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Euromillions Checker

If you play the same numbers on the Euromillions Lottery each week or even if you use different numbers each week this app will check them for you.
It allows you to store as many or as few tickets as you like.

Touch the ticket to find out how much you've won.

Touch the line containing that week's winning numbers to get the prize fund breakdown.

You can also store your UK Millionaire Raffle numbers. These will be checked at the same time as your lottery numbers, winners being highlighted in red.

No need to plough through screens selecting which Lottery you're playing
- this app opens with your list of Euromillions ticket numbers and highlights all matching numbers.

Check your tickets and raffle numbers against the last 6 months' draws.

If you only play on a Tuesday or a Friday you can opt to just view the day of the week that you play.

Permissions required:

- to get the winning numbers and the values of the prizes

- to store your numbers; the app can be stored on your SD card if you have one

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (13)

ala. b. Nov 30, 2019     

Was good, getting a bit glitchy now, not showing win amount correctly, slow to load now.

Kar. S. Nov 25, 2018     

Very easy to use , nice app.

Has. N. Nov 22, 2020     

This Euro millions is not working on my phone anymore

m. s. Sep 12, 2019     

What's it for?

A. G. u. May 23, 2018     

I have been using it and it has been great but now all of a sudden when i go into it it comes up with an error anf i ignore the error it gives me numbers but says the date of the numbers cannot be found also does not give any raffle so now i have ininstalled but if you fix it i will install it again cos it was brilliant

Pet. T. Jan 12, 2017     

Would be much slicker if it included a bar code reader like lotto.

Cra. J. Aug 16, 2014     

It's saturday night and still not showing Friday's results... it's quicker to check yourself, the opposite point of having an app

Dav. L. Oct 10, 2014     

Can't seem to add my raffle numbers. It seems to accept the first letter in the first box and it'll accept numbers as well but only one letter

A. G. u. Mar 5, 2013     

Par Excellence, certainly First Class.Thanks *******High Maturity, for me. Glad to be aboard Trillion Star Application!.The best in town!,

A. G. u. Sep 5, 2012     

Was looking for ages for this type of app. Perfect for syndicates. Just needs lotto plus results and it's a 5star app.

cra. b. Dec 16, 2012     

Combine with lotto results for 5 stars. Also could add auto check and alerts to let you know if you have won of not.

Ant. T. Oct 5, 2016     

Might as well look the numbers up on the BBC red button

ayn. i. M. Oct 15, 2019