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H&M - we love fashion

Tap in to our fashion feed, anytime, anywhere, and all in one spot — the H&M app.
Get instant updates, track your orders, use your own photos to find similar items in stock, and get inspired by our users all over the world!

Imagine yourself browsing our feed and experiencing it live all at the same time.
Sounds exciting? Keep reading!

Our app also comes handy when you’re already inside one of our stores.
Let’s say you can’t find your size or would like to know if an item is available in more sizes and colours? Scan the price tag — our SCAN & FIND feature will let you know!

Seen something you like and got inspired by? VISUAL SEARCH lets you explore what we have to offer by using your own photos or screen shots. It recognizes patterns, colors, styles, and gives you a list of matching or similar items in stock.

Save the items you love the most in your own list of favourites — just tap the HEART ICON.

Keep up to date with the fashion world by activating PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! You’ll be the first to know when a designer collection drops and you’ll instantly be notified when we have special offers and events!

Don’t miss out — download the H&M app now!

When you download the H&M app, we will process your data in accordance with our Privacy Notice. For more details on this, please go to hm.com.

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (26)

Lui. Nov 18, 2018     

Like the app, it's practical and I use it often, but sometimes the content doesn't load (for ex. previous orders), so I have to restart it. Also, it often happens that pictures don't get displayed quickly and I also got the message "page not found" quite a lot...

Pra. May 12, 2022     

"Error when adding to favourites" "Something went wrong, please check in and try again later" Is the error message I've been receiving for more a week now everytime I try adding something to my favourites. This issue has made using this app a menace. There is no point to scroll and check out all that's available if it can't be "saved" / "added to favourites" for future purchases. I might as well never log on to the app. Please rectify this issue at the earliest.

fub. s. May 17, 2022     

Can't cancel order and faulty display size Seriously, Why does the model wear an "M/L" size while you can only have options of "M"'s without "/L"s ofcourse it can create confusion here and cancellation wow,how am i supposed to wait more than a week for it to cancel. The products may be good but the service needs a lot of improvement if we compare it to other brands or apps it lags behind in the competition.

Kat. C. May 14, 2022     

Worst app ever! After checking out my cart, it immediately subtracted money from my bank account. However, after checking my order status it says "no purchases made". I have yet to receive a response from their customer service, I hope they fix this problem ASAP.

jai. k. May 14, 2022     

To start with app is so not proper. When creating a new Account doesn't show notifications or acknowledgement that a Account is created. Reset password is not working. New account or already existing account both is not able to login, says username password wrong. Even the basic thing of the app is not working, not sure why they are giving discount, if we use the app at the store, but the app is not at all in usable condition

Ris. T. May 16, 2022     

Pathetic.Buy at your own risk. Their online shopping experience is getting worser day by day. 1) Longer delivery time than what's mentioned (2-7 days). My order reached the destination few days back and yet they have not delivered it. Every time I contact them, I am being told that the order will be delivered that very day but no one shows up. They are just fooling customers. 2) Longer refund time. 3) At times they won't even refund correctly. You need to follow up with them a zillion times.

Val. S. Apr 19, 2022     

I travel around Europe and I was really used to enjoy conscious campaign. Because of the app, I gave away more than 4 bags without any voucer. The reason is because the app does not scan and accepts scans in different countries and I can not waste my time with setting my phone all the time. Very bad app and today, it was a frustrating WEB service. The normal service won t help much .

Kei. May 24, 2022     

WORST experience ever buying online with H&M. Have been trying to get a refund for 2 weeks already. First their system was down, then their customer service took a week to get back to me. Then they arranged pick up at a time their delivery partner does not support. 2nd time told me wrong info, 3rd time the pick up arrived on completely diff date. Had to constantly chase them for updates and fix their mistakes. No proactive communication. Returns process is troublesome with multiple forms.

Ye. B. C. Apr 5, 2022     

I mean it's definitely better than ASOS and Forever21 apps because it's cleaner, faster, and simpler. But it really should have a more steady algorithm to reduce the errors. There are so many error and freezes the app has, it's ridiculous. Especially in terms of in stock and filters.

W. B. May 10, 2022     

First time used, charged but no confirmation, order didn't go through. Customer service assured will be returned. Transcript of conversation disappeared as app glitches again. Lol I couldn't even rate the good Customer service due to glitch. Horrible app.

Rin. B. Apr 18, 2022     

It was fine last month. But this month, I have been trying to place an order since the first week of April. The page which says "we are processing your payment" Keeps on loading but doesn't take any order. I contacted the customer service twice and they are as unhelpful as their app. Myntra and other Indian app work much better than this. Huge disappointment H and M.

Cat. !. Apr 26, 2022     

I love the clothes,the shoes,everything but my only problem is that the items in my card disappear in front of me.Like just as I click on my cart it appears for a moment and then my cart is empty. I can't tell you the no. of times this has happened and it's frustrating when I am going to checkout and there's nothing in my cart.I have to add everything again and sometimes even when I am contemplating about whether to buy,seeing my cart empty after choosing for so long is an instant turn off

Vib. S. Apr 22, 2022     

The app is good, just wanted to point out one edge case. Whenever I search for something that doesn't match with any of the categories the app crashes. Like when I search for "Skort". Don't know if it's just for me of for other users too...

Nab. R. Apr 13, 2022     

The app is great for me, honestly. But, one thing I'm not satisfied with is the payment methods. I don't have credit card, so debit and online banking are the only options I can choose to purchase something. So, please add the payment method as soon as you can. I want to buy that baseball jacket! 🥲😭

Las. P. Jan 17, 2022     

The app is good and have no issues. The only problem is with the payment. They take so long to confirm the payment. And even after the payment and receiving messages that money is cut from my account, and i later get a mail stating that my order has been cancelled because of the payment. Odered something today again, and my payment was done, till now its showing payment is pending. Disappointed. The only reason why I'm giving it a 4 star.

Net. May 2, 2022     

My experience with H&M stores have been so good. On the other hand, the app features aren't great. I registered for return and it has been almost 10 days since the order was picked up but the refund hasn't been credited yet.

Ann. B. May 23, 2022     

So this happened to me some days ago. I ordered a jeans for Rs. 1999 but when i received it the actual tag price was different .. It was Rs. 1499. I complained and asked them to refund but they didn't. Very disappointed with this app. Even my friends are facing the same problem.

Kri. S. May 25, 2022     

Worst app ever. Tried ordering. Money was taken but no orders were placed Had to wait 7 working days for the money to become reverted. So i tried again. Ordered few things on top as well. Guess what. They took the payment AND NO ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED. I used to like this store. Wth happened???!!!

Cas. C. Mar 23, 2022     

My shopping bag doesn't seem to sync with my online account. Even when it does, my shopping cart is empty the next time I open the app. Update: My past online order history also disappeared. I usually refer back to my past purchases for sizes.

ANK. J. Apr 17, 2022     

Horrible Experience This was my first and last order from h&m app. Its been already a week but no parcel received. One of the item automatically gone from order and no refund received not even an email. Pathetic and worst customer service too. I thought being a reputed international brand, H&M would be good in terms of online and app orders but this is worst way beyond the words.

Qui. J. Apr 10, 2022     

Currently the app won't let me remove 3 items from my shopping bag or add them to my favorites. I'm fairly certain they are sold out because you can't find them when searching the app. I don't want to place an order with them in the bag because I don't want to be charged knowing they are out of stock, but I can't find on the app where I can log out and then log back in.

ᚾᛖᚲ. Mar 19, 2022     

Great app for easier browsing on the phone, but for some reason it eats up 1% battery per minute even when not in use. This started happening as soon as I installed it and my phone gets hot too. It's not a coincidence, as I haven't installed any other app or changed anything on my phone. From 28 hours battery life, it dropped to 5-6 hours once I had this installed.

Sla. S. May 4, 2022     

Why I can choose the language separately from the region.! This so stupid I can't use this app because when I choose sweden as my region, it will choose Swedish language from me automatically. I don't know Swedish and want English. There should be an option to choose English always despite the region. I am very disappointed

sad. y. Dec 23, 2021     

What an app! It has been set as per UK region and doesn't even change. No matter ho Many time I install and uninstall it. I've completely lost my account. Billion time I've requested the send an password recovery mail to a specific Id neither do I get that. Something is seriously wrong going on. Hope it gets cleared out with the team

C. L. May 14, 2022     

return system is so poor. you cannot directly contact them or an AI. i did cash on payment. but when i return they didnt ask for my acc no. just pick up and nothing else

Isa. T. May 11, 2022     

The drop-down menu on product detail pages aren't working on my device so I cannot add anything to cart and make a purchase.