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Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads allows you to search, download and listen songs that are licenced as "free to use". Usage is simple
- in "Download" tab enter your search query, hit "search" button, wait for results to load and then click on the song that you want to download. In "Listen" tab you can listen to all songs downloaded using this app.
Songs are downloaded to your devices SD cards folder "music-freeMp3Downloads" and can be reached directly from there, from application's embedded music player or from your phone music players library.

Application is available in English, German, Russian, Indonesian, Brazilian portuguese and Lithuanian languages. In order to change application language
- change the standart language of your device.

Note: music is provided by "www.jamendo.com". All songs, available through this application, are intended only for your personal non-commercial use.

Since the music is from authors who give their music for free, you won't find any commercial music here. Please don't give negative ratings just because you don't find what you want.

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (25)

ele. Dec 13, 2020     

This is overall a really good Mp3 Download to use for offline music. I agree that the searched for song titles is useless and won't work. But I'm here to help you download music for it. Okay so go to the website called mp3juices.cc it can work on mobile too, search what you want in the search bar, then tap/click "Download" then wait for it to check the video and stuff, then you should see another button called "Download" there you go, you have the music hope this helped!

Rup. K. j. Apr 10, 2021     

Elegy bro thanks for advice. It was helpful. But to me this app just a pass to enter mp3jucies.cc. website. But we can download songs from that website. So, it is nice app I think. And because of it I download many songs and now enjoying.

Sam. k. Apr 7, 2022     

I am search the song (faded) it's. Telling error please try again Don't install the app In my language. Booka app Nenu aa app ki ila reivew ivaledhu Only telugu people can understand this Below two lines

Fai. A. Apr 22, 2022     

This is a really bad app. Pls do not download. It would really be a waste of data. Frs tho.

Mac. T. Dec 18, 2021     

Sorry. I don't understand because of this app is too difficult of this ap I am so tired of to search the song but I don't found a music and I don't know how to use it.

Oka. M. Dec 12, 2021     

This app its somehow when ever you want to search the song it cancel itself

Vic. A. May 23, 2022     

Bad app it shows the outcome you dont request, wasting of data

Jos. s. May 16, 2022     

LAME. I tried searching for five different bands three of those were pretty mainstream bands. NO RESULTS

Ill. A. Dec 29, 2018     

The search results have NOTHING to do with what was searched for. The layout is hideous. The quality is trash. It's mostly poorly done covers recorded in a basement. This app is bad and whoever made it should feel bad. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS! It's a garbage trap!

Ste. H. Jul 5, 2019     

The search results are not of the artist I'm looking for. For instance, I just searched Moody Blues and the results were anything with Blue in the title.

Dan. H. Nov 17, 2020     

Terrible. Doesn't find anything I've searched for. Doesn't even try and get songs close to the search either. Just random songs.

Isr. J. Dec 14, 2020     

Very bad app..i cannot search any new music..i though that i can search and download song Through this app.but its showing only my downloaded songs..such an useless app..

Mad. C. Sep 28, 2018     

I hate this app... When i search a song it passed me through a website...but then i haven't found my searched song... It happend repeatedly... I was disappointed... The about description is not true...

Din. D. Mar 15, 2021     

I can't get to search any music because the adverts are right on the middle of the screen with no option to remove it.

S.V. Nov 16, 2021     

My experience is full of hopelessness.In24 hours trying and trying again,but no any mp3 download. So this application is worst.

Mon. C. Jan 15, 2019     

Terrible. Tried to search songs and ones with norhing similar to the song I searched would come up. Good if you want to download random things

San. A. Aug 22, 2021     

Man, what can I do with this app, it's just a waste of space. It can't even search any song. Yeah, sure I can type into it to search but I can't press the search button.

Bra. P. Jul 18, 2020     

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xti. k. Dec 17, 2020     

Oh my God this app aint gonna give me any if my songs...wat is it all about its just nonsense and i dont like it but . good trial because its shows yu have an idea...but please improve it nothing is impossible right.....but its not good try yua best next time🌚🌚

Ven. C. May 23, 2022     

The songs that I'm asking for it is showing me other stuff please to fix this

Man. May 12, 2022     

Stupid app it doesn't work. Waste of time

Nal. M. Nov 9, 2021     

This is the worst app to download songs it doesn't even work I tried downloading 1 song 10 times and it keeps on saying download unsuccessful or no Internet connection but my internet is on 😑😑

Zan. N. Oct 15, 2020     

This app is not efficient,i wrote the song i wanted to download but it did not show any song that i wrote so wrote the artist's name but again it did not show the songs of that artist

A. G. u. Dec 5, 2018     

It have only songs in English Spanish and other languages but it doesn't have songs in Urdu or Hindi languages it should be able to contains songs of all the languages

Dav. D. Mar 26, 2022     

Very useless app of all time