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How to study effectively?Do you want to succeed in exams?
Using Flashcard will help you learn faster and remember more in a shorter time by showing flashcards just before you will forget them.EMT Flashcards app has several learning modes: Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize, Quiz to make the learning process for EMT exam more exciting and fun.♥ ♥ GREAT CONTENTS ♥ ♥ EMT Flashcards app includes 1.900 premade flashcards from 8 categories which cover all aspects of the Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics exam:
• Preparatory
• Airway Management
• Patient Assessment
• Medical Emergencies
• Trauma Emergencies
• Infants & Children
• Operations
• Others

♥ ♥ GREAT REVIEWS ♥ ♥ EMT flashcards apps have received 15.000+ installed and counting. Some comments from our users about us in Google Play:
• “Great app really helping me with studying”.
• “Stays pretty close to the advanced EMT book. If you need some good flash cards this is the app for you”.&bull ; “One of the best ever created, it really help you learn!”.

Basic features:
• Import cardsets from Couser hero, Quizlet, Flashcard exchange.
• Track study progress using Leitner system.
• Display statistics for cards and games
• Search cardsets from our database with millions of flashcards on various subjects.
• Review schedule to help you review flashcards before they are expired.
• Customize flashcards by selecting font, background and languages.
• Access flashcards created from http://www.superflashcard.com

Premium features:
• Text to speech to study flashcards without looking at screens.
• Download unlimited flashcards to your devices for offline study
• Customize text color and background color/images of cards

This app is also available on Apple App Store, Amazon Kindle App Store, Blackberry App Store and Windows Phone App Store. Please visit us at http://about.superflashcard.com/tour/ for more information .

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Mar 18, 2019     

they are pretty good... but keeps asking if I like, and will do a review/rating.... am hoping this stops that. also asks if I want to "upgrade" .... both are a bit annoying, but that is not what I'm reviewing. the cards are helpful (with the exception of missing words in sentences, and misspelling). a four may be a bit high, but a 3 is to low. well I take it all back. after completing 3 may be 4 sections, it demands that I up grade, at a cost of $4.99/month lol I don't like it enough to pay

Cat. Mar 4, 2020     

The app has a lot of useful information and I like how it has no ads, but the app itself is very disorganized. Also, sometimes the text doesn't fit into the space it's given so it results in missing some information because it isn't visible and some words are spelled wrong.

Cac. K. Jan 10, 2020     

Some aspects are good, some are bad. The testing feature doesn't really work, it will have 4 options in the question, but only one of those option is a choice. Not to mention the okay issue. Aside from that I guess it works... Kinda.

Cry. M. B. 2. Oct 20, 2019     

Relax, get snacks cause that takes hours worth of reading and recalling. It's a quick fix before getting 2 the bookstore or library. Awesome for helping friends who really wanna keep their memory fresh and quick.

nat. w. Sep 21, 2020     

I've started Basic EMT school and this app is very helpful and is pretty close to what we've been learning in classroom. Im just disappointed that after so many uses, I now have to pay for the app to continue to use it. I just cant swing that right now. 😭

Ste. D. Feb 20, 2019     

Very enjoyable. Really compliments the classroom teaching. Great training aid.

Rc. T. Jun 1, 2019     

got the no ads and unlimited access bit still doesnt work...still telling to purchase it again...wasted my money for nothing so worst app ever.

Cor. W. Oct 14, 2018     

Really helpful for people who study well with flash cards.

Jas. S. Oct 23, 2019     

Very informative and helps greatly with memorization

Mou. Sep 23, 2018     

Great app for flash cards and helping study.

Ame. E. B. Jan 30, 2020     

Many spelling errors. Quality of app could be better

Jac. B. May 28, 2019     

Super helpful memorization tool!!

Red. D. P. Dec 9, 2018     

Large amount of information in a concise format.

Mic. B. Jun 4, 2019     

lots of miss spelled terms.

Yog. K. k. s. Dec 3, 2018     

It's a very smart and knowledge app

Sam. S. Sep 23, 2018     

Great app with useful information

EXC. L. S. Mar 9, 2019     

nice app helps to refresh

A. G. u. Nov 21, 2018     

Helps keep meon top of my game

Che. K. Sep 17, 2018     

This has been so helpful

sus. s. Nov 30, 2019     

I love it

Nat. D. Feb 14, 2018     

Great study aid, ads are not that annoying. I enjoy the ease of use, makes it simple to quickly quiz my self or match flashcards definitions while waiting wherever I am.

vr. t. f. m. Aug 20, 2018     

I think it's really useful it comes with the exact things we learned in class its divided in chapter's & everything I loved it

A. G. u. Jul 26, 2018     

Lots of misspellings. Otherwise easy and fantastic

Kat. S. Mar 7, 2018     

The flash cards have just enough information on them

Mel. L. May 20, 2018     

Love it...I really love that there is a way to hear the term

Ame. G. Mar 20, 2018     

Good way to study. Very helpful.

Kan. W. May 18, 2017     

Has spelling errors but has helped quite a bit

Ms.. P. Aug 29, 2017     

The first few I saw were correct but the typos made me feel nervous. Typos. What else is typoed?

Ker. F. Jun 22, 2017     

Has a lot of questions that are covered in exams In school. Great app and super helpful

T. D. Sep 3, 2017     

Over $6 a month to use the app ad-free. Greedy.