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Get Friends for Snapchat, Kik & Snapchat usernames

SFriends is a friends finder to find snapchat friends. Free Instagram likes, free instagram followers. With SFriends you can find snapchat friends and snapchat users.

SFriends features:
- Snapchat usernames
- Kik Usernames
- Find snapchat friends
- Add snapchat friends
- Free instagram followers

SFriends is a decent platform that promotes healthy friendships.

Get SFriends now and start expanding your horizons and get the attention you deserve

Disclaimer: This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Snapchat, Inc, KIK Interactive or Instagram.

Category : Social

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Reviews (23)

Mok. H. Dec 29, 2020     

This app is completely broken, everything should be with a profile picture but when you use one they have to look it and you have to send another one to verify that it's your picture,it sounds good on the surface,but after you send it it takes hours, and i did it twice and they didn't accept it,i don't know why,cuz i sent my own normal profile picture but they rejected it twice,i don't think it's from the coding but from the poor support they have,never recommend it.

Nao. A. Aug 2, 2020     

Adding a photo doesn't even work! I've tried it multiple different times with different photos, but it's the exact same "Image upload failed, please try again later". It's basically unusable without a photo since no one wants to match with someone without out it.

Sar. May 30, 2020     

I like the new update but as i was creating a new account and didn't get farther than the verification code and the app crashes. (Edit: i didnt have the app installed for a while and its still crashing when i try to get past the verification code. Now when i try to do it again it crashes right away.)

Dje. a. Apr 24, 2019     

Bad application, very slow to process and impossible to cancel vip. I've tried it in many ways and it does not work. has a bad interface, horrible search for what you want, you can not do anything without the VIP.

Han. D. Sep 13, 2020     

Don't download this stupid app! I can't even create a profile because it says"failed to upload image, try again later" When I tried to upload a picture for my profile. It's a waste of time and storage. Would not recommend, and it would get 0 stars if I could do that.

Nic. D. Mar 8, 2020     

This app is amazing for making friends, the people on here are really nice, you can customize who you want to appear on it, and it's basically unlimited with people to talk to. I highly recommend this app if you need friends and/or suffering from depression or anxiety.

Emi. r. Apr 16, 2020     

Ive used this app before just fine. But ever since the update it keeps crashing when I try to click the next button once when I receive my verification code. The message for my code will come through, its just whenever I try to click the next button it crashes.

Jas. S. Jul 7, 2019     

This app is a joke. I got the free trial for Plus and I can't view profile visitors, who liked me, or who added me, I just get infinite loading. On top of that I keep getting logged out. I tried clearing the data and everything and it doesn't work. Very badly made app and y'all want people to pay $20 a month for Plus, that's hilarious. Even if it was a good app that'd be outrageous.

DJ. C. Apr 23, 2020     

I met a lot of friends on this app ever since the new update it kicks you out of the old version and it says we deleted your account please make another one. you can't add nobody, it's making you pay for a 7-Day trial the old version was ten times better and as I see everybody is complaining about the same damn thing this is very sad you went from a good working app to a non-functional app

Iwa. W. D. G. Dec 22, 2019     

It was good. But now the app doesn't open. When I open the app the screen goes yellow and then it shuts down. I already re-installed it. I installed it on another phone. I also restartedy phone but nothing works. Pls fix this.

Tyl. C. Jan 23, 2020     

I recently uninstalled the app, but now it won't open at all. It just takes me to the account creation screen with no option to log in, and doesn't open the app at all. Saying "Error occurred, please try again later"

Sha. A. Mar 24, 2020     

Works but the monthly price is a lot for what it offers. You have to pay for more viewing range and features, and right now it's not letting you buy coins saying error messages. 🤦

The. A. S. -. A. Apr 24, 2020     

Downloaded this app a month ago. Paid my first month. Accidently uninstalled the app, Tried to download it again. Said that it couldnt be opened even though I had paid for the whole month. Now it is charging me for another month when it says my subscription was cancelled. And this app isnt downloaded. 🤦 Very upset this extra $20 is being taken for something I cant even open!

Ash. Dec 18, 2019     

After the update on the 17th the app won't open, it keeps saying "App won't work" and it closes, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it will not let me open it still, it just crashes each time.

Luk. B. Apr 22, 2020     

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! So I used to love this app, it used to work so well and now it wants you to pay for everything, someone adds you... try 7 day free trial, try and accept their Instagram request? 7 day free trial try to do anything? 7 day free trial, dont download it it's just a scam now a days! It needs to go back to how it was then it would be good!

Com. 1. Mar 10, 2020     

typed in my card and stuff to subscribe for the free trial and see if it's worth and it doesnt even allow me to use the free trial it just says I still have to purchase it and when I click it, it says I already subscribed. so basically they had me subscribe and I cant use the free trial.

SaD. Apr 14, 2020     

The new layout is stupid and you can't add no one cause you have to do a 7 day trial. The old version was wayyyyy better because you could just go through and add cool people without having to worry about anything.

Tho. J. May 16, 2020     

You may see with other older reviews a pattern of " You keep making every sign up for a free trial!" (Which later I discretely takes 20 dollars after 7 days) and the developers saying "we'll fix that soon!" This pattern has been going on for months. They never fixed it. Its still there as of may 2020. So don't download this app. Its made my money hungry people. And additionally, developer: if you respond to this, DON'T give the same generic dishonest response. Give a real explanation and change

Fat. Oct 6, 2018     

Works great, I've never had an issue with the app, goes straight to whatever social network you choose , very simple to use, best thing you can get notifications when someone visits you and add you for free.

Mis. M. Dec 10, 2019     

I recently signed up for the "free" trial & purchased coins from this app. I was charged for the free trial and the coins and haven't recieved the coins nor the benefits of this app that were supposed to be free to trial. I have sent an email to the address listed above and received no reply. I'm thinking that this app is a scam and I will be reporting if I'm not given my coins and a refund of the trial by tomorrow. $32 wasted!!!! WOULD NOT RECCOMEND PURCHASING FROM THIS APP!!!

Cie. P. Apr 20, 2020     

If I could give this no stars I would... I got on the app and it was going good until the making account part... It had changed my age to 50 and wouldn't let me put a profile picture... Then o tried to add someone and it closed the app... I did this SEVERAL times and it kept closing the app... Do not download this app... It's a waste of time...

Aud. S. Jan 15, 2021     

Do not get this app it would not let me put a profile picture and thats the whole point of the app, it also wouldn't let me add people because it kept asking me if I wanted to start the free trial. It also wouldn't let me send in a variation picture to put a profile picture

Sum. Apr 19, 2020     

After the update, it signed me out and the verification code never came through I want a refund on my subscription for the last month, I wasn't able to do anything on the app because it needed an update and once I get the update it won't send me verification code. I want a refund.