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GFX Tool Pro App For BattleGrounds is able to change the Graphic settings in the most comprehensive way.

If your game has HD & HDR graphics options, then you can go to resolution option of this GFX Tool Application
and set it either on 1920×1080 or 2560×1440.

If you're a fan of Mobile but you're not too happy with the performance of this battle royale shooter on Android,
you can resort to the help of GFX Tool Pro.

With this application, you can gain greater control over the graphical performance of the video game.

GFX Tool Pro helps you configure the game graphics by the best optimized.

Ranging from mid range to flagship phones You can use this tool to optimize and improve Bagt graphics for better experience.

App features:

1080 Resolution: Change the resolution of the game
HDR Game Graphic: Unlock the HDR graphics on low end devices
Graphic Profile : Now choose graphic according to RAM size
Style: Change graphics style setting
Extreme FPS: Unlock the Extreme FPS level
Shadow Quality: Select the shadow quality
Detail Mode: Change the detail of graphics with different profiles
Shadow:Enable and disable shadow
Color Rendering Level: Enable 32 Bit / 64 Bit colors
Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient : Optimized game configuration
Memory Boost : Boost up the game performance
Hardware-Accelerated Rendering : Enable support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+
MSAA Level: Select the MSAA Level
Anisotropy Level: Select the Anisotropic filtering(AF) level
Enable or disable GPU optimization
Graphics Rendering Level: Enhance the quality of graphics
Shadow Resolution(Pixel): Change the size of shadow pixel
4xMSAA: Enable and disable Anti Aliasing
Enable or disable Anti-aliasing or make it even better by X2, X4
Light Effects: Enable/disable light effects in game

Disclaimer :

This app is developed for specific game and we are not affiliated with Pubg, Tencent, or Lightspeed.
All Trademarked names and images are only used as references and we do not intend to violate or take ownership of these names and images.
If we are in breach of copyright, please let us know and
Any request to remove one of the Images and Logos will be honored.Contact us Support Email: [email protected]

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