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FIND App - Never lose anything

#New app with refreshed UI!!
Keep losing things? Want to share & track belongings with friends? Want to track kids in a crowded environment? Ensure your pets do not go far away? FIND your keys easily early in the morning?

Can't remember where you kept your handbag? Track if your bags made it to your flight? Find your luggage easily on the luggage belt after a flight? Avoid forgetting your phone in a restaurant?

The FIND by SenseGiz is the best track & find tag which can be used to reliably prevent losing or misplacing belongings like keys, bags, pets, laptops, phones etc.

This latest app update now supports Android 5 (Lollipop) and has a several bug fixes too!

Installation & Usage Guidehttp://www.sensegiz.com/find-installation-usage-guide/

Please note: Android supports only one FIND tag to be connected to the app at a time.

Getting Started is easy. You’ll need to install the battery and download the app. From there you will connect the FIND to the App and then you’re done. In less than 5 minutes you’ll be able to connect your phone to your FIND, attach it to something important to you and always know where you left it.

Please contact us at [email protected] for any assistance at any time!

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Reviews (25)

Sag. C. Oct 30, 2018     

Worst App. I want to hit those developers who developed this App and want to hit those testers who tested and signed off for release. Half of the things are not working. Horrible. Going to return the product. I installed app. But there is no Connect button to connect my device. It has mentioned in instructions that we need to pull down to see connect button and connect device. I pulled down so many times but didn't see Connect button. Hey Developers, you need a good android training if didn't get please come to me I will teach you. Worst UI. Hey testers you need to do a good testing with different different devices.

San. C. Oct 24, 2018     

This is a worst app. I bought find device and downloaded the app to configure. Signed up and when try to login it says invalid username and password. I reset the password thrice but getting the same error.

G. G. May 29, 2019     

app does not work. wont even attempt to connect to device. there is no support or help desk unless you pay for another app

fah. k. Nov 28, 2019     


And. F. Dec 18, 2016     

Its so quiet and the app its self isnt user friendly. Its poorly designed, and everytime you back out the app it sets off the Find tag which is inconsequential because its so quiet you cant hear it anyways. You'd be better off hearing your keys hit the ground. The map locator function is so vague, its tell you the Find tag is with in a 50 ft radius which is pointless if its in your house. Not to mention it keeps telling me my Find tag is two doors down when im right next to it. Worthless and pointless.

mat. w. Mar 5, 2017     

Failed, app stops when trying to locate, I want my money back, I bought a handful of these things from us cellular. If the app don't work they are worthless.

A. G. u. Dec 8, 2016     

Keep loosing my Key's..Now it's easy to Find by using Find

Vis. M. Jul 30, 2016     

Very user friendly app

Mac. M. Feb 6, 2016     

Using this app with a new phone. Got the app to work once to signal the fob... but since then, whenever I sign in it tells me I'm signed in on another device (which I'm not) then after I connect, the app freezes then crashes. I know it works, but I just can't get the app to run consistently.

Gha. R. Mar 3, 2016     

Alarm on find tag is very low that alarm is inaudible even a ceiling fan is switched on. Then how can we detect lost item by low volume alarm. Phone is freezing with this app

dav. v. Oct 24, 2015     

Keeps giving false separating alerts in combined mode.

Gir. A. P. L. Oct 18, 2015     

Saved me $1000 as it helped me find my lost bag,

raj. p. Sep 27, 2015     

Helped me find my lost keys

vas. k. Aug 19, 2015     

How to find the software version on the installed app?

Mar. F. Aug 7, 2015     

My new device decided that I don't ovned him. Sorry that I cannot give -1 very angry.

Atz. W. Jun 30, 2015     

I think it's designed for me because I keep forgetting things where I keep and waste my time for searching that.this works fine and now it saves my time ,by using this I am able to find my keys easily .Great work Team.👍

Tol. K. Jun 22, 2015     

Required too many permission s. That it not need. Microphone. Camera. Contacts and many more.

Min. K. Jan 28, 2015     

Can't use without GPS enabled which drains the phone's battery faster. Should have an option to turn GPS off otherwise the app crashes without it. I only use this to remind me that I left my phone or keys behind which should only use bluetooth. GPS should only be turned on when you need to find items that are out of range of bluetooth. Only 3 stars because of this.

Ada. R. Oct 3, 2014     

App works great in conjunction with my find tag. I missed placed my keys in the house and the find app worked great to help me locate.

T. D. Oct 3, 2014     


Pau. F. Oct 4, 2014     

well Donna, I suppose If I could be sold off, this is what I would do, but all is not positive with your device or app.... at best, on occasion I can use it to make my keys beep to find them, but they are almost NEVER connected like you sold us on kickstarter....

Kev. M. Oct 3, 2014     

Got this from kickstarter and have loved it. The app runs smooth and it picks up the Find easily.

Ada. V. Sep 13, 2014     

Suddenly I cannot connect with the latest app update. Please fix-- don't make your product much worse than it is. EDIT: much better with the last update! Thanks!

Pio. U. Sep 6, 2014     

Worthless all around. Cant test the newest versions because my find just fell apart

Geo. W. Aug 5, 2014     

I would absolutely love this device if it worked. Sadly, like a decent amount of reviewers on here I can not connect. I have read the reviews and I have read sensegiz's reply to said reviews. All I have to say that is your customers should not have to heavily rely on the "trouble shooting" method for it to work. The company should improve the app to be more device and user friendly. I personally followed the troubleshooting steps to the best of my understanding (they're confusing) and still no luck.