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GTR Speed Rivals

GTR Speed Rivals
Online drift racing game with ultra graphics! We worked hard to create the perfect drifting physics! Compete with other players for points and speed in multiplayer, level up your car, improve the engine, change the suspension, upgrade the wheels for better road grip, put beautiful rims on them, reduce the weight of your car’s body, and enhance the NITRO TYPE! Bet on the drift against your opponent, or play in a Time Attack! Defeat everyone on the global online leaderboard!

Our drift modes:
★ Career
In the career racing games you will have to go through 5 chapters, from “NEWBIE” to “CHAMPION”.
Each chapter will be harder and harder. Drift, get points and drive laps as fast as possible!

★ Single Player
In single car games you can compete with your own results or just train on time and drift points!

★ Multiplayer
Compete with other players from all around the world in multiplayer speed driving games on drift points or lap time!

Our drift features:
★ Bets modes
Make bets on your racing car against rivals, bet in-game credits on your victory in drift or time competitions;

★ Absolutely realistic drifting physics
We created the most realistic drift underground simulator, the game will not let you get bored!

★ Ability to rent a car
Not sure which race car to buy? Well, in our race car games you have the opportunity to rent a supercar and choose one that you like the best!

★ A fleet of over 25 super detailed race cars
In the game there is a large garage with over 25 supercars of different brands.

★ HD 1080p graphics
Detailed sports cars and map textures like in the gt drifting games.

★ Option to select graphics for weaker smartphones
A weak phone? You can choose the graphics options, from low to high!

★ Global leaderboard
Fight for a place on the global leaderboard with other players! Our highway rider.

Perfectly drawn map textures, beautiful sky and houses, vivid asphalt, drive everywhere (stadium, docks, oceanarium, etc.).
We created an excellent drift simulator, and drift games have never had such balance before!
The game’s powerful engine won't let you get bored and you'll want to hit the pedal harder and harder.
Free race car games install our racing games, you will get many emotions and drive.

Still not sure what to play? Choose GTR Speed Rivals

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GTRSpeedRivals/
Support: [email protected]

Category : Racing

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Reviews (25)

The. Oct 7, 2019     

Very fun drifting game. Graphics are beautiful and it runs at 60 FPS. Cars are nice and songs are great! Though I wish we can cruise around in a city, like freeroam with other people. Also another thing could be like we can change rim colors and customize our car more like bumpers, hoods, side skirts all that stuff. The game is very fun and addictive to play! Thank you Azur Games!

Cam. B. Jan 17, 2020     

So far the only thing is I haven't seen an option to maybe move the controls around screen ( I can't use my left hand too well bc of nerve issues ). Racing games are one of my favorite games. It's a shame bc the graphics and play are quite good.

ric. d. Apr 5, 2020     

Not a big fan of drifting being such a prominent part of the game. The graphics are the best I've seen and I like the mechanics. Spending money for subscriptions is wack. Should allow a potential customer to buy the game outright. Greed is ruining the whole world 🤯.

Cow. I. Jan 25, 2019     

well other than the fact that you can just spin in a circle and win a race that way. Drift scoring is based on speed of drift, smoothness of transition, and proximity to the walls. which obviously no one knew who designed this game

XHe. M. Mar 22, 2020     

You dumb liar!! I though the game would have awesome graphics and other stuff but now! when I saw the game when I was playing oooh wow, it look ugly as heck "trying to make a awesome Wallpaper to the game to show good cars, but no! You just trick people into playing your stupid Non fun game

Sum. N. May 19, 2020     

Tried it for 10 minutes. Great gameplay, but mediocre graphics. It's nothing similar like in the images shown. The graphics are kinda like an HD PS2 game.

Ale. P. Sep 20, 2018     

If a game's very first screen asks for my permission to give my personal data to advertisement companies than it deserves an instant uninstall. And only options you get are "I agree" and "Ok", there is no option to disagree. What if i dont agree? I am very disappointed!

Nai. M. Aug 19, 2020     

This game is like ok. ,,,, the Cars of this is good even purchasing them easy not so costly ... but u need to improve your graphics . Its graphics is realy low class even controls of game is not so good ...

Rya. Z. Mar 7, 2020     

Very good game 👍 but you will change the sound of those cars man because it sounds horrible 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 and once you do make that change then I will change it to five stars. But other than that it is an AMAZING game 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Sam. S. Dec 12, 2020     

Terrrrrrible game. Very very bad graphics. Non of the pictures are real. And very bad controls. Don't download and waste your data.

Chi. B. Jul 24, 2020     

The game is not bad good picture quality but the game kinda lean to the drift side but the game have good potential , I would say that this could have a multiplayer server and weird drifting with out the hand brake.

Add. P. Apr 18, 2020     

The graphics part is total false the graphics are terrible and the game overall isn't fun or addicting I mean like how are you going to lie and then right in the beginning the graphics and the gameplay overall are 1 of 5 stars I would give 0 if i could.

Wha. W. Jul 31, 2020     

I'm only giving 3 stars for encouragement to the developers please put in more work to the game. And as for the physics you put into the drafts,I don't think any car would draft the way they do in the game. So work on that too

Rub. C. Jan 8, 2019     

love this game the drift simulation is perfect! love the cars and gameplay , tuning options . only downside is paying to remove ads

Nan. S. Mar 25, 2020     

Great game and graphics but need to improve the quality of the cars and design and I would like more customization and more cars and race modes and racetracks

sha. Apr 1, 2020     

I played this game for 2 mins and I was like... this guy is a liar, very very bad graphics & the speed did not reach up to 100. At every turn we had to drift... and 1 turn appeared after 5 seconds after the other. Pls pls don't download this app... I am telling ya.

Har. A. Jun 1, 2020     

plss don,t play this game it wasting your time. many ads and the drifting features are trash. the graphic are so bad to. I think this game is only for kids below 8yr old.

Fan. G. May 2, 2020     

It's very good drifting and every thing but what if it was more of race with drifting with levels and difficulty it would be great , but still i love it .

Sib. N. Jul 3, 2019     

Well first I didn't know what to do then late when found out how the game works then I got a hang of it, the graphics are almost realistic and the way cars drift is outstanding

_Cr. Mar 19, 2020     

its a super great game. i love the challenges there so fun and cool and so is the game it is one of the best games i have ever played i like this game a lot i like the drifting and the cars so you should definitely install this game.

cha. j. Mar 11, 2019     

well for me I really like the drifting part an sound, upgrade are good also,the scene is really cool something that is totally different, ,the music is just wonderful, ,I like

mad. b. May 4, 2020     

It's a very good game...but! In all games that I have played before they all have handbrakes i love the game but you must add handbrakes it will be cool and if your reading this and your downloading this game it's a great game beautiful!!! They just have to add handbrakes that's all I came to say great game thank you Developers of this game ty ✨👌👌✨ nice I don't know what to say but it's a great game now,time for me to g back and playyyyy😊

Mya. S. H. Oct 28, 2020     

Just 3 stars is for reconizing developer's efforts. The game is really bad at nearly everything. Unrealistic!!

Ani. Nov 9, 2020     

Google didn't give the negative stars .it is the baddest game with the baddest graphics baddest game ever played is gtr Speed rivals. never waste your MB in downloading this type of games If you compare with the photos given above Nothing is like that don't go on the photos I just wasted my mb downloading this app

Kir. P. Feb 14, 2021     

Best game action, control ,driving, speed& High quality Graphics real drive game but best for editor choice This game and music anyone player love music That's big advantage for editor choice but some days wait for editor choice best game No.1