, just very fast simple page reading. Like a newspaper, simple quick and to the point. This is the best app for Drudge. Keep it simple and quick Thank You.

Jef. W. Mar 29, 2016     

And no obnoxious push notifications. Only problem is some links don't parse through readability. I like it!

Jos. J. Apr 4, 2016     

I see Drudge is one of Donald's ducklings now, too. What a shame

The. E. Jan 3, 2015     

Material design, easy to use layout, non-intrusive ads.

Jam. A. Dec 27, 2015     

Not the full front page of Drudge. No options, I mean none.

Sco. T. Jul 5, 2015     

Says it can't connect to the internet. The same internet I'm connected to leaving this 1 start review. Needles to say. App needs serious work.

Abe. T. Feb 11, 2015     

It's clean and easy to use. Only suggestions would be a sync option for offline reading and a night theme.

A. G. u. Apr 29, 2016     

Good content, no offline mode. Running android 4.3

pao. p. May 19, 2015     

Saves me data on the go .

Tre. O. Jan 5, 2015     

And ads are nicely controlled.

Sco. R. Apr 8, 2016     

Stories stopped linking to content....useless

Mic. V. Jan 25, 2015     

Interesting Reading

Jef. I. Aug 25, 2014     

It's very annoying that the main page does not hold place when returning from a linked article. You have to repeatedly scroll down aftet every return. The new format is nice, but much more resource inensive than the text based format. It would be nice to able to choose. Update 8/24/2014: I had to uninstall, it was using so much of my phone's resources the phone was slowing to a crawl or freezing up.

Ken. M. Jun 13, 2014     

This is the best Drudge app out there but will not work on my Samsung tablet since the upgrade. So bummed pkease fix it!

Rya. T. Apr 28, 2014     

New update makes it so this won't open on my s3, ill have to find a new app for drudge, shame.

Jay. S. Nov 23, 2013     

One star for the one day it was useful. Fix the manual refresh and will give better rating.

Dal. A. R. Apr 24, 2014     

What a great app! This works great with my tablet and phone. Why didn't someone think of this before?

Bri. R. Apr 27, 2014     

Stopped working completely, uninstalled

Geo. H. Nov 19, 2013     

Plane, but works. No problems like had with other apps. Thanks.

Mr.. S. Apr 27, 2014     

I uninstalled and reinstalled but it still won't open.

guy. d. Sep 16, 2013     

This and the Drudgery are the best..if you want speed and a minimalistic approach then this is by far the best ..I downloaded and tested at least ten of the drudge apps. The Drudgery app is for all the bells and whistles like text to speech ..auto save for offline...everything...so I have both..if on on the move and need info fast I use one and if I'm relaxing with a cup of coffee I use the other...hope this helps.

A. G. u. Jul 21, 2012     

Tried all the others, this works best. Fast reading of story with one touch to original website. Will go back to startup page with one touch back.

Tim. B. J. Aug 1, 2013     

Just what you need, nothing you don't. No images, just stories although I can appreciate Matts humorous images to coincide with the stories. Perfect app. Great work. Running on both my tab and Gs4.

A. G. u. Oct 30, 2012     

I certainly prefer this format to the "official" Drudge Android app. It's more intuitive & easier to navigate.