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How you feel matters. Whether you're feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or you're dealing with constant negative thoughts, Happify brings you effective tools and programs to take control of your emotional well-being.Our proven techniques are developed by leading scientists and experts who've been studying evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy for decades.Get ready to reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts, and build greater resilience. 86% of people who use Happify regularly report feeling better about their lives in 2 months!

Struggling with everyday challenges and being gripped by negativity is toxic to your emotional and physical wellbeing, your relationships, your performance at work. So when you start to turn the corner, and begin to learn the new habits of successful engagement with life, everything starts to look brighter and better.


ABC World News' Mara Schiavocampo"I gave it a shot for 5 weeks...it works!"

The New York Times"Each track contains bite-size quizzes, games and activities that guide you to seeing more positive aspects of daily life."

The TODAY Show"These are things you can do every day -
- tasks you can complete and be rewarded for -
- to feel better, reduce stress, live a better life, & actually be happy."

Katie Couric: World 3.0 on Yahoo“[Happify] evaluates what's keeping you from a high happiness quotient, then you're given games and activities that will boost your mood, like Uplift, Serenity Scene, and Gratitude Walk."


Choose one track. Choose them all.

* Conquering negative thoughts
* Coping better with stress
* Building self-confidence
* Fueling your career success
* Achieving mindfulness through meditation
* …and 30+ more!

Happify is free to download and use. It’s a great way to get started, and discover why so many people upgrade to Happify Plus for access to even more:

* Unlimited access to 30+ tracks;
* Your 20-page character strength report, offered in partnership with the renowned VIA Institute
* Track your progress everyday and see how your skills compare
* and more!

Because we know that everyone has different financial resources, we offer Happify Plus in a variety of plans, for as low as $4.99/month.

Payment will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renewal is turned off (by going to Account Settings) at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period.

Privacy Policy: http://www.happify.com/privacyTerms & Conditions: http://www.happify.com/terms

Website: http://www.happify.comHelp: [email protected]

Category : Health & Fitness

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Reviews (22)

Jen. C. May 13, 2022     

Cannot reset my password in the app. I click reset password, get the email, click the button, and all it does is take me to a page to install in the app...which I already have.

Cha. A. Mar 23, 2022     

I'm trying to install the app on my phone but is unable to login. The app is asking me to log in using my email whereas on my Cigna it's a username and password. Help

Jen. R. Apr 17, 2022     

I have been using happify on my browser bit can't log in to the app even when I reset my password. Very frustrating

Del. M. Mar 6, 2019     

I loved the app. very helpful for the time i needed it. Be warned though it is VERY difficult to cancel. Its not user friendly and makes you jump through hoops. for example, you cant cancel from the app itself. you have to do it from a computer on the website, not your phone on the website...it will not let you do that either. and if you paid through google pay you have to cancel the subscription through them. ugh...took forever to figure it out! but the app is great & helpful.

Nic. C. Feb 2, 2020     

Good, well thought out design and UX, but there's something slightly off putting (aka, disturbing) about the AI interface. It simply does not lend itself to genuine soul searching. Basically it feels like I'm talking to myself, which is not the least bit evocative, or effective, and I can't see that changing, at least until the robot singularity.

Duo. C. Jun 8, 2019     

Newest update is very disappointing. I was a premium member for two years and then chose to go to the regular programming since I wasn't needing it quite as often. As of this last update I've lost almost all the abilities to get in the content because everything is now listed as premium. I shouldn't have to spend $150 a year just to enjoy something that has actually been quite beneficial to this point.

Mik. S. Mar 3, 2022     

How does thia app have constant complaints regarding Cigna login issues and not fix it??? This is maddening and irritating considering that I'm already stressed which is why I wanted to use this app in the first place. I have already emailed support so please don't respond. This problem be fixed or at least addressed so people don't get frustrated trying to log in.

Gre. B. Mar 7, 2022     

Very unstable software. Requires constant forced stops. Also stops working if wifi connection drops.

Yel. M. Apr 22, 2020     

Parts of the app are weirdly anxiety provoking: some of the short gamified meditations stress me out (serenity scene: "take your final breath", yikes, some of the animations are clunky and disturbing), the breather biofeedback leaves my flash on for so long it physically hurts, like my finger is burning. I really love what they are trying to do, but why do they need to animate fish when they could use video? The video loops in the mediations have jumps too.

kay. k. Mar 30, 2019     

it is a good concept but if it was free it would be better although saying that if you download the app and sign up via the app you should be able to delete your account via the app too, rather than having to go online via a computer to do so.. we don't all have access to a computer!!! I would suggest using an app called LYF.... I've been using it for just over a year there is no games in there but there are a lot of people that would support you while you're going through hard times.

Ald. May 3, 2022     

Good idea, but bad ui/ux. The design looks like something from 2012 and the small, cluttered text is offputing. I think of they did a fresh redesign and simplified the screens it would be better for a users first experience. Invest more money in the design pls:)

Mic. Jan 21, 2022     

The password has a character limit that is fewer characters than the Cigna password character limit. So I cannot log in with my Cigna password. Should not have to change my password just to use this feature.

Eli. G. Oct 14, 2019     

How about more games? Crosswords, word searches on different topics, asteroids with negative word "rocks". A memory game to find positive emotion words. Connect word pairs like "what can come from difficult times, struggle = perseverance, misunderstanding = learning, helps to learn reframing. Writing activities are important, but more quick play games would entice me to buy a subscription.

Kri. B. Aug 19, 2020     

I genuinely enjoy this app, while a little robotic and as much as I hate premiums-- I have noticed my optimism has increased, as I've been doing these as a sort of nightly (2am) routine. I had a lot of trouble controlling my intrusive, anxiety induced thoughts and it was negatively impacting my life a lot-- but the gentle guidance and suggestions have helped me a lot! I don't think this app will cure anybody's disorders, but it helps with mindset and that's all I could ask for! 😅

Jul. C. Jan 14, 2022     

I believe this app is helping me a great deal, to be a more positive happier person. I enjoy the small things in life now, and have started to meditate on my own. I am peaceful in my mind now.

Sam. B. Aug 16, 2021     

Personally I have found this has helped heaps with my mental health. Setting goals then pledging to do it, games ect. Is the extra tool when I'm having an off day. Only giving four stars because you can't play certain quiz games with out paying bucket loads for a year subscription, so I just use what's free.

Kam. B. Nov 28, 2021     

Really unhappy to say that...this doesnt work. Not only that the communication with AI assistant is often pointless. But i also got to the point i didnt see its answers...probably some fault of graffics. I just saw empty white boxes But this is really bad, cause people need help and you offer something that is just...lousy.

Hea. E. Oct 5, 2021     

Love the app, but there's no spellcheck or predictive text. I get frustrated with having to go back and retype words over and over. Since this is AI based on text input by the user, it would be great to make it as easy as possible to enter said text.

Mic. L. Nov 15, 2021     

The modules are easy to do and follow. Several are incredibly satisfying to do and I've learned a good amount. The sleep program what just what I needed to kick my correct habits into high gear. The meditations are so nice. Starting with a 2 min guided meditation was great and the 10 min meditations provide well timed guidance. Highly recommend using this app.

Mad. G. Aug 30, 2019     

It's a good app but it's very slow. It takes so much time to load. Even when I open the app it shows loading sign for minutes which feels like hour and everytime I go back or fwd it shows the same loading sign again and again. It's frustrating. Ps: my phone's Internet is working fine, all other apps are working fine. The problem occurs in this app only.

Bem. Aug 4, 2020     

This app is easy to use. Makes improving myself not feel so daunting. The simple activities are fun and make me think. The meditations are short so I don't feel like it takes a lot of scheduling my time, just a little break in the day for myself. Great for people who want to find ways to fit self therapy in a busy schedule.

Ken. V. Dec 1, 2021     

I had this app before it was purchased by Cigna. I was excited to use it again, but couldn't remember my password. So I tried to reset it, clicked the link in the email, and... nothing. Sent me to the Happify home page and doesn't give the option to reset anything.