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Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

Gachaverse Early Release is here!

We are testing out the customization & studio aspect of Gachaverse. The battle mode has been disabled, but will be added in soon. More features will arrive soon as we update the early access version. There won't be a wipe unless a major exploit is found. Thank you for playing the Early Release version of Gachaverse!!

★ Welcome to the Gachaverse ★

The World of Gacha has expanded throughout the universe, but corruption has resurfaced once again. Take control of a new Gacha Summoner as you try to restore peace to the kingdom! Continue the story of Gacha World in this hit sequel and discover over one hundred new units! An advanced version of Gacha Studio is also available!

Create your own anime styled characters and dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits! Boys and girls can choose from hundreds of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, hats, and much more! After designing your characters, enter the Studio and create any scene you can imagine! Strike up your favorite pose and add text bubbles with your own messages! Choose from over a hundred backgrounds to create the perfect scene! For even more fun, create a story in the Skit Maker mode and share it with your friends! Enter the Gachaverse today!

«Game Features»

★ Gacha over 100+ New Characters in Gachaverse!
★ Dress up your characters with the latest anime fashion! Mix and match hundreds of clothes, weapons, hats, and more!
★ Customize your personal look! Change your hairstyle, eyes, mouth, and more!
★ Create your own scenes in Studio Mode! Enter custom text for your characters and choose from many different poses!
★ Make your own stories in the Skit Maker! Easily combine multiple scenes to create sketches!
★ Decorate your own room and visit other players around the world!
★ RPG Battle system with elemental strengths and weaknesses (Coming soon)
★ Story, Event, Arena, Raid, Tower, Training, Challenge, and Survival Modes (Coming soon)
★ Chat and Roleplay with players across the globe using your custom avatar!
★ Free 2 Play, you can farm for Gems easily!
★ Play offline! No Wi-Fi is needed to play!

- The game may lag on old devices & devices with 4k screens
- Please restart the game if you experience lag over time
- In-App-Purchases might not work for Android 6.0+ devices / rooted devices

Thank you for playing Gachaverse!!!!!

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Category : Role Playing

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Reviews (27)

ros. p. May 7, 2022     

I love this game, and I used to play it all the time. I was revisiting it for a video, so I could make my new characters in it to compare each one for a video, but it just shows a black screen and crashes! I see that this is also a problem other people have been having with androids. I am sad about this, as it's very nostalgic for me. Please fix this when you can!!

Rat. May 8, 2022     

I remember using this when I was younger a lot! I would make videos with Gachaverse but now when I installed it it just shows a black screen then crashes, a whole bunch of other people also has this problem. I also remember when I had it on a different device I couldn't type anything at all, like I couldn't put in names or use the chat bubbles. I really wanna play Gachaverse again! But I can't cause of this problem, please fix this. :(

A. G. u. Mar 10, 2022     

I really really want to try this app but apparently there is a bug. Everytime I try to open it it just shows a black screen with the logo and than it tilts the phone to landscape than goes back to potrait mode. I really would want to ask you if you could fix this bug. If this bug gets fixed I will rate it a 5/5. Probably because the app is old. Thank you for reading this. Hope you have a GREAT day and GREAT YEAR :) -Natasha

Say. G. Apr 24, 2022     

You can't type your characters name and it crashed after 20 minutes but otherwise it's an awesome game! EDIT:I got a new ANDROID phone, and when I try to open it it just shows a black screen and crashes. This was a very nostalgic game and I missed it, please fix this bug

Lee. Oct 4, 2018     

EDIT 1: While making a skit in the studio, I encountered a bug that randomly changed my character into something else in one scene and I can't seem to fix that. I would appreciate it if that were checked out. 💖 I see good potential with this game and features it has. The character creation is decent and fun. But it is quite difficult to even stay in the chats for more than a minute with the connection crashes, and there's not much else to do besides that. It's a pretty fine early access so far, but it'll be real great to have the chat connection problems looked at.

Big. M. Oct 13, 2018     

I love this app, I'm on it 24/7 making stories, but I think it would be helpful if there were more customisable characters in the game. Also, most of the other sections are not finished and the chat room is laggy, so I request it to be fixed. And, as an idea, I think you should add more clothe choices and colour choices to make the game even better.

Qui. S. Sep 21, 2018     

Super cute! Great customization. The only problems I have are in the studio. Moving characters is awkward and hard to get exact placement. Moving props is also very difficult, as the props menu must be open to move props, cutting off the top half of the screen. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future! Can't wait for the rest of the game!!

Cat. Oct 27, 2018     

It's pretty good, I guess. Maybe add some more 'relationship', 'personality' and 'occupation' markers. Also, the text input is broken on my device (Google Pixel 2 XL), it only lets me paste in text I've previously copied, so it's really annoying to set you character profiles. I mean, it works (mostly) but it's not perfect, lol. (Edit; Is there a way to get the app on computer? With the import/export options? It works better there...)

Lis. C. Oct 12, 2018     

It's pretty fun creating my avatar's look, but there's little in the way of female mouth options, and the ones they do have are too cartoony. If you try to type anything in the bio section, and try to backtrack before continuing, you literally have to delete everything and start over, 'cause it pops in previous words you already typed. While I'm also finding it difficult to grasp hold of how to use the scene creater section. Also, the chat feature seems to need some help...'cause I couldn't get it to connect at all, and my Wifi signal was strong.

Lil. B. Nov 22, 2018     

The game is a good doll creator and has many fun options, the color palate (although limited) is quite flavorful. My only complaints are that posing is limited and not very easy, and that as of version 9 (Pie) Google OS no longer allows the text features. I'd like for that bug to be fixed, and studio is boring, not a very wide selection of backgrounds. Props are stupid and limited as well, not all even in a similar art style. Overall, needs to be fixed, but it's only in Alpha. Hopefully it will work and be good soon.

A. G. u. Oct 3, 2018     

Most addictive dress up game I've ever had! There is a large selection of clothes, hair, eyes, colors, and more! I've had little to no problems with this game, and I only have two suggestions, because everything else is perfect: The studio is kinda hard to use, and you can only use two gacha people. I also think you should make is possible to drag gachas, since it makes it hard to make the running effect with clicking.

Ana. B. Dec 15, 2018     

Really good! It sometimes lags, though, I think that has to do with my WiFi. Although the ads barely appear, and if you rate it you get free gems!! You can customize caracters , and that's cool, although I wish there were more options. You can do much more, I'm told, though I'm not sure because I'm not there yet! But things are cool, and yeah, definetely download it, its fun. Thx👍!

Lai. P. Aug 1, 2019     

A very good game overall, Gachaverse opened me up to what would later be my favorite games. It glitched on me a few times, but was always easy to fix, and never crashed on me. Overall, I would recommend if you like making characters and playing with them, aka controlling their voices and actions (think Sims 4 but not quite that). The graphics aren't realistic, but still have a real feeling to them, and I love it. Thank you.

Ang. G. S. Oct 13, 2018     

I really love the game! I wanted to make it 5 stars however can you add more choices in making your character's room? Like more items, can rotate or move stuff, why don't you have a different choice of your window frame and different choice of view outside your window? Or you can make a menu of items for example a menu of beds and the players can choose different designs of bed and can choose the theme color for it. I would give five star for you if you can make the players have much more freedom and control in choosing these things. But overall I love the game and is waiting for your updates. Hope my review helped you.

Pho. C. Nov 7, 2018     

For a character creator, it's actually pretty felxible! Of course, it's still limited, but there's still a lot of options to choose from. I'd say the weakest part of the character customization is the color wheel, as were stuck with only a set number as opposed to say, being able to choose out of the millions of colors a computer can display. Nevertheless, the amount of options and the availability of 8 character slots makes this a really solid character creator! However, content is still rather lacking since we can only create and customize characters and our profile, as well as create skits at the moment. Though that will come eventually (Or at least I hope so considering how Lunime is also working on Gatcha Life and probably something else too), so that stance will probably change once the big update comes out.

Pee. B. Sep 27, 2018     

It's good for an early release. Using your own (OC) customizable character in a story or battle-like game... I... I like it okay? It's got a cartoon-style but anime themed graphic style, (easiest way I could explain it) so I don't mind about the graphics. Not much to really to bring up, you can only do a few things in it anyways, but I'd love to see where this game goes.

KOS. P. Feb 11, 2020     

Yes, it does have less accessories, less clothes, and the list goes on.It is not better than gacha life either, BUT besides that It's a great game. It's not so laggy on the animated poses/animations anymore, and the wings are moving. There are the bad things and the good things, the bad side and the good side, but if you look on both sides both of them are no difference, for example, maybe it doesn't have more eyes but it has the old mouths! So, it's a 50% out of 100%.

DJ. C. Mar 11, 2019     

At first, the game seemed great. But overtime it glitched more and more and randomly crashing. I want to make a good story, but it takes you like 4 crashes to just get 1 panel finished. I had to delete the game because it was becoming to hard to play. Plus it seems like they gave up on the game and just left it as a dress up game, not a battle one. Overall it's disappointing.

roo. i. Apr 15, 2019     

This game is very good, but I really, really hate the lag. For example, if I tap on one of my characters, it'll take about 3 seconds for he/she to pop up. And when I'm in studio and I wanna edit the character, it take 5-6 seconds to get back to the dress scene. Can you PLEASE fix this? Also, I wish there were more clothes. Desses, shoes, shirts, etc.

Igr. Dec 2, 2018     

There's a few things it is missing, but it's very good! Please add the ability to add more pages to a skit, be able to change accessories and clothes in those skits, and being able to put more than two characters in a skit. Also, I wanna see what you've got for the rpg! Looks good so far. If you add even one of these I'll raise my rating to five stars! I'll reinstall this too, had to uninstall because it takes too much space ;_;

Ena. L. Jan 13, 2019     

This is amazing and everything, but, I'm having an issue with the skit, because I'm on the last panel of the second page, and it keeps glitching the character on the right, changing the appearance and everything, it's annoying, really, I would appreciate if this could be fixed? It was the only panel that glitched too, that's what got to me.

A. G. u. Oct 7, 2018     

The game is okay, there's lots of customization options and the description doesn't say it's still being developed, but it does inside the game. You can't do anything like battle or do quests. You can chat but it bugs out and is mostly filled with little kids trying to roleplay with each other. It's okay if you're looking for something to do for a quick 30 minutes but other than that I don't recommend.

A. G. u. Sep 24, 2018     

There are a lot of customization options for your character in this game. I just spent about 2-3 hours making my character ( I'm a bit picky). The screen also flips horizontally for my tablet, YAY! I'm excited for the combat to be added, and hope all goes well for the developers. I haven't decorated my room yet, but it's pretty cool you can customize a room for yourself too! Yes, I'm a real human =) trust me fellow human this is an entertaining game.

Lum. Sep 19, 2018     

I am very excited to see all features of the game come out! I've had a few of Lunime's apps before but I had to uninstall them as they were mediocre entertainment and were causing storage problems. However, this game is definitely worth the space it needs! Great graphics, gameplay, story, everything! I may even consider drawing fanart for this game, something I don't do often for mobile games. (especially Gacha ones!)

A. G. u. Feb 22, 2019     

This app is great! The reason why i leaft a 4 star instead of 5,it's because everytime i use it more and more my phone just gets more hot, and my phone keeps getting slower to the point when i play this for more than an hour and a half my phone completely restarts. Please fix that bug. But other than that, the app, graphics and gameplay is excellent! Keep it up!

Kat. S. Sep 24, 2018     

From what I'm seeing so far, I do like this game! I know it's still in development but if the fighting controls are just right, this could be very fun. I've been trying to get into the chat rooms, while connected to WiFi, and the game says either a server is down or I have connectivity issues. I've been able to use the dress up part, and there's many options! The resolution is rather high. I think, when finished, this will be a great game.

A. G. u. Oct 26, 2018     

I like the game. However, whenever I exit out of the app for a few seconds, it'll cause lag and the app would close. There is also a few ads when not really necessary. Despite that, it's a really fun game! The graphics are amazing and it's really enjoyable to dress up your own character! Minus the pretty annoying flaws, I'd recommend this.