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Welcome to the new official Drudge Report App optimized for your mobile viewing experience. Download the only app authorized by Matt Drudge for your Android device. It’s free, it’s fast, it’s the way you want your Drudge Report news delivered.

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (25)

LJ. M. Sep 17, 2018     

The app is horrible. No exit function under settings. After opening app, takes over phone, have to restart to close app.

Her. L. Jun 12, 2018     

Once 5 stars, now broke schidt. Just read all other complaints of almost a year! The Siren Tech (no longer in the store) version works great; scroll to bottom and hit Web View for the real home page.

T. M. Apr 13, 2018     

100% of the time there are links to article's that don't open. The app freezes and has to be shut down. Not worth the download.

Ste. C. Feb 17, 2018     

This app has been horrible. The majority of the links won't open. You click and click and won't open. A lot if times it freezes and nothing works. Could be great but never does updates to fix these small issues.

Jod. S. May 7, 2018     

Many links do not work. Uninstalled, have it a few weeks, reinstalled, majority of links still do nothing.

Joh. N. May 6, 2018     

As bad as an app can be. Doesn't follow any Android design standards. It's like it was made by someone reading a bad app tutorial.

Sam. S. Jan 6, 2018     

This used to work fairly well, but within the past month or so, all of the story links no longer work. I'm using a Note 4 with a recent version of Android. Will have to uninstall.

A. G. u. Aug 18, 2018     

fix your app, you're ruining the quality of information you provide. accessibility is important

A. G. u. Apr 20, 2018     

Sometimes pages don't display for days. One quarter of links do not work constantly. I would look elsewhere for Drudge, not here !

Pat. M. Mar 14, 2018     

This app is worthless. A one-story rating is a gift, because zero stars rating is impossible. As Steve Conklin stated, you can't link to anything! A total waste of space and time. After installing this app, the first thing you should do is uninstall this app.

Kev. L. Jan 31, 2018     

Links often don't work and coopted by SPAM and adware.

A. G. u. Feb 27, 2018     

I have had this app for years on different phones but recently I can't open the links. You need to fix this!!!

dav. k. May 23, 2018     

Half the links don't open. Crashes often

Chr. B. Feb 23, 2018     

Most of the links don't work. Pretty useless.

Jef. M. Feb 22, 2018     

Half the time the story links are unclickable. Not impressed.

A. G. u. Feb 13, 2018     

App stinks. Links do not work on note8. Worthless app.

A. G. u. Jun 9, 2018     

App won't open articles! It used to be a good app. Not anymore

D. M. Jan 8, 2018     

Many of the links don't work. Please fix this!

Ste. C. Apr 26, 2018     

Garbage. Nothing was wrong with the old app.

Der. S. Jun 25, 2018     

Absolutely horrible. Freezes constantly. Links don't open to content. Terrible.

Nan. R. May 8, 2018     

Links to news sites at bottom. Of list don't work.

Gre. C. Feb 18, 2018     

The App itself is fine...However when you click on most of the link they do not work anymore? compared a to a year ago! not sure what has happened to the website!

LtC. R. Sep 9, 2018     

Want to refer/send it to others but can't find it now on Play Store.

Cru. R. Apr 17, 2018     

Lots of adds but lots of news

mat. N. Mar 18, 2018     

Most of the time the links will not open.