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Drudge Report on steroids! Drudgely for Drudge Report is simply the most powerful and feature packed app for Drudge Report (www.drudgereport.com) on Android phones and tablets. Drudgely has many advanced features such as summarization, reader mode, text to speech, offline reading and translation that take the Drudge Report experience to the next level. Drudgely is optimized for both phones and tablets (especially 7" and 10" tablets like Nexus 7 and Nexus 10), with a list layout for phones and optional grid and tile layouts for tablets, similar to Flipboard or Google Currents.
Permissions:READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY: Required to pause/play text-to-speech for incoming/outgoing calls.MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGS/PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING: Required to enable background downloading of news articles if phone/tablet to set to disconnect WiFi when screen is off (optional).

Key Features:

* Read full articles formatted beautifully for the mobile/tablet screen.

* Consume news faster with a 100 word summary of articles.

* Use Text to Speech to listen to news when you are on the go.

* Get instant access to articles pre-downloaded to save you time.

* Articles are downloaded automatically for offline reading.

* Choose between list, grid and tile layout for 7" plus tablets.

* Choose between four color themes, including a night theme.

* News widget (home and lock screen) for easy access to the latest news.

* Use Text to Speech Alarm to wake up to the latest Drudge Report.

* Save articles for reading later within Drudgely or save to Pocket, etc.

* Share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

* Easily change font size in article view by pinching in article view.

* Shake phone/tablet to easily pause/play Text to Speech.

* Easily translate articles via Google Translate service.

* Swipe to easily navigate between articles in article view mode.

* Filter out read articles to only see unread articles, mark liked articles.

* Find articles containing any keyword using search option.

* Shake device to bypass lockscreen and access Drudgely (optional).

* Get notified when new articles are found and ready (optional).

Keywords: Drudgereport, Drudge Report App, Drudge Widget, Drudge Report Tablet

Note: Please email [email protected] for bugs or other feedback instead of commenting on Google Play, as we cannot contact you there to resolve your problem.

Drudgely is NOT an official app of Drudge Report and is not affiliated with Drudge Report.

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (26)

Mr. T. Dec 26, 2016     

When reading a story (not ad), the text is repeated in these original micro coverages. How about giving us more story and not repeating the text? I can't even get this editor to respond correctly. If this doubling is a function of some phones' software, fix it! 'Droids are pretty popular.

Sco. M. Dec 8, 2016     

All images are totally unrelated and the same image is used for many articles. The summary is useless and is just repeated by the first paragraph of the article. Just show the whole article. Give an option to disable images as they are never related to the story anyway... same is true for the newest version.

J. M. Nov 2, 2016     

A wide variety of interesting topics from social trends, funky science and need to know geo politics+economics

Ran. F. Dec 10, 2016     

I'm sick of sensational ugly shocking pictures that are unrelated top the stories I'm reading. I'm done. I've uninstalled this app. It's an assault to my intellect to see these juvenile gross pictures. It's too bad, Drudge is above this crap.

Sle. G. C. Nov 1, 2016     

I honestly don't understand how this only has 100k downloads.

Bla. S. Dec 7, 2016     

This app does a great job reading Drudge Report in text-to-speech. It is also easier to read than Drudge online.

Mar. S. Dec 14, 2016     

Often when I open a report I want to learn more about, I find a lot of repetition and not much new info. Same sentences repeated 3 x.

Pau. D. Aug 6, 2017     

Nice compilation of news. But photos that appear alongside articles are not associated with the story a lot of times ... photo is from unrelated article. Leads to strange, often hilarious, juxtaposition.

Geo. A. Feb 24, 2017     

I see alot of stories that when you open them up the text is garbled and very difficult to read.

Lei. B. Nov 4, 2016     

I do not like the New version due to Ads on main screen that are larger than news headings, Please make Ads same size or smaller.

Bri. R. Apr 14, 2018     

Update on Galaxy S9+, widget isnt working at all. Give me a way to remove the ads and I'll pay and rate 5 stars.

Dan. M. Feb 9, 2017     

Often find the pictures have nothing to do with the related article. Other times the article is nothing but the headline repeated. However links are provided to their sources which offer a more indepth view.

jay. p. Jan 11, 2017     

Of the feeds this format is quick,timely and concise. Highly practical and the read option works well. (with a little tweaking)

C.. R. Sep 8, 2017     

Great source for news. I like how the most recent articles are listed first, also how there's a short summary.

A. G. u. May 5, 2017     

My tablet often has the wrong picture that goes with the story. Otherwise it's an informative app that covers recent events.

A. G. u. Dec 20, 2016     

Enjoy your reading this. It seems more factual than others you bring different look to the news and the normal junk from the liberal media

Dee. H. Jun 16, 2017     

Very nice app, would love an option that is add free, if happily fork over some money

A. G. u. Feb 10, 2017     

The app is great and I'd give 5 stars if I could purchase it and remove all ads. I don't need or want filth in my face!

Nei. D. Apr 28, 2017     

Unable to stop audio from previous article with just a shake. Must restart Pixel XL everytime. Very annoying 👎****

Mar. L. Oct 24, 2017     

Menu item to change viewing formats is greyed out and unusable.

bob. m. Nov 7, 2016     

Great App. Up to date with what is happening in the US, World unbiased unlike the MSM!!

Dan. P. Jun 20, 2017     

Refreshes breaking news only every few hours

Sus. M. Jul 12, 2017     

Love the choice of articles, I feel well informed. Also, the comments are very entertaining.

Mar. G. May 30, 2017     

Thanks Drudge, keep it going

Din. S. Feb 16, 2017     

I'm uninstalling it. The sensational pictures have nothing to do with the articles they are attached to.

Ran. K. Dec 1, 2017     

I can't think of anything that would make it better 😀