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GXP OnScene

Crisis/event preparation and planning; communication between ground personal and aerial support; locate personnel as situations evolve, and provide direction to new personnel arriving on scene.
BAE Systems’ GXP OnScene is a companion App to your site's GXP Platform/Xplorer server. It provides tactical, real-time personnel coordination and geospatial imagery capabilities to responders as they arrive on the scene of a crisis or event. Fusing mobile app, desktop, and server technology, GXP OnScene provides a graphical grid overlay on top of up-to-date, personalized maps to field users via their smartphone or tablet. Teammate locations display as named markers on the map using the device GPS. Functionality provides those in command of the situation with a simple tool to coordinate and direct the responders in real time, eliminating ambiguity from updates and instructions.

Category : Productivity

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Reviews (2)

jay. g. Mar 13, 2019     

I love it! Great for getting data from the field to the command center.

Phi. W. Feb 11, 2016     

Revolutionise the way you use imagery products on the move.