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Full Screen Caller ID

This is the original Android Full Screen Caller ID with more than 2 Millions downloads and 50.000+ paid installations ! Thanks all for your awesome support !!
The Full Screen Caller ID is a replacement caller screen for your Android Device.Using this program you can customize the way your phone notifies you upon incoming & outgoing calls, sms, emails and missed calls.

--== Basic features ==--

- Full screen notification for incoming calls
- Full screen notification for outgoing calls
- Full screen notification for missed calls
- Full screen notification for incoming SMS
- All buttons and texts are customizable
- Use pictures from sd card, internal camera or facebook
- Customize caller design : pick colors, text size of the notifications
- Text-to-speech : the full screen caller id can read out loud your incoming calls, sms and mails
- Facebook integration : pick pictures from facebook or link your contacts with your facebook friends to update all profil pictures with one click

--== Advanced features ==--
- Android integration : share pictures from any Android application to set pictures for your contacts
- Theme support
- Answer by buttons : no more slider to move to pick up the phone
- Answer by sliding the screen.
- Landscape support : high resolutions pictures can be set for both portrait and landscape mode.
- Backup and restore all settings and pictures.
- Video caller Id (beta)
- Block annoying contacts

--== How to use ==--

Please check the youtube video to learn how to use the software. Full Screen Caller ID will work instantly once installed but you have to assign HD pictures to your contacts to avoid full screen blurry pictures. HD pictures must be assigned from the Full Screen Caller ID menu, not from the stock Android contact application.

--== Know limitations ==--This limitations are imposed by Google, there is nothing I can do about it.
- no support for double call
- no support for answering when bluetooth headset is plugged on ICS devices
- no dialpad inside FSCI (double tap to close and use stock dialpad)

--== Contact me ==--Contact me if you have feature request or bug report. When reporting a bug, please describe the problem precisely and write your device reference and android version. I work alone on this project so I won't be able to answer every single mail. However I read all mails and will fix reported bugs.

Follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/@ChristopheNys

Category : Communication

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Reviews (27)

Cyn. B. Apr 15, 2022     

It's not terrible. There is an option for 1 tine payment for no ads, and seems to work fine. I just wish I could change the default sunrise/sunset image for all other calls or contacts that don't have an image. Of that could change, I think I'd give it more stars.

Chr. H. Feb 28, 2022     

Poor documentation, non-intuitive setup, facebook link missing... Excellent app if it will work properly. After upgrading and testing - Facebook integration does not work, video caller id crashes when trying to set video from any source other than the very limited online gallery, and there is no instruction to be found anywhere. Update: they fixed video selection but facebook link is just gone and documentation is still lacking. Nevertheless, it has some great functionality and you can get fantastic caller id images with a little (well, ALOT without the Facebook image import) of work.

Man. P. Apr 20, 2022     

I like the application, I have the premium one, the only problem is that the proximity sensor does not turn off the screen when one is in a call, they have to fix that problem because you did it before.

BEH. B. Apr 9, 2022     

I've been using this app for a very long time.. Very happy and satisfied.. But after this last update the screen does not go off when close to ear as it should... Really annoying...

Rea. P. S. May 17, 2022     

I like this app especially the edge lighting and the full screen photo but it would be better to have the history of called numbers as well.

gas. f. May 7, 2022     

at the moment ivi has made a difference i dont know why you talk to the phone the kilo of the phone does not turn off if in my ears as in the past fix this i am using samsung A80 i dont know to others .

Jer. C. Mar 12, 2022     

My name is Jerry Cross you posted this app on the app store for sale and I purchased it but now my phone had to be rebooted and I did save a backup file for it however some of the programming will not upload. What do I do next? I've had an issue with crashing from this app and had to unistall it to stop the frezzing screen

RR. F. Jan 14, 2022     

The app it self seems to work as I need it to for the most part, but the ads are invasive. They come at the end of 97% of every call some with video and sound. They have time stamps on them before you can close them out. Most annoying is if I am listening to music before I receive a call, I have to finish the ad before I have to MANUALLY return to my music.

Isr. A. e. m. May 3, 2022     

It's fine, not wow , I can't make a call with it, it only allows me to answer if this problem fixed it'll be perfect.

Bee. C. Feb 7, 2021     

I like the app but it's slow moving through contacts, it doesn't give an end button to hang up the call, it's got a circle picture on my home screen that won't go away, I'd like to see my favorites on the dial pad instead of phone book, I would also like to see an option to delete the special contacts and either allow me to put something there or make that the full favorites, this app has potential and I would pay for the lifetime if it had these changes. Give more options too choose from.

Jas. C. Apr 12, 2020     

The latest update made things more smooth. I have the paid verison. Once a call ends I still see ads. When on a call and you go your home screen. The bubble of the contact being displayed doesn't go away or can't be removed. Only when you reboot your phone. The photos for the contacts are always blurry. Just small things to fix.

Gle. S. Jun 4, 2019     

I so hate the way my standard android phone app works on the favorites speed dial and constantly but-dialing people as each contact is so close to the edge of screen. When I saw this app, I was excited, I liked the look, the customization of colors, as well as the themes supplied. Complaint 1; I had the numeral no 6 on the keypad sticking. 2: I was still calling contacts that weren't even on my speed dial. Bunch of really goofy things happening. 3; Did not see a provision for Video Conference. 4. I thought it was a stand alone app, however it acts as a layer to your regular phone app. 5. I was frantic trying to uninstall it while it kept opening up to make a call or something. In fairness, this could be related to my particular phone. ZTE-982 on MetroPCS (now T-Mobile owned) Wish it would have worked for me. On with the quest.

Jul. D. M. Sep 30, 2020     

I really like this app overall. There's 2 things that I hope they fix. 1) There is no way for me to copy and paste a number into the app, or to edit a number without backspacing to the part I need to change. 2) I cannot recreate this problem, so I don't know what causes it. I have an LG ThinQ and sometimes when I am in a call I lose the call screen completely including the little bubble icon and the notification in my drop down menu. If I figure out how to recreate the problem I'll pass it on.

Moe. B. Feb 16, 2021     

The app in itself is good and does the job. However, support & updates are not there at all. I bought the app after testing it. Many bugs. After a call, the little circle doest close in most of the time. The number format is set according to the region of the developer and doesn't show received calls properly! When calls received I see only the last 4 numbers. Especially if the call is internationally! Tried to contact the developer for months now but NO RESPONSE from his side. Not recommended!

Mel. T. Jul 6, 2019     

I love Full Screen Caller. I like how you can customize what your calls look like. The only thing that I have trouble with in this app is when my phone is not being used and the screen is not active/on I can hear my phone ring but it won't display the caller ID and when I try to open my screen to see the caller ID and answer the call it automatically ends the call. Also when my screen is active/on the caller ID takes a minute to show up when my phone rings. Other then that the app is awesome.

Cha. C. Jan 7, 2020     

I like it a lot because they have full screen HD photos for caller screen and tons of customizations. I want to purchase but I feel like at that price, it needs more app integration and more of a contacts feature. When your on a contact, all I see is Call or Message. No email, or address is viewable even though my contacts have those.

C. J. Jun 12, 2020     

Screen stays on all day after missed calls. The settings of the paid version STILL have a section BEGGING you to share this app. There is a pop up that continued to ask rating. For an app that cost 4 times what other apps cost, this is garbage. The generic sky background loop is about 3 seconds and annoying. The app isn't polished, it looks like an Android 3.0 theme. The call buttons are confusing if they're on or off, especially the mic and speaker icons, etc. Just don't buy it. It gets old.

CJ. B. May 19, 2021     

Just paid for lifetime use of this app. When I open it from the telephone icon, it opens a window with a picture of a cell phone with Mona Lisa on the phone and it's inside a blue circle. It never advances from that screen unless I open and close it a half dozen times! Very frustrating! Will update rating if issue is fixable.

Vic. L. Oct 21, 2019     

I like it but I can't seem to asign a video to a contact or add a picture that would show for a group of contacts. When I miss a call, the screen stays on when it was off. And I've had trouble answering some calls, the app locks and I can't answer on time, can't call back the contact afterward.

tit. s. Jun 23, 2019     

i just downloaded the app and It worked perfectly on my phone. You have to give it access/permission on your phone settings for it to work as expected. RECOMMENDATION: First, kudos to the App Developer. I believe this app can still be improved on. For instance, when placing a call on a double-sims phone, you can't select sims to use(if your sims setting is on ALWAYS ASK, i.e choosing which sim to use). Its either you set a partucular sim for calls only, or place your call from the app. Thanks

Joy. R. Sep 14, 2021     

DOES NOT STAY RUNNING... DO NOT BUY. I have shortcuts set up on my elderly grandmother's phone so she can just touch our contact number and it will call. This app doesn't stay running, even when set as the default call app. It will instead use the default call screen. If I try to disable the default phone app it will just call with NO call screen, no controls or hangup option at all.

And. S. Apr 6, 2022     

I would love this app and give it a 5 star rating if it gave you the option to block calls!

Bho. Z. Jul 25, 2020     

Whenever I'm on my phone and recieve an incoming call the screen blanks (off) and stays blank. Screen comes back to show a missed call. Acts weird with most apps in the foreground. I just think the app can not read the content pic and goes into a soft reset mode For a pervious version : Can't add videos to contacts. App FCs everytime a video is selected.

Qui. P. Oct 5, 2020     

It seems like it will work well, but there is a lot of lag/latency between screens where it goes blank for a moment. You can tell it's an aftermarket app. Also, it craps out a lot of contact photos. Many are pixelated when they weren't using the default app.

Joh. O. Nov 21, 2018     

About the only full screen app that still actually let's me ANSWER the call. I wish the manipulation of the photo you assigne could be like other apps though. Other apps let you zoom out the photo's background to fit fully in the frame. This app only let's you zoom in it seems. Almost all lower rez photos will zoom in to far when assigned.

Mar. L. Jul 22, 2019     

I installed this App because my new phone has Android 9 Pie and I got totally fed up with the swipe to answer calls. Nine times out of ten it totally fails to work, you miss the call , then have to pay to call them back. This App fixed this and I even paid to get rid of annoying adds but Im going to have to leave as it just won't stay on and you have to re launch it every time you turn your phone back on .

Pat. W. Feb 27, 2020     

Very nice. Once Facebook is connected, I may purchase. Issues.. - customizing the colors needs to be more intuitive - can't add special contacts to groups such as coworkers - favorites aren't alphabetized - desktop icon shows I have 2 messages but I have none. Been there for days. Can't get rid of it. - can't figure how to mark missed and unanswered call as blacklist