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FaxFile - Send Fax from phone

FaxFile sends fax files or documents,including PDF files, stored on your Android phone or tablet to any fax number in the USA/Canada and many international locations. Send a fax from your phone as simply as selecting a file and entering a fax number.
FaxFile supports sending via fax PDF and Microsoft office Word documents (.doc or .docx). It can also send as a fax images in PNG and JPG formats. Enabling you to fax images saved by your phone's or tablet's camera.

You will need to purchase fax credits through the Google play store (in-app purchase) to send a fax. Fax credits are not refundable in whole or in part once you have started a fax.

Faxes transfer in the background from your phone or tablet to our fax servers which do the actual sending. Fax status is returned to the application at each step.

There no monthly subscription required in order to send faxes. NOTE: for international faxes, check the international rate table in the application before purchasing credits to verify that the country(ies) you care about are supported.

Supports sending a fax to contacts or typed in fax numbers for a one-off fax.

We will automatically retry faxes that don't go through initially
- no additional charge and you don't need to do anything. If a fax fails to go through PLEASE call the number and verify that a fax machine is actually answering. This is the number one problem with failed faxes. Don't rely on "of course the fax machine is working".

Fax formats of image files (photos of documents) takes quite a while to transfer and send as a fax.Allow at least 3 minutes per page to transfer and two minutes to fax if you are sending a scan or image (photo) file. More if your data connection maybe ... slow.See the introductory help in the FaxFile app and FAQ for more information.

Works with all Android devices including tablets. Requires network access of some sort. WiFi usually best.

If you need a cover page, please see our related app FaxCover.

Category : Business

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Reviews (29)

Ant. B. May 10, 2022     

Great app if you sent the occasional fax. they're probably cheaper ways to send faxes if you send a lot or a lot of pages, but you really can't beat the convenience of this app and the fact that it ties in very nicely with companion app for cover pages. they keep the app up to date. would definitely recommend

Lau. L. Apr 28, 2022     

Easy to use and works great. I've used this app for a few years and with 3 different phones. The pricing per fax is very affordable. The app quality is amazing. I have tried several different fax apps but this one is the best!!!

Fra. J. May 24, 2022     

I love FaxFile. I don't have a landline, which means I don't have fax capability even though I have an all in one printer. I rarely have to fax. When I have needed to fax, things would get too complicated for me in moving documents from my computer and smartphone to file I would fax. FaxFile is a lifesaver for me. When I am at home, I can get everything that need to fax and not have to leave my home. Plus the "credits" they charge per page are very reasonable. I highly recommend FaxFile.

JOD. G. Jan 20, 2022     

I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of this app. Very easy to navigate with no 'learning curve'. Rates are very reasonable, and having the option to buy play store credits is very handy. It took a few minutes for the fax to go through, and at first I thought it was another bad app. I read the faq and it answered my question as to whether I should cancel and resend. Don't cancel it, just be patient. In the menu, there is a 'status' tab, so you can check there

Cat. H. May 25, 2022     

Been using this for years. Simple, easy to use snd inexpensive. No subscription required, you pay as needed for faxes sent only. So far all my faxes have gone thru with no issues.

Pil. M. Apr 5, 2022     

i love this app. I still have some documents that needs to be faxed instead of email. I've been using it for years. Very easy to upload documents and fax. Highly recommended. So easy and very convenient to use.

Dav. A. Jul 31, 2021     

I was surprised at the ease of use of this App. Simple, fast, and no trial garbage. You only pay for what you use. You get the progress status onscreen while it's being sent, and confirmation on delivery. Buy credits through the App using the method you prefer, and you get an email on the charge + tax, as soon as you've made the purchase. Once you have the credits in your account, it displays the balance. You enter your name, the fax #, and away it goes. Thanks for a useful App!

Ala. N. M. Jun 18, 2019     

It works as advertised. A maximum cost of 50ยข per page (at the smallest bundle of credits), which isn't bad, all things considered. A local library or government office may have free fax machine use, but if you need to fax something that you don't have in physical format already, and you would have to travel to get to one, then 50ยข (or less) per document page isn't that bad for the principle of convenience; it's worth it, especially considering you can fax direct from the popular cloud storages.

Joh. D. Mar 4, 2022     

Just sent my first fax. It was not complicated to set up. I took photos of the pages I needed to fax. The app converted them and sent the pages to the recipient fax number. Three best things about this app. 1. I can fax from my phone anywhere. I don't have to find someplace like a UPS store to fax. 2. Half price of what most places charge. 3. You only buy as many credits as you need at 50 credits ($2.50) at a time, no large purchase or monthly subscription.

Mon. E. Feb 10, 2022     

So far so good! I've been looking for an app that allows me to send a text. I like this one because there is no subscription, especially since I don't send faces on a regular! You just purchase a credit package and use the credits at your leisure. It's very easy to use and sends the faxes quickly.

J.. Apr 25, 2022     

Wish incoming was included like it use to be but hey, I almost never receive so whatever: Sending works flawless, only one star for reducing past options without another app/cost, though at least there's still an option should you need to receive, just use to be one app

ash. Mar 30, 2022     

LEGIT 100000% if your in the US it's on 10 credits per page. They do what they say, I use them everytime I need to fax which isn't often. it would be expensive to use for the everyday. .get a fax # and machine for that type of work!

Nin. H. Apr 19, 2022     

Best app for faxing you do have to use coins that you purchase to send a fax. But it's 100% dependable. The App is very user friendly also.

Wil. K. Apr 25, 2022     

This is my favorite faxing app. It's simple, intuitive, and just works. The pay per fax is ideal for someone who only uses it occasionally.

QUE. N. E. W. Mar 31, 2022     

I have been using FaxFile and FaxFile Cover Sheet for ICR how long. There are so many options to choose on the cover sheet takes a bit of time! even in the option to I'm

God. o. L. May 22, 2022     

The best option when you need to send something super fast. No need for physical equipment or paper.

Amb. M. Mar 21, 2022     

UPDATE: 03/21/2022 STILL AMAZING, STILL USING IT REGULARLY YEARS LATER! Works great! I have been using this app for years and it has never glitched on me. My faxes send quickly and cleanly, and the app is SO EASY to use. There is a per-page fee, but the cost is reasonable and comparable to other fax apps, certainly affordable, and definitely cheaper and more convenient than postal office or office supply store.

Ken. L. Sep 25, 2019     

After reading many reviews I was confident that this app could temporarily replace my fax machine that's currently on the blink. I found the setup very easy. Using this was also very easy to use. The only drawback I have is not being able to see your document before sending it. Thanks for living up to the many positive reviews.

Alb. R. Dec 10, 2018     

I've had this app for years and it's much more cost effective than driving to a Kinkos to fax a document. If you don't want to own a fax machine or just want an alternative when you're not around one this is perfect. It converts literally everything to fax and if you have a phone with a stylus. You can download a pdf sign it and send it back out using this app. I'd take paying for this app over buying a fax machine anyday...

Vic. S. Jul 8, 2021     

In today's Digital world I never thought I would have to search for a fax app but billing errors and double charging by Dinosaur-era RWJ Barnabas Health made me look for one. FaxFile worked as a savior. While their UI is not that great aesthetically, it works wonders with it's simplicity. 4 stars for it's reasonable pricing and functionality but that additional 1 more star for their incredible support services. They are truly customer driven and as promised giving them 5 stars!

Lis. H. Dec 1, 2021     

Love this app. It is so easy to use and works perfectly. It is very cheap to use and there are no recurring fees. You pay about 50 cents per fax. No other payment required. Fax goes through fast. I have tried other fax apps and they just took my money and didn't work. This is the best fax app you will find!! I give it 10 stars!!

Kel. R. Jan 7, 2022     

Love this app! Throughout the years it has never let me down, in fact there's a sister app, if you will, that you can add a cover sheet directly to your fax...love it! Easy to attach files and receive confirmation of delivery

Lis. C. Nov 18, 2021     

I really love this app. Nothing worse than trying to interact with a company that still maintains technology from 1994 and you have to go figure out where to fax from. This fixes all that. I can fax right from my phone so easily and it will tell me when it delivered the fax. If you're working with current tech but your recipient isn't, this is the perfect tool for you.

Sof. W. Aug 23, 2019     

Fax File to send faxes has made my life so much easier. I'm not bombarded by a bunch of senseless ads or anything. I am able to get on, take care of my business and get back off with no problems. I even installed the Fax Coversheet app as well. The two sync together which makes faxing a breeze,

Pat. G. May 23, 2022     

This app has never failed me yet. Even when I had to send many files at once. Great app. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Don. J. Aug 27, 2021     

Getting better each time. No more big fax machine with a telephone keypad. This is far better, and the cover page is so easy to use. Even a third grader could use the Fax Cover page with the Fax only App. Simple. Both work together in harmony.

Jam. S. Apr 19, 2022     

Really simple to use and straightforward remote fax app. Most reliable I've used.

Ric. A. Feb 17, 2022     

1st fax sent today. I like the (credit) system. My fax went through immediately. Will see what the future holds. Please don't change a thing. The fax works fine. Others may find faults, but I have no complaints. I think I have found the fax app I have been looking for. Thanks, Richard

Ob1. Apr 4, 2022     

Very fast and easy! Better and cheaper than every app I have tried! Thank you!