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GFX Tool PRO for PubG Lite

GFX Tool Lite Version Pubg Lite Mobile Game for All Devices

Best GFX Tool for Pubg Lite Mobile Game - HDR Graphics and unlock maximum fps limit - 60 fps

You can reduce the graphics and play without freezes or unlock the options inaccessible to your device and enjoy the excellent picture.
You can customize the shadows, textures quality, screen resolution, unlock the FPS limit and much more.

**Application Features:

✅ Resolution
✅ Graphics
✅ Frame Rate per second
✅ Anti Aliasing
✅ Shadow Quality
✅ Color Grade
✅ Rendering Quality
✅ Light Effects
✅ Texture Quality
✅ Detail Distance

How to use GFX Tool?
- First open GFX Tool Application
- Select graphics settings as per compatibility of your device
- Click on Apply
- Enjoy Gaming

✔️ Resolution

This GFX Tool supports from 950x540 to 2560x1440 pixels resolution which covers even HDR quality video games.

✔️ Graphics

In this GFX Tool, there are multiple graphic improvement options from smooth to HDR.
You can choose your compatible option, but for that you will to select the supportive resolution.
For example, you have selected HD graphics, then you will have to select 1920x1080 pixels resolution.

✔️ Auto Graphics

In this GFX Tool, you can either enable or disable the automatic graphics settings which shall automatically detect and set the most optimal and compatible graphics for your device and shall let you enjoy gaming without any lags.

✔️ Happy Gaming
If you have any issue with the app, please contact us on
[email protected]
Thank You

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