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GFX Tool - Game Booster for Free Fire 144 FPS

★ ★ ★ Best Game Booster & GFX Tool on Google Play Store ★ ★ ★

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Reviews (28)

Ken. M. Apr 5, 2020     

Ok ummm... First of all as soon as I opened the application and did a normal boost it enhanced my wallpaper and theme. Im impressed! It really works and phone doesnt over heat.

org. s. Mar 17, 2020     

Im not trying to hurt you guys feelings but this is the nicest way i can say this it needs some improvements it says it gives more fps but when i play roblox its exactly how it was before, its slow please if you can try and fix it.

San. B. Mar 24, 2020     

This doesn't works when i open the game still at normal fps and I don't see any change

MML. Aug 24, 2019     

Very very very very very nice app for free 1&2 gb ram phones.fully ping solution.......

Min. Dec 22, 2019     

Doesnt work, I tested it with an FPS test and it was the same. Dont install.

Ros. B. Feb 26, 2020     

I love it . My phone is 1gb ram best clean nd boost ping problems

Ari. _. Dec 13, 2019     

It not working,my fps is still bad 😡😫😞 im tablet user, 2gb ram .

MXS. O. Jan 26, 2020     

Good im a youtuber who records mobile games.I really encourage people to try this, it works so well as expected.- Mask

Hem. V. Oct 31, 2019     

Awsome... Really working app.. No lag... Love this aap

ZP. -. D. Mar 8, 2020     

Love this app I don't know about the Hz but the games run smoother download it know best game booster I had found

Ous. C. Sep 15, 2019     

Its the best apps for fix the problems of free fire

PHA. Oct 23, 2019     

It helps better for ping but not fully

HIS. F. Jun 4, 2020     

It's okay but the speed of the game didn't change

I.H. P. Apr 16, 2020     

It's lag in game,, solution faster Please

FF. M. Aug 28, 2019     

Very good for 1gd ram mobiles

BD. H. L. Jan 7, 2020     

Vedy bad app.when i enter this app my samsung galaxy j 5 phone do very hang..

Pur. D. May 4, 2020     

It's good but sometimes it take lag

Rak. p. Dec 31, 2019     

Only ad nothing else thank you

NAN. K. M. Sep 22, 2019     

This app is advanced and smoothly run you will try this app and enjoy free fire game

Par. R. Jan 14, 2020     

Really it is working

ren. v. Jul 21, 2019     

nce apps but,how can use it? and how should i know if this working or not to my phone??

Hac. Y. Apr 17, 2020     

how is the fantastic app vert very nice app

Moh. A. Feb 2, 2020     

Game booster? 5 star for this amazing app

THE. B. -. X. Jun 18, 2020     

Need an Graphics accelaration mode.plz add it

Tec. A. Apr 9, 2020     

Does nothing.But show you tons of advertisements

Goo. U. Sep 28, 2019     

Cannot believe this just worked, well done guys

Tim. F. Apr 2, 2020     

Excellent booster that's why I give FIVE STAR

The. a. b. Feb 16, 2020     

The fps is not working