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Enlight Pixaloop - Photo Animator & Photo Editor

Chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2019!

Bring your photos to life in just a few taps. Create animated pictures, from a flicker of flame to cascading waterfalls - the creative possibilities are endless. Pixaloop lets you create and edit moving photos with easy and powerful editing tools.

Edit photos into animated pictures - use arrows to add movement, choose the speed, and control what moves with anchors. Picture effect tools based on artificial intelligence make it easier than ever to define whole areas of a picture, or fine tune for more control.

Pixaloop allows you to easily edit photos with powerful, precise, and easy to use picture animation tools. The photo editor lets you see your image come to life with real-time edits as you create mesmerizing art in moments.

Pixaloop brings life to images, creating moving pictures and cinemagraphs that will wow anyone from your friends to your followers - best of all, it’s a free photo animation app. Animate photos and add video effects to watch your image come to life as incredible videos that boomerang back and forth or flow like a GIF.

Need inspiration? Look for #Pixaloop, then get in on the social media trend and start sharing photos! Tag your own creations and we’ll feature the best ones. Share animated pictures and take the next step for your social feed!



- Add photo movements with a few taps and swipes
- Simple arrows set photo motion direction
- Anchor points limit photo motion and hold parts of animated photo in place
- Freeze sections of photos with a Freeze brush


- Replace bland Skies with colorful sunsets and animated clouds
- Choose from a wide variety of automated Skies resembling timelapse
- Get the Sky results you want easily with this animation photo editor


- Add fun Overlays to bring mood, emotion & movement to still photos
- Photo sharing for a popular look for your Stories and Feed
- Effects for pictures with weather Overlays, sparkles, and more!
- Create motion graphics effects resembling cinemagraphs to make your stories come alive


- Animated photo editing tools including speed, direction, and style
- Photo editor effects and adjustments to distort perspective & style
- Video and photo maker with every type of effect you need


- Picture effect editor for making any and all necessary photo adjustments
- Adjust, edit, and animate photos for amazing animation effects
- Make a picture come to life!


- Animate photo elements: hair, waves, clouds & clothing
- Animated video results with Pixaloop’s high-end and easy animation tools
- Create moving masterpieces that serve your social media presence, business, or personal brand
- Get pro photo animation results with ease with this Android photo animation app!
- Learn to animate in minutes with incredible design and animation photo software & technology

Add video effects, graphics and bring your pictures to life with Pixaloop!

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Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.pdf

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Reviews (27)

Arm. K. Mar 19, 2022     

The app is amazing, I love how easy it is to use. But I noticed some things that could be useful when added. First, can you add a function to reset all changes I made? Since sometimes I decide to start everything from the zero, it would be useful. Second, can I delete my creations? If I accidentally choose wrong image, then I would like to delete it. Maybe I just didn't find those functions, but if they really don't exist then please add them.

Dou. W. May 28, 2022     

Bad quality in the final video and effects. I use high quality pictures and paid the maximum subscription for the app but the results I get even on maximum quality are really, really bad quality. The app feels like a demo, even with the paid option.

CP. B. May 22, 2022     

The App is let down in some departments, like effects and elements. These either have tools that are rarely used or very little is newly added. This app could be so much better if new items were added elements and overlay. I was subscribed for 1 year but with little change I cancelled my renewal.

Gra. G. May 6, 2022     

Great app but for the price I would have expected to be able to use it across different devices. Works fine on Android phone, installed on iPhone as well and magically the app says it can't find the purchased license which is disappointing. If you can resolve this then I'd happily give 5 stars... edit - Down to 2 stars then. Let me know once you're worked on it instead of making it so that I have to pay for an additional subscription 👍🏻

Kri. S. Apr 11, 2022     

The interface was very very easy to use even though I skipped the tutorial slides in the beginning. It let's you choose the quality and duration of the file. The file was exported within few seconds as well. Extremely good app for beginners.

jan. Apr 3, 2022     

Worked a few times and now everytime I try to save something it either "saves" and comes up as an error in my media files that cannot be opened, or it doesn't save at all. Tried different things to try get it to work, but nothing will save to my device now. *Premium subscriber. Had the app for 1 day.

Moc. M. Mar 23, 2022     

The app isnt bad, but the only problem is that it keeps kicking me off. Whenever i want to go edit my project (because it kicks me off), it exits the app. I have tried re-opening and restarting, but nothing seems to work. I don't know if it's my device or if something happened, but it would be nice to get it fixed.

Rue. F. May 19, 2022     

This app doesn't even deserve 1 star. When I downloaded the app, I went to open the app. The app opened then as soon as I clicked a picture to edit, the app crashed and froze my phone.

Mag. H. May 6, 2022     

Not terribly impressed. Too many "premium" features, including the add your own music feature. Animation doesn't move in time with music. It's interesting, but not worth the price of paying for premium.

Eth. W. Mar 10, 2022     

I was surprised by how cool it is to actually be able to move pictures. I found this app from TikTok. If you want to make cool videos, or create a GIF, this is the app. It gives you the option to select the quality of the picture, and how long it last doing the movement things lol. Very fun app.

Dav. A. Mar 12, 2022     

Free features are cool and easy to use. I would pay for PRO but its a subscription service. I wish that i could pay to unlock features FOREVER. Obviously they wanna make money but instead should have a subscription for a few features and the rest should be a forever unlock.

Y. R. Mar 8, 2022     

Very good overall design and features, has many free functions to use and the best part is that the app is very easy to use and easily understand what each features does and how to work it. Well done to the developer's and the people who helped build this amazing app.

Kry. Mar 10, 2022     

Very few features available for free. It's also incredibly annoying that you can only add one overlay to a photo. I wanted to use two of them, the rain and fog overlays, but I can only use one. I also can't add in my own music because that's a premium feature.

Ken. F. Mar 10, 2022     

There is not much to say about this app, it does exactly what it promises and makes everything about your boring pictures amazing. I recommend it to everyone, who is thinking about giving it a try, as the app is simply amazing. The tools in this app are incredibly easy to use and the creators behind them should be praised. Its so fun animating your pictures like that! Really recommended app!

Coa. T. Mar 9, 2022     

From from my experience with the app it's very good and easy for editing especially for people who are new to editing software. But I have a question and that's where is the select for animating stuff?

min. s. Mar 11, 2022     

Great app no problems with editing and you dont need the pro features for the game to function. It also exports the videos even at the 1080p quality videos incredibly fast. Also great for making video backgrounds

Mic. F. P. Feb 22, 2022     

I am in love with this software! good luck finding anything as powerful easy and diverse on any platform. I really wish Lightricks would make a pc version as well. This app can do a good amount of things that would require multiple specialty programs on a pc or mac and a large monthly fee for each. Speaking of monthly fee(edit:the fee might be anual now.), there is one for this app to get the most out of it; It's very modest totally worth it! The results this app can produce are very high end. In some environments they would easily pass for professional level.

Kev. B. Jan 30, 2022     

I love this app but I really wish they'd let you creat an account vs binding it to a single device. I purchased this on my iPad and it would be awesome if I could use it on my z fold 3 as well but I'd have to purchase it again. Would buy they're other products as well if this was possible but kinda makes it a deal breaker for me. Especially considering the price I'd have to pay to put the same thing I've already paid for across multiple devices.

Lyn. S. May 1, 2022     

I paid for the pro version for 1 month and I'm glad I didn't get the more expensive package because I got the 1 month pro version just 2 days ago and now I can't export anything because it's trying to force me to pay again. BE FOR REAL...DON'T DOWNLOAD APP. A TOTAL WASTE

Jas. B. Feb 27, 2022     

A wonderfully smooth app allowing even the most novice photo editors an easier and less stressful way to make high quality, visually stunning photos, thank you for making an app that allows me to make animated memories for myself and my family, if I was able to afford the full version I imagine I would be able to create much more but being a disabled veteran I cannot afford it but none the less, what I can use is more than enough. From a struggling vet I say thank you.

CR. E. Apr 10, 2022     

Pro version is too overpriced. And the app isn't very user friendly when it comes to applying and or wanting to delete unwanted features. It should be simpler to use.

Mir. E. May 26, 2022     

Hey there. No one attended to this problem. Can you please refund my money back. Thiefs! I have paid a full subscription to try the app. Thenafter I asked them if they can refund me the money back as the app didn't fulfill what I am looking for king for. They stole the money. No answer from the support and removed my subscription. Thieves! And bad customer support! I have contacted them through the app more than five times. No answer! I even included my email. Nothing till today!

hot. s. Apr 2, 2022     

I think this ver. wasint made for my device because when i first opened the app, none of the tutorial videos played and then the app closed. Everytime i try to open the app it will load for half a second and then close. I really wanted to like this app :(

Sap. Mar 13, 2022     

It's an amazing app and most of the options are free, but I keep getting issues where my downloaded photos aren't coming up so I can edit so I have to keep deleting and reinstalling, besides that amazing

Shu. C. Mar 29, 2022     

It's awhhhhmazing, just a great thing n doesn't take ages to apply any animation or filters. Just tried a pic as a sample n loving it already. I hope it will stay the best like this - keep up the great work 🙃

mad. m. Mar 12, 2022     

It's really good, I would rate 5 stars but most of the effects are not even that useful, maybe adding color customisation and diamonds as shapes would be a great add, great app, keep the good work up!

Bar. J. Mar 16, 2022     

By far the best in the market, no one comes close. I've tried the other apps but this one just a lot more options and effects you can use. Other than that if they can add more elements, this would be perfect.