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Drudge Report on Droid

Drudge on Droid is the best and easiest to use Drudge Reader on Google Play and the only one with a widget and tablet UI.
Easily read articles and see images/watch videos from the Drudge Report specifically formatted for your mobile device.

Articles are parsed and formatted in a "Readability" like manner.

Share the articles with friends by sms, email, twitter, facebook, etc. Use the share option from the options menu or from the Action bar. When sharing the link is prepopulated and you can add some personal text at the end.

A widget is also included that can scroll through the latest links.

Note: If you receive an error loading a link, you may be able to use the view original button in the Action bar to load the article. The formatter still has a few issues with certain web sites.

Join the Beta community at (https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/117013283658744326998) and help test the next version of the app.

The READ_PHONE_STATE permission is required by the ad network. The only data sent is the device id to be used as a unique identifier. The same data is sent to Google every time you turn your phone on.

The External Storage permissions are used for image caching.

A pro version is available that does not contain any ads and does not require this permission.

This app is not affiliated with or authorized by the Drudge Report or Matt Drudge

Email suggestions to [email protected]

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (27)

Mik. C. Nov 16, 2017     

Stories won't update and stories won't load. Been going on for over 1 week.

Rob. W. Mar 23, 2018     

App is not updating.

Jas. P. Nov 17, 2017     

Has not updated stories for days. Broken

VK. P. Mar 6, 2017     

Many articles are headlines only.

Jef. R. Nov 24, 2016     

I look forward every morning to The Drudge Report. It lets me know what's important each day.

mat. N. Oct 9, 2016     

Links not functioning anymore.

A. G. u. Oct 14, 2016     

I thought drudge died, then I visited his real website and found that it was the app that died. Switched to drudge+ app and uninstalling this one.

Amy. L. Mar 23, 2016     

Sometimes it gives a link to an article, but most of the time it's just some short thing that's only part of the article. And, if I'm not lucky enough to get that it just show one of ten different types of error pages.

THE. X. Oct 29, 2015     

Hit or miss. The stories don't come up. An error page comes up frequently when I try and open a story. Ridiculous.

Bob. L. Apr 7, 2016     

Just installed and nothing appears. Waste!

chr. d. Oct 14, 2016     

Help. After years of loving this app, it won't open stories! I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Its not my phone. Please help me

Con. G. X. Mar 25, 2016     

Plus the stories don't come up....

Bru. m. Apr 1, 2016     

Constantly crashes. Can rarely get through an article.

Dav. C. Oct 10, 2015     

Best drudge app out there, doesn't refresh

Pau. Dec 10, 2015     

I miss the photography, but the speed of the view is good.

Ric. S. Oct 29, 2015     

Server problems, won't load

Mic. P. Jul 27, 2015     

The "refresh"is understandable but aggravating.

Tru. H. Sep 14, 2015     

Very informative and thorough subject matter.

Cas. L. Sep 16, 2015     

Just does its job.

Old. B. Jul 28, 2015     

Fantastic again thanks for the fix!

E. S. Feb 26, 2016     

Love this

Gin. K. Jul 26, 2015     

Before May, i would have given this app 10 stars. I have tried everything. First in May it happened here and there. For the last week, even with uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times, the server cannot be found FOR EVERY STORY. I used to check this everyday on my mobile phone. Feel like I lost a friend. What's up, Drudge?

Ala. R. Jun 27, 2015     

All in all, a pretty good app. Being Conservative this app brings me stories I would be hard press to find. Some links do not lead to stories, but this is a minor inconvenience to me. I open this app daily, if not several times a day.

Jam. E. Jul 25, 2015     

I love the website and the App used to work just fine. At some point the App's links started failing and nothing I do fixes them.

Tim. S. Jul 8, 2015     

Worked for a while and stopped. Server in China need say more. No connection.

Irf. D. Jul 24, 2015     

Been using the app for years but all of a sudden it stopped opening the links to the articles about a week ago.

Deb. S. Jul 27, 2015     

I loved this app and now get this crazy message! What's up? I will become 5 stars again when it starts working good again