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Gun Fishing

Fishing is going to a whole new level in gun fishing. You have a selection of weapons, ranging from sniper rifles, to shotguns and pistols. You can do some incredible damage. Make sure you pick the right weapon for the job.
There's no need for a fishing line in this game. Just look through your scope from standing on a boat and see just what you can hit, all targets will be visible in this crystal clear water, just be sure to look around for your target.

If you are a fisherman or just love shooting things and hunting then this is the perfect mashup for you, it's like nothing else around and will really test your sniper skills to the maximum.

Category : Action

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Reviews (23)

A. G. u. Sep 22, 2018     

To many adds and you run out of so you half to watch adds to get more ammo i hate

A. G. u. Oct 23, 2018     

It was fun and too many ads.

Ace. D. Oct 9, 2018     

It I'd a good game but it needs better graft.

Ced. T. Nov 11, 2018     

This is a game that we do not need to use the rod

kak. Oct 25, 2018     

I hate it because i love fish

A. G. u. Nov 7, 2018     

Don't play this game

Pan. D. Oct 5, 2018     

I. Love. THIS. Game

Jen. S. Jul 26, 2017     

This is the worst game I have ever played. It don't let me shoot anything

hun. h. Oct 8, 2017     

It is so stupid my mom don't even like it and she likes to go fishing

Jad. M. Mar 4, 2018     

I hate it because i can't even move when im tryna shoot it will freeze.NO ONE SHOULD EVER PLAY THIS EVEN IF PEOPLE THINK THIS GAME COULD BE COOL.DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!

Dul. D. Sep 1, 2017     

This game is so bad that whenever I what to move it it doesn't move even move

A. G. u. Dec 31, 2017     

Its trash just a wast of ur time

Chr. D. Apr 14, 2018     

Bad because it takes 2 minutes to shoot

A. G. u. Jun 19, 2017     

It was really horrible 1 star

All. M. Aug 6, 2018     

VERY LAGGY and bad graphics and to many adds

Jai. D. Sep 6, 2018     

It wouldn't even let me shoot anything I've if I shot it square in the back. DON'T PLAY IT! IT'S A WAIST OF TIME AND SPACE!

A. G. u. Jun 5, 2017     

Sabse bakwass game which I ever played only one bullet is given u and u can't buy other

mad. g. K. Jul 18, 2017     

Its the best game of fishing i ever seen

Wil. b. Oct 15, 2017     

It was the best of my whole entire life

A. G. u. Aug 12, 2018     

It have wonderful graphics and it is so realistic

A. G. u. Nov 19, 2017     

It was way to laggy!

Rod. T. Feb 18, 2018     

This game has way too many ads!!!

Chr. T. Sep 9, 2018     

thisho ever made this game probably was high AF!